Help build the World's Biggest #Bungeeeee Jump!

Have you ever done a bungee jump? If you just jumped out of your seat and yelped “Yes!”, then you might be able to help us.

We’re building the World’s Biggest Bungee Jump, right here on the STA Travel Blog! How are we doing this? It’s simple.

You throw us a photo of your bungee jump using the hashtag #bungeeeee (with 5 e’s), including the location and — most importantly — the height, and we’ll add up the total height of all of your leaps in a series of death-defying blog posts.

How can I help to make the world’s biggest bungee jump, even bigger?

You can help make the World’s Biggest Bungee Jump even bigger, by sending us your own bungee jumps!

For example, I’m stupid enough to have done two bungee jumps. One in Interlaken, Switzerland which measured 450ft, and a more recent one off the Auckland Harbour Bridge at 130ft.

So, if I can dig out the photos, and tag them on Twitter or Instagram with #bungeeeee (with 5 e’s), then I’ll be adding 580ft to the grand total, for the World’s Biggest Bungee Jump.

Remember to include a photo, plus the height and location of your bungee jump!

How high do you think we could get it? And how many different jump sites are we likely to find? That’s all down to you! Stump up your jump, and let’s get cracking on building the World’s Biggest #Bungeeeee Jump!

We’ll get you started!

We’ve rounded up some of our daredevil staffers bungee jumps from around the world to get you started! It makes me dizzy just looking at them…

Web developer, Alex B cries "Kamikaze mofo!" off the Nevis in NZ | Subtotal: 134m

Shaun from our store in Reading jumps the Nevis! | Subtotal: 268m

Simon from our Vicar Lane store in Leeds jumps the notorious 134m Nevis Highwire in NZ | Subtotal: 402m

Simon's colleague, Tony leaps the 50m AJ Hackett jump in Cairns | Subtotal: 452m

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Sarah from our Edinburgh store off the 50m jump in Cairns! | Subtotal: 502m

Meranda from our Oxford Rd store in Manchester promises "I would do it again in a heartbeat!" | Subtotal: 636m

Will from STA Travel Exeter jumps head first through a rainbow, on the 111m jump at Vic Falls in Zambia | Subtotal: 747m
Are you up for our #bungeeeee challenge? Get involved right now, we’ve got until 17 May 2012 to make this happpppppppeeeeennnnnn! Not done one yet? Check out our favourite bungee jumps.