#RTW: The Classic

Sometimes, the best things in life are the most simple things. A margarita pizza, oozing with fresh, melting, mozzarella. Lying in a park on a hot summer day. The feeling of fresh, clean bed sheets.

Yep, I reckon some of life’s most simple pleasures are often better than the things with lots of bells and whistles. Which is why you should take a good, hard look at our most simple round the world route, entitled, quite appropriately, The Classic.

London. Bangkok. Sydney. Los Angeles. 4 stops, 4 iconic cities, and 4 classic stops on a round the world trip. We’ve kept it simple, because it doesn’t need to be any more complicated. These destinations are your launching pads for an epic round the world trip that you can customise and truly make your own.

How? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve. But before we reveal them, let’s give you a sneak preview. Travel The Classic on the Tripline below, and see for yourself how simple can sometimes be better.

Like what you see? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Here are some ways that The Classic can open up a world of travel opportunities.

Touchdown in Bangkok

First stop on your classic round the world route? It can only be Bangkok. A buzzing, beguiling, exciting city it may be, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s your gateway to Asia.

Explore as much of Asia as you like

With The Classic, you arrive Bangkok, and you depart from Bangkok. Everything else is up to you. Cross the border into Cambodia and loop round into Vietnam and across to Laos, before heading back into Thailand; our best selling tour, Indochina Discovery, does just that, in fact. Or you could head south, and explore Singapore and Indonesia. You could even head into China via Vietnam. This is your trip, and the possibilities are endless.

Head Down Under

This route lands you slap, bang in the heart of Australia’s east coast in beautiful Sydney. Once you’ve got your fill the Harbour City, well, it’s up to you, really. Grab a hop-on hop-off bus pass and head north to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, or south to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.

See all that Australia has to offer

Don’t just stick to the east, though. Step into the real heart of the country and discover Uluru, Alice Springs, and a fascinating aboriginal culture. Still not had enough? Head to Perth and explore the west, and experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Can’t tear yourself away?

It’s likely you’ll fall in love with one or more of the destinations you visit. Which is where the Multiflex Pass comes in handy.

It’s a date change pass, which allows you to make changes to your travel itinerary once you’re on the road. And at only £59 for 3 changes, or £99 for unlimited changes, it’s quite the potential money saver. Can’t get enough of Asia? Stay longer, then. Want to stay in Oz an extra month? No worries, mate. As long as you’ve bought a Multiflex Pass, give us a call and we’ll change your flights for you, at no extra cost.

The US of A

Your launch pad for the Land of Hope and Glory is Los Angeles, and what a great starting point to have. This country was built for roadtrips, and there’s no shortage of amazing overland trips that can see you exploring as little or as much of the USA as you like.

From The City of Angeles, the USA is your oyster

Stick to the west coast and join the Best of the West tour, which starts and finishes in LA. Or hire a car and drive along the Pacific Highway up to San Francisco, where you can begin Best of the USA, an epic overland trip that will take you length and breadth of the entire country. You could even throw a working holiday into the mix, and work in a summer camp for 3 months. Why not? The Classic is valid for 12 months, so you can do things your way.

Wow. Wow. Wow. It just goes to show that a round the world trip doesn’t require loads of stops, or planning down to the finest detail. Take the bare bones of a trip, add your own features and voila! Your very own dream round the world trip.

These are just a few of our ideas; we’ve got loads of adventure tours, car and campervan hire and bus and rail passes for destinations all over the world. Just come and talk to us, and we’ll make your trip happen!

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