Meet Our New Travel Photographers

In June this year we launched a search for 3 photography and photojournalism students, or recent graduates, via our Facebook page and adverts in universities across the country. We needed hardworking and artistic individuals with a creative eye and a desire for adventure to supply us with an exciting new collection of photos for our 2012/13 brochures. To help them do that we would send them on an all expenses paid trip around either Europe of Asia, while giving them the opportunity to grow their own portfolios too. Can’t be bad eh?!

Allow us to introduce our 3 talented and very excited photographers; Louis, Dan and Ness. Over the next few weeks we’ll be checking in with them on their quest to capture the unique essence of some of our best loved traveller hubs on film.

Before they hit the road we got the low down on where our fab 3 are off to, what they thought about getting chosen and what they’re most looking forward to in the gruelling weeks ahead…

Our 'fab 3' Ness, Louis and Dan

Meet our Photographers

Louis Leeson – Smith

Louis is 24, from London and he’s off to spend the next 4 weeks exploring the exotic terrain of Southeast Asia. He’ll be hitting up some of the regions biggest and best traveller haunts as well as getting off the beaten track as he delves deep in to the wilderness of this stunning region in the quest for some unique and interesting shots.

Asia bound - Louis

Louis is an experienced photographer and traveller; having scored a first in his photojournalism degree at the London College of Communication. He spent many months working as a photographer for a children’s charity in Mumbai and has explored the wonders of North and Central America.

Application photo by Louis

We were super impressed with the images Louis submitted with his application as well as his commitment and passion for photography in general. He sets off on his adventure on 10th July and will be making his way around Asia including stops in Hong Kong, Phucket, Hanoi and Singapore…

Barcelona city scence shot by Louis

We met up with Louis for a little chat before he left…

How do you feel about the trip ahead of you?

It is a great commission to have won. One that will be both incredibly enjoyable but will also test my ability and my stamina; there is a lot of country hopping involved!

What are you most looking forward to?

The 5000+ miles feeling – only achieved when you put at least 5000 miles between yourself and your usual concerns. Brixton to Elephant and Castle will be replaced by Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, lunch options will now include Tom Yum Soup and Roti Channai, and the familiar London skyline is replaced by an exotic one. I can’t wait!

Ganges river scene image entered by Louis

Daniel Weill

31 year old Dan is currently studying an MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at London College of Communication and is packing his bags ready to start a 2 week trip around Europe on 12th July where he’ll jump over to Paris before roaming through Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna and Berlin and Munich.

Meet Dan

We loved Dan’s unique vision when taking photos. His confidence and outgoing personality plus his previous experience of travelling through Europe mean he’s in a great position to deliver some awesome shots too – we can’t wait to see his photos!

One of Dan's more unique shots that got him noticed by our judges

Here’s what Dan had to say about the experience…

How did you hear about the opportunity?

A group email was sent round by my course leader at LCC (London College of Communication) and I applied from that.

What are you most looking forward to?

The challenge of looking at familiar places with “new” eyes. There are so many icons in the cities I am going to that are photographed hundreds of thousands of times each year; so, to try and capture some of these incredibly recognisable places in a different way, for a particular audience is both daunting but thrilling.

Jungle Scene - entry image by our Europe photographer Dan

Vanessa ‘Ness’ Cohen

Ness is 30 and from Manchester. Having graduated from her art and design course in 2004 she spent the next 7 years travelling the world and working in the French Alps (living the traveller dream much Ness?!) and has recently graduated from university after completing her masters degree in Photography.

Heeeeeere's Ness

Ness impressed us with her technical knowledge, shining personality, people skills and her obvious love of all things travel.

She left the UK for Barcelona on the 5th July and will spend 2 weeks cruising through some of the coolest and most beautiful cities of Europe as she snaps her way through Barcelona, Venice, Florence, Rome, Athens and Mykonos.

Antelope park, Zimbabwe; one of Ness' entry photos

We caught up with her briefly to find out how she’s feeling about the task ahead…

How do you feel about the trip ahead of you?

Ridiculously excited. I’ve not travelled for about 4 years and have been really keen to as soon as possible, so this is just perfect, better than perfect, I feel really privileged. I’m hoping to get some great shots and enjoy seeing beautiful sights.

What are you most looking forward to?

Meeting new people, I love that part about hostelling the most. This is my first longish stint travelling alone and I’m excited at the prospect and going to embrace it for sure!

Maria Island, Tasmania by Ness
We’ll be checking in with our photographers as they make their way across continents, and if there’s anything you’d like to ask as they go – let us know!