20 Sublime Summer Holiday Ideas

Slip on your sunnies, because this summer looks set to be a true bobby dazzler. We’re about to slide you through some of the best travel experiences on the planet, which should prise open one of the hottest summers of travel you’ll ever know.

We threw the question open to Facebook; we laid it down on Twitter; we flicked it through our 47 stores; and we mulled it over between us.

What you’re about to read, is a mash-up of the most epic ideas we saw, but don’t let us dictate the way you flow — hit us with your own ideas, in the comments below!

Summeriffic Experiences

1. Work in a Theme Park

Could there be anything better than spending your summer in a theme park? Yes. Spending your summer working in America in a theme park, and getting paid for it!

2. Hit the Slopes

Don’t fancy waiting it out for an Indian Summer? Stick a working holiday visa in your back burner, and head down under for a summer session on New Zealand’s incredible ski fields. Cardrona anyone?

3. Sleep beneath the Stars

The world is your bedroom, so be sure to make the most of it this summer with the heavenly experience of sleeping beneath the stars. Check out our blog post for more ideas.


Set aside some time with the stars this summer. | Photo by Nikko Russano

4. Sail the Greek Islands

Sun, sea, sand and… sailing, in the Greek Islands from Athens to Mykonos. An unforgettable experience, especially if you’re the Skipper.

5. Free Cycle round Europe

What have London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Saint Etienne, Montpelier, and Avignon got in common? They’ll all rent you a bike, for little or no cost! The perfect way to explore some of Europe’s best cities!

6. Surf en Espana

Brush aside the paella, flick away the flamenco, and grab your board for a spot of surfing, in northern Spain’s most romantic town, San Sebastian.

7. Live on a Ranch

Hey (cow)boy, hey (cow)girl. Superstar ranch hand. Head to the USA to learn the ropes from the real deal, in the American West. Cookouts and country music; yee-ha to that!

8. Be infused by Tuscany

Nothing says summer better than a field of sunflowers, pinned to the rolling hills of Tuscany by deep green Italian cypress trees.

Fancy spending summer under the Tuscan sun? (On no we didn't! Oh yes we did!)

9. Hit the Euro Music Fests

We say Serbia, you say EXIT. We say Croatia, you say Electric Elephant. Netherlands, Lowlands. Poland, Open’er. Denmark, Roskilde. Spain, Sonar. Need we go on?

10. Climb Le Blanc

Rise up almost 16,000ft to escape the madding crowds, by clambering up the Mont Blanc massif and getting a lung full of the high life.

11. Hop through Fiji

Fiji is perfectly designed for some of the world’s best island hopping. Head over for the Bula Festival in July, and bounce between culture, and wonderfully soft sand.

12. Swim with Sharks

For £159, we’ll put you in a cage, lower you into the ocean, and put you face to face with the ragged jaws of a Great White Shark. No problem. Or, help them out by volunteering at a conservation project.

13. Rebuild Children’s Lives

Peru is a truly amazing destination, with wonderful experiences to offer travellers. Get to know it from the grassroots, by volunteering to improve the lives of children in Cuzco.

Spend your summer playing with the little tykes of Peru.

14. Experience some massive World Festivals

We covered the best festivals in Europe, and Asia, recently on the STA Travel Blog, and they went down a treat! Get them in your diary, and get through some this summer.

15. Hit Europe by Bus

The wheels on the bus(about) go round (Italy) and round (France), round (Germany) and round (Spain), round (you get it) and round (by now). Explore Europe by bus.

16. Spot Whales in Canada

Hit the seven seas off Tofino, British Colombia, and tilt your gaze downwards to the inky waters of the Pacific Ocean, where you might spot gray whales roam amid the seal lions and gangs of orca.

17. Sip Beaujolais in a French Chateau, darling

Prove how refined you roll, by rocking up to a fine French château and pouring ones self a bulbous glass of full bodied beaujolais while your mates je jouis le foot.

18. Work as a Camp Counsellor

Have you got the skills? Do you like to have fun? Are you looking for a worthwhile summer job? Have you always wanted to break America? You can do all of this at Summer Camp USA!

19. Learn the Local Lingo

While it’s nice to lose yourself in a new culture, it can be more rewarding to find a few words to navigate your way through some amazing experiences. Learn a language, and step your travels up a notch.

20. Save the Greek (Turtles)

“The thrill and excitement we all felt watching the first of the hatchlings scramble towards the waves was amazing,” said Laura Howard, who chose to spend her summer volunteering with turtles in Greece.

Keep going Mr. Turtle, you can make it, you can do this… | Image by nsyll

Bonus+ Extras!

This flurry of excitable comments, comes direct from our Facebook community. We had thought about featuring them all, but this blog would have ended up turning into a fully blown novel, infused with the hopes and dreams of the nation.

One thing I am doing is volunteering at the Olympic games in London with a friend I have met here in Australia! Going to Wimbledon and nanny in Europe! I’m probably going to the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island before I leave OZ! Cannot wait! Katie M

Originally hailing from Honolulu, but living in Ireland and not having been on holiday for over seven years, I have to say I want to go somewhere and really feel the heat all the way to my bones! Tad W

Go to Cyprus again and go Ayia Napa second time round to celebrate the end of my 2nd year at Uni. Rachel W

Trek the Inca Trail in Peru! Thomas S

The 1 thing I want to do this summer is… go back to Zambia and Malawi to see all the sights I saw back in 2008 and to visit the orphanage I did volunteer work at, in Malawi, to find out how much has changed in the last 4 years. Chris R

Learn something unexpected from a local in a faraway land. Bryony T

Walk the West Highland Way in Scotland. Well, part of it! Cath H

Right! That’s quite enough of the inspiration side of things — now it’s over to you, to take summer by the suntanned horns, and make this the best summer of your life!

What have you got planned to make this summer unforgettable? Fire us a summery #yearoftravel tweet! We have a few more ideas, on our Summer Holidays pages, or if any of the above have caught your attention — talk to us! We can make it happen for you.