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Ask The Experts: Where Should I Stopover on the Way to Australia?

Our experts are back again this week to tackle another question sent in by one of our travel hungry blog readers.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to tap into their brain and extract some of the travel knowledge they use everyday in our stores to help would be travellers plan their dream trips; and trust us, there’s a lot in there to extract – they really know their stuff!

This weeks question was sent to us via Twitter by Candice from Wales.

Where would you recommend for a few days stopover on the way to Australia? Candice, Wales.

Great question Candice! We all have to stop somewhere on the way to Australia, so instead of looking at the 4 walls of the airport departure lounge for a few hours, why not spend a few days exploring somewhere new and exciting instead? Kind of like a little holiday on the way to your holiday – really rinse your time away for all it’s worth!

Dubai is the perfect mixture of traditional and the modern

So where do our Travel Experts suggest are the best places to stopover? Let’s find out…

Amy Pearson from STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane says…

There are plenty of fantastic cities that most airlines are offering as free stopovers en-route to Australia. I always believe it is best to stop off in a city that is going to offer a completely contrasting experience to that of Australia, that way you can really make the most of your trip.

My favourite destination for a city break is Dubai, with its scorching hot climate and breath taking skyscrapers; this really is a place full of surprises.

Firstly be absolutely blown away by the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, climb to the top and observe the 360-degree view from a knee trembling 124th floor! Don’t forget your camera!

Then observe the beautiful Burj Al Arab, one the worlds only 7-star hotels. After taking in the pure opulence and grandeur of this city, you then have to head out into the desert. Dubai offers everything from Sand-boarding to a desert Safari, where you are thrown around the giant dunes in a four by four, to a camel ride and an overnight stay in a desert camp, with a traditional bbq and an optional shisha.

Experience a taste of the Middle East on your way to Australia

You can even learn a few tricks at a belly-dancing lesson. We offer loads of packages ranging from £46 a day, with beach stays and city breaks, to ensure you don’t spend three days shopping (in the worlds largest shopping mall) and really see the best of this fascinating emirate.

Alternatively we also have cheap central accommodation. Did I also mention is has some of the best beaches in the world!

Check out an Ask the Experts blog post called Can you help me make the most of my time in Dubai? from last year that will have even more information on great things to do.

Sarah Jones from STA Travel Covent Garden says…

On your way over to Australia why not have a few days stopover in the futuristic realm that is Tokyo.

A 3 day stopover will allow you to see the many wonders of the region; you can spend your first day and night exploring the multiple sights and sounds of the neon-lit city, getting your fix of sushi, sake and karaoke.

One of the world's great Metropolis' Toyko is a futuristic playground for travellers.

Why not then venture further with our 2 day Hakone and Kyoto Tour, a great way to see the rural bliss of outer Tokyo. This trip takes you to the stunning Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi and Owakundani Valley where you’ll get treated to a Japanese gondola ride (move over Venice) and a peaceful cruise along the Ashi. You’ll also get to explore the ancient capital of Japan and home of the Geisha, Kyoto, with it’s many cultural riches before travelling back to the urban jungle of Tokyo in typical Japan style – the bullet train.

Japan may not be the cheapest place in the world (understatement) but in terms of flights can be a relatively cheap stopover option. It is a wonderful country, a complete contrast to Western culture and absolutely beautiful so before hitting Australia why not Japan?!

Another stupendous set of answers from our experts I’m sure you’ll agree – thanks ladies! If you have a question that you’d like to put to our experts simply pop us an email and we’ll put it to them very soon!
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Showing 5 Comments

  1. peter huddle

    Looking. For cheap flights with at least to stopovers for to nights each way to Perth departing early December returning middle January 2014

    1792 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Hi Peter, we can definitely help you with that! Just pop one of our stores an email or give them a call and they find you a great deal!

      1780 days ago

    London to stopover for three days. Flight to Sydney. (Leaving 12th september. 2014. From. Uk. )

    Independent time in Australia.

    Brisbane. To stopover 3days. Flight to London. Leaving Australia on 1st October 2014.

    Would like stopovers in two different places. Eg. Hong Kong – Dubai . Or japan- Dubai open to other destinations .

    1332 days ago
  3. Ashrita

    Hi, We will be traveling from New York to India in the second week of December. Can you suggest any places for a stopover of 5-6 days?
    We would like to visit any place with a lot of history and also good weather.


    1213 days ago
  4. darren furniss

    Hi there im looking for a flight to Sydney at the end ofJanuary im lookingfor a diffrent stoppover from the usual ones either in Europe or north America any ideas!

    1130 days ago