High Five… Local Living Experiences!

Tours are great. Personally I love them. You get to see all the best bits of a country or region while someone else take care of all the bits, such as transport and accommodation, which usually end up distracting you from the real reason you came – to explore and experience.

But sometimes, time can move a little too fast on a tour, it can feel like you’ve only just arrived when it’s already time to go, meaning it’s not really the perfect way of getting ‘under the skin’ of the place you’re visiting.

This is the very reason we’re introducing our new form of adventure tour; local living experiences. A perfect combination of the local knowledge and support provided by a tour, along with the ultimate freedom of really getting to know an area of the world in your own way, in your own time.

It’s the fast track way of living like a local; for those who don’t have time to live like a local.

Our Top 5 Local Living Experiences

Moroccan Villa Living, Marrakech

Wander around the traditional Moroccan souks shopping for beautifully authentic local souvenirs and mix with the friendly locals as you experience a taste of the hustle and bustle of life as part of this vibrant medina.

You’ll stay in a centrally located Riad and in a prime position for stunning mountain views and tonnes of opportunity for people watching over a cup of Arab tea and a shisha.

Wander the souks of Marrakech and shop for local bargains.

This is a prefect opportunity to get to know the city a little better, and really understand what makes it tick. Your guide will be on hand (should you need them) to offer their own tips for discovering the ‘real’ Marrakech.

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Croatian Island Living, Krk

In the immortal words of Kanye West ‘welcome to the good life’, this is an amazing opportunity to spend sometime living like a Mediterranean prince or princess in the village of Gostinjac, Krk, one of the most spectacular settings in Europe.

Spend your days flitting from bakery to café, cycling around the picturesque country side, swimming in the crystal clear coastal waters and hopping between each of the beautiful surrounding islands.

Set up temporary home in one of a selection of old stone homes each with an outdoor area perfect for an afternoon or evening ‘wine tasting’ session with new friends.

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Croatia has one of the most prefect coastlines in Europe.

French Canal Boat Living, Burgundy

Slow down your pace and step up your experience with something a little different from the norm. What better way to sample a taste of life as a nomadic traveller than in style aboard a canal barge, while cruising the Saone River.

The French are known for their zest for life and their enthusiasm for the best food and wine around, and during this 8 day adventure you’ll be able to see, and fully appreciate, where they are coming from!

Burgundy, France offers bags of opportunity for a simple local living experience.

The canal boat (and your CEO driver extraordinaire!) will deliver you from place to beautiful place leaving you time to get to know the friends you’ll meet along the way. It’s not all chilled river sailing though, oh no, if you’re dying to get a bit more active you can spend your days hiking and cycling some of the most impressive landscapes in Europe.

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Adventure Living, Iceland

Iceland is like no other place on earth, an island keeping some incredible natural treats all to itself.

Take a dip in the luxurious, natural hot pools of Iceland.

But, here’s your opportunity to experience a taste of those treats all for yourself, in a way most other people probably don’t even know exists.

Spend the majority of your trip to Iceland staying in a traditional farmhouse in Drumbó and spending your days snorkelling between the two tectonic plates at Þingvellir, canoeing down Hvítá River, hiking waterfalls, rivers and mountains, as well as whitewater rafting, caving, glacier hiking or whale watching, Phew!

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Tuscan Foodie Living San Gimiganano, Italy

Prepare to fall in love with the land of good wine, great food, and amazing people. Italy is every foodie’s heaven on earth. Spend your days exploring what makes the Italians one of the happiest in the nations in the world.

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful parts of Italy and the perfect place to experience life as a local.

And who can blame them for being so pleased with themselves, the Tuscan countryside is one of the jewels in Italy’s crown and you can spend your days sampling the very best it has to offer in the form of fascinating museums, the narrow medieval streets and, of course, the huge array of incredible food and drink.

Opportunities to create a bond with a place don’t come much more perfect than this; you’ll stay in a locally owned house, visit local vineyards to larger towns and cities like Siena and Florence. and meeting with the, ever friendly, local Italians *swoon

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