High Five… South Australia!

Welcome to High Five, the cleverly named Blog post that sees us counting down five (get it?) of our favourite things to do in a destination that we love, and that we reckon you should love, too.

This week, it’s the sunny state of South Australia that gets the High Five treatment. Often overshadowed by the backpacker magnet of the east coast, I reckon the south side is the perfect place to start an Aussie adventure.

Australia’s wildest state, it’s home to all kinds of diverse wildlife – say hello to sea lions, great white sharks, eagles and kookaburras, to name a few. You can take a rumble in the Outback before heading to the gorgeous Indian Ocean flanked beaches, before finishing it all off with a drive to more vineyards than you can shake a wine glass at.

Could South Australia be the state that has it all? Quite possibly. To help you narrow it down, here are five unmissable experiences to be had in South Australia.

Conservation Park at Sunset Hallet Cove, South Australia # HDR

Discover how much South Australia has to offer | Image by kasand

Five reasons we love South Australia

1. Tie me kangaroo (island) down, sport

I’m sorry, I couldn’t write about Australia without getting a Rolf Harris reference in there. For another quintessential Australian experience, hop on the ferry from Cape Jarvis over to the slightly deceptively named Kangaroo Island. Rest assured they’ll be plenty of the pouched marcupials hopping around for you to get up close to, but you’ll also find sea lions, koalas, sandboarding, surfing and caneven learn to shear a sheep. They could make all this clearer, but then they’d have to name the island Kangaroo-Sealion-Koala-Sandboarding-Surfing–Sheep-shearing Island, which sounds a bit silly, really.

2. Into the wild

I reckon that South Australia is the wildest of Australia’s states, and that means it’s full of opportunities for an adventure in the Outback. Head to the magnificent Flinders Ranges – just a couple of hours drive from Adelaide, you’ll feel like you’ve gone a million miles.

Flinders Ranges

Check out the magnificent Flinders Ranges | Image by mecookie

Glamping isn’t on the cards here, but stay overnight and you’ll rise to the call of the Kookaburras and eat breakfast with a spectacular mountainside view. Start your exploring with the famous Bunyeroo and Brachina Gorges, and look out for the slightly elusive yellow footed rock wallabies. Get your transport and camping included on our Flinders Ranges Safari.

3. Wine o’clock

It’s always a good time for a glass of wine in South Australia! The region is crawling with wineries just begging to be visited. You’ll learn how your wine gets from grape to glass, and, of course, get a few free samples along the way. Head to Barossa Valley, arguably Australia’s most famous wine region and the home of everyone’s favourite reasonably priced wine brand, Jacob’s Creek.

We can hook you up with a full day tour of the region, and take you on a de-tour past the world’s biggest rocking horse – no, that’s not the wine tricking you, it really is that big.

3.Take a swim on the wild side

For an adrenaline-packed dip in the ocean, head to the Eyre Peninsular. This hidden gem is relatively untouched by tourists, so it’s full of beautiful, unspoilt wildlife. There’s the chance to swim with sea lions and dolphins – surely an experience that’s on everyone’s bucket list.

Push your senses to the extreme with a visit to Port Lincoln, where you can cage dive with great white sharks. You can experience all of this and more on our 6-day tour, Secrets of the Eyre Peninsular.

5. Beach life

It wouldn’t be Australia without the beaches, and South Australia has some pretty awesome stretches of sand. There’s a very fine selection just 30 minutes from Adelaide – check out Glenelg, just a short a tram ride from Adelaide, and take a dip in the Gulf of Vincent. Excitingly, it’s also the only beach in Austraila that’s name is a palindrome. This fact may only appeal to the word geeks among you, but as a self-confessed word nerd, I think it’s pretty damn cool.

Has our fabulous five got your travel feet itching? Check out our cheap flights to Adelaide, and our wonderful adventure tours that take in South Australia. If you’ve been, we want to hear about ti! Let us know your stories in the comments thread below.