21 Ways to Travel the World

Part of the fun of travelling the world is all the weird, wonderful, and completely random situations that you get yourself into.

One minute you’re saying a tearful goodbye to your mum at the airport (the tears are hers not yours of course) and then next you’re on a plane to some far flung destination, before hopping onto the back of a moped taxi, with all your worldly belongings strapped to your back; and that’s where the journey really begins…


Make like a Bedouin and take a ride over the North African deserts of Egypt or Morocco aboard camel.

Set up camp and spend a night under the brightest stars you’ll ever see to get a real taste of life as a nomad before packing up and hopping back aboard your furry ride.


Some Asian countries, Vietnam springs to mind in particular, are swarming with scooters, they’re fast, nimble and cheap, which makes them the prefect transport for locals and travellers.

Of course, caution needs to be exercised; drive responsibly and only rent from reputable companies, but once you’re ready and on the move, there is some amazing fun to be had on the back of a bike.

Whether you decide to rent for a day and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of an island or you sign up for a bigger cross country adventure, there’s no bigger thrill than speeding down a coastal road with the wind in your hair.


Taking a tuk-tuk through the streets of a busy Asian city like Bangkok, Delhi or Hanoi is a traveller right of passage. You have to do it (literally. You pretty much can’t avoid it).

Bob and weave through the crazy streets like you’re featuring in a real life version of Mario Cart, avoiding people, scooters and random wandering animals as you go.


Ferries are your taxi to some of the most awe-inspiring hidden treasures of the world. Island hop between the tropical islands of Fiji, discover the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands from Ecuador or sail from the adventure filled South Island of New Zealand to Take in a completely different vibe in the North.


Powering through cityscapes and county side aboard a train provides the perfect opportunity to really feast on the views and culture of the country you’re in. It’s a great way to mingle with locals and meet other travellers, plus it’s usually cheap!

I mean, you could fly, but then you’d miss the direct view of the mountain side as it passes by your window. A trip by train is one of the best ways to travel as it can show you so much, in such a short space of time.

Some of the world’s most famous train journeys include the Trans-Siberian route through Russia, Mongolia and China and Interrail, a flexible hop-on hop-off service through Europe.


What better way to travel that by your own two feet. Climb mountains, dance on tables, wander through local markets, paddle in the ocean and even run marathons. They’re the best (and most reliable!) way to absorb the essence of a county at ground level.


Yes, you may be sold a seat that doesn’t actually exist and end up being sat in the aisle for 8 hours, yes, the ‘person’ sat next to you may end up being a box of smelly chickens and yes, you might not actually end up leaving until 4 hours later than the time you actually paid to leave.

However, local bus travel is a bit of a necessary evil for travellers on a budget and you know what, it’s all part of the experience, (every traveller has to go home with at least one nightmare local bus story right!?)


There’s only one way to really travel Africa and that is in the back of a big, old, dirty, truck.

With food, camping gear and luggage all thrown in the back, there’s no better way to navigate your way through all the muddy puddles, the lions dens and across that raggedy terrain.


Imagine, sitting in the back of a 4×4 and travelling through the deserted landscapes of Mongolia with nothing but the sound of the engine ringing in your ears. Sounds, um, great. No? Ok, swap that 4×4 for a horse and suddenly the experience becomes truly inspiring.

Travel just like the local themselves have been travelling for 1000s of years before you ever stepped foot on their land. Get back to basics and embrace nature for an experience it’s unlikely you’d every get back at home.


A cheap, relaxing and super fun way to explore, cycling is a great way to see the best bits of a city or country at your own pace – and it’s good for the environment – so what’s not to love?!

Spend a few days cycling between café’s, stopping at museums and other ‘must see’s’ in cities such as Beijing, Copenhagen and Amsterdam that are big on bikes and totally cycle friendly.


Now, this experience I know for sure you’d never get back at home – there are no elephants here! Meander your way through the jungles of Asia aboard one of these loveable giants, just remember to duck out of the way of rouge branches and spiders webs!


A road trip is one of those dream travel experience that buzzes around the most enthusiastic travellers heads pretty much from the moment we dare to dream about an adventure abroad.

What freer way is there to live, than by packing a bag, grabbing some friends, playing some of your favourite tunes and cruising through town and county by car; stopping wherever and whenever you fancy? It’s the prefect way to seek out adventure.

Top 3 road trips (in my own humble opinion) have to be, LA to New York, Sydney to Cairns and London to, well, pretty much anywhere you like in Europe to be honest!


Your home away from home and a cost effective way to live life on the road. Campervan capital of the world New Zealand is the prime example of how a camper can provide the perfect combination of comfort and freedom.

With everything you need right there on four wheels, you can pull up at a countries most beautiful spots and spend the night close to nature, in complete comfort. Come and go as you please, bond with friends or as a couple, and follow your own plan. Bliss.


You’ll feel like James Bond and the thrill of taking off and then dipping and diving between buildings, canyons or mountains will make you pee your pants with excitement (or maybe that was just me).

The sight of the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty suddenly becomes 100 times more impressive from the air, it was as if that was how they were always intended to be seen.


Chances are if you decide to embark on an adventure tour, you’re going to be spending a bit of time in a minibus, and that can come as a great relief. No late departures, no sitting on a strangers lap, no missing the bus.


The Canadian Rockies and Lake Titicaca in South America are two of the most
impressive spots for Kayaking. Paddle past mountains and wildlife on deep blue
waters and absorb the peaceful surroundings in isolation.


Swim in volcanic lakes, on the edge of mighty oceans, in warm outdoor pools and in natural spring water deep in forested mountain ranges. Invigorate, refresh and have a blooming good wash!

A swimming cossie is a traveller staple and you shouldn’t, and wouldn’t, leave home without it.


Yep, you’re probably going to get wet – it’s just bound to happen. The only question is how wet? Venice, the water logged city of Italy, provides what is probably the most romantic mode of transport on our list.

You can also take a gondola ride in the Venetian hotel in Vegas too, only here, you’re more likely to be surrounded by drunken gamblers – a loss less romantic, but still fun.


It’s scary, there’s not denying that, but isn’t that one of the reasons you’ve packed your things and abandoned ‘normal’ life back at home, To push yourself and experience new things?

An abseil will push you to your limits but deliver you the biggest rush of achievement and satisfaction on completion. The Sky Tower in Auckland is a long standing favourite but there are so many other opportunities, check out the rock face abseils in Yellowstone National Park too.


Get you’re skates on and head to the beach! Make like a Baywatch babe and try rollerblading along the beach front in Santa Monica LA.

Make sure you wear your shorts and sunnies, it’s practically part of the uniform.


If it wasn’t for these bad boys our travel tales would look a lot different. It’s thanks to aeroplanes that the world has opened up, we can go anywhere and see anything we like and that is pretty special.

That concludes out favourite ways to travel the world, which ones stand out for you and have we missed anything out? Share your comments below.