The Travel Gauntlet: Reanna vs Gregory

What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster? Is it a monsterrrrr? No, silly, it’s the Travel Gauntlet! It’s worked it’s way to the STA Travel Blog for another week, and it’s here to take a member of our staff and one of our lovely readers into it’s depths.

The Gauntlet will quiz our brave contenders with five questions designed to test their travel knowledge, experience, savvyness, and allow for some serious travel bragging rights.

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Ready to meet this week’s contenders? Let’s do it.

In the red corner, it’s…

Travel Expert Reanna Quinn from STA Travel Durham! Here she is sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, having been blindfolded and taken to the edge. Yes, it sounds like she’d been kidnapped, but it was all part of one of our fabulous tours of the USA! After she’d finished perching, Reanna went on a helicopter ride over the Canyon, which she describes as one of the top 3 experiences of her life.

Reanna at the Grand Canyon, one of her highlights of a trip to the USA's west coast

And in the blue corner, it’s…

Travel enthusiast Greg Dickinson! Here he is chilling out with Malaysia’s finest drink, the Kickapoo Joy Juice, in Kuala Lumpur.

Cold glass of Kickapoo Joy Juice, anyone?

Step into the Travel Gauntlet

Step inside, Reanna and Greg. The Travel Gauntlet will see you now…

  Reanna Quinn, Travel Expert at STA Travel Durham Avid traveller, Greg Dickinson
Where in the world have you found the tastiest food? Argentina! I would happily live in this country just so I could eat their steaks and drink red wine all day long. The tastiest food I’ve found was at the fish market in Stone Town, Zanzibar. You can pick up a mean smoked shark kebab for next to nothing.
What’s your weirdest travel experience? There are way too many. Couch surfing for 3 months in Australia provided some definite weird experiences. I ended up living with a diamond dealer for a few weeks. I think seeing a full sized dog in a snake whilst in the Amazon would definitely be up there, and watching Chica Wrestling in Bolivia. Fleeing a Cuban village at midnight whilst being pursued by the police. Someone had informed the authorities that we were illegally staying with a local family so we had to do a runner. We ended up sleeping under a tree and were bitten to shreds.
Urban hunter, or rural explorer? Rural explorer. I love outdoor adventure travel. My best experiences have been in jungles, forests and while I have been trekking. South Island in New Zealand is my favourite place in the world due to its outstanding natural beauty. Rural explorer all the way. You can’t beat fresh air, home-brewed tea and silence.
Guidebook, app’d up, or travelling blind? Travelling blind. I never knew before I set off for Asia that I wouldn’t be coming home for 2 years and end up going around the world. I like to go with the flow and see where life takes me. The romantic answer is travelling blind, but where there’s (a good) one available, I’d always take a guidebook. If you have locals to guide you, that’s ideal. If not, a well-researched guide can be the making of a trip.
Before I’d gone travelling, I wish someone had told me… …to buy a good sleeping bag! I had the worst sleeping bag known to man and probably risked death at Machu Picchu in the snow. …not to trust roadside pork vendors…

Reanna, Greg – you are true travel buffs. I bow down to you both and your infinite travel wisdom. You also both the funniest weird travel experiences that I’ve read on a Travel Gauntlet to date! Kudos to you.

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