Ask the Experts: What’s the best route to take round the world?

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This week’s question is from Chris, who’s planning a round the world trip. Organising such a big trip can be daunting at first; it’s no wonder that our Experts get loads of questions about round the world planning. Chris, share what’s on your mind:

I want to go round the world in October time, visiting Southeast Asia, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand, and possibly South America (money permitting). What is the best route to take and the best way to get the most from these places? Chris

There’s nothing our Experts love more than a bit of trip planning! This week, Jess from our store up in Leeds is here to come up with the goods. Jess, can you help Chris get his round the world trip off to a flying start?

Jessica Ambrose from STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane says…

Well Chris, since you’re looking at visiting both Fiji and Samoa and also want to take in Southeast Asia, the cheapest way of doing this is to grab a flight to Auckland that stops over in Hong Kong. From Hong Kong, you can jump on the train down to Hanoi with one of our Rail Packs, or jump on a quick flight to Bangkok and start your Southeast Asian adventure here!

Check out the Indochina Discovery at £1,499 for 30 days. You’ll start in Thailand, where you’ll explore the town of Chaing Mai and take a trek upto the hill tribe villages. Next up it’s Cambodia, where you’ll check out Angkor Wat, followed by Vietnam with a boat trip out to Halong Bay. Finally, you’ll discover the natural beauty of Laos. This tour really is the perfect way to see Southeast Asia.

Start your trip with a Southeast Asian adventure

Once you’ve flown into New Zealand, you can explore both of the amazingly diverse islands by jumping on the hop-on hop-off buses, sail the picturesque Bay of Islands, take a hike across a glacier on the South Island or try out the amazing adventure sports: bungee, sky dive, zorbing, bridge climb, jet boating and white water rafting, it’s all here!

You’ll be tired out after all the adventure of New Zealand, and Fiji and Samoa are the perfect places to relax. Check out the Bula Combo Pass, the ultimate island hopping relaxation in Fiji. No need to worry about your transport or accommodation as the pass has all this included and some meals! You just need to decide between 7, 14 or 21 days in these amazing islands – easy.

In Australia, you can chose to join the hop-on hop-off bus exploring the amazing golden beaches and bustling cities of the east coast. If this all sounds amazing but you’d like to explore the Red Centre and watch the sunrise over the spiritual Uluru, take a look at the Aussie Explorer. It encompasses all of this, and you can explore the Northern Territory starting in Darwin and take a trip through the swamps, rain forest and wetlands of Kakadu National park.

Meet these guys during your time in Australia

If South America is going to feature on you itinerary, you can fly from Sydney across to Santiago in Chile. We have plenty of trips here to help you explore this continent. Either head north to Peru and Bolivia to visit the incredible Salt Flats (don’t forget your camera and props to get those classic “this is what I would look like if I was really tiny” photos!) and hike the Inca Trail up to Maccu Piccu for that bucket list moment of seeing the mist clear on the sacred site.

Alternatively you could head east and take some tango lessons in Buenos Aries and try out some Argentinean steak. Cross the border while marvelling at the amazing Iguassu Falls then head up through Brazil and party in Rio before heading back home to brag about your amazing adventure!

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