Ask the Experts: New Year’s Eve in India

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Now let’s hear from one man who did just that, and have a read of this week’s questioner. It’s Steve from Leicester, everybody! Steve, what’s on your mind?

I’ve managed to get myself 5 weeks off work to explore India. I’m flying on Boxing Day and will be out there for New Year’s Eve. Where’s the best place to be to see in the New Year? I’m looking for a great party atmosphere at the same time as experiencing New Year’s Eve, India style. Steve from Leicester

Great question, Steve, and I know just the lady to help you figure out where to party like it’s 1999. Travel Expert Jessica, help Steve out!

Jessica Ambrose from STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane says…

Well Steve, Kerela is probably the perfect place to spend New Years in India. The last week of December is the Cochin Carnival at Fort Kochi. If you can get yourself a ticket you can enjoy the festivities and head to the beach in Kochi to party and watch the first sunrise of the New Year. Check out Isola Di Cocco for 4* accommodation or opt for one of the beach huts.

See in the New Year at the Cochin Carnival | Image courtesy of Zzvet/

If you’re looking for a party atmosphere, Goa is definitely the best place to start looking. Although it is a popular destination for many a package holiday, it still pulls in the backpackers. New Years Eve sees loads of parties in Goa, from the banquets in the upmarket hotels to the 10 day long parties on the beach. Think Thai Full Moon Parties but a bit more spread out, so you can hop from beach to beach!

If you do decide on Goa, check out our 3 night beach break including airport transfers and a choice of simple, smart or stylish accommodation.

Where better to celebrate New Year's Eve than in beach paradise, Goa? | Image courtesy of AJP/

If you’d like the party atmosphere but with a bit more of a Indian feel, head out to one of the major cities.

Bangalore usually sees the Bollywood stars out in force, while Mumbai is one of the more westernised cities, so there’ll be lots of clubs with events going on. Remember that the tickets for clubs and parties can be costly, so make sure you have plans before you arrive.

Lots of ideas there to make New Year’s Eve go with a bang! Hope that’s given Steve a bit of inspiration. Feeling inspired yourself? Check out our cheap flights to India, and awesome adventure tours of the country.