Spotlight On: STA Travel Reading

This week on the blog we’re introducing you to the lovely staff in another one of our UK stores, and this week is ladies week, as we meet the girls doing a sterling job of making travel dreams come true in Reading.

We’ve grilled them to find out their best travel tips, what they think of each other and what’s on their own their own travel ‘to do’ list. Oh, and we also found out a few, rather funny, secrets about them along the way.

Meet Team Reading

Say ‘hi’ to the team

Laura Hughes, 25, Store Manager
Anna Corbett, 26, Travel Expert
Vicky Two, 31, Travel Expert
Stephanie Carter, 22, Travel Expert
Yasmin Siloy, 20, Travel Expert

The STA Travel Reading girls (L-R - Yasmin, Stephanie, Laura, Anna, Vicky)

What was the last trip you booked for someone?

Laura: I just booked 3 girls on a round the world trip going to Asia, New Zealand and South America. They were super excited!

Anna: The Trans-Siberian express – 8000km from Moscow through to Beijing via the Mongolian steppes – I’ve never been so jealous!

Vicky: An Africa trip for 40 days.

Yasmin: A round the world trip visiting America, New Zealand, Australia and India.

What’s the one thing you wish customers knew before they came in?

Laura: I wish they understood that booking early really does save money and flight prices can change at any minute!

Steph: Flight prices can change!

Yasmin: Roughly what they would like to do so we can work on that.

Vicky: I wish they knew not to rush destinations and take their time as they may never go back!

Anna: That flight prices will go up the longer you leave it – sometimes by hundreds of pounds! There’s no value in waiting, when you find a route and a price that suits you get it booked!

Which country best represents you as a team, and why?

Thailand as it’s diverse and has lots off different sides to it, just like the Reading team!

The girls are big fans of Thailand!

Would you willingly share a dorm room together?

Laura: Yes I would, we are pretty close team of girls and sharing a dorm together would be not much different than sharing an office with this bunch.

Vicky: As long as none of them snore!

Which was the last place you each travelled to?

Laura: The last place I travelled to was Dubai to visit my sister who was living over there. Dubai really has the ‘wow’ factor with amazing infrastructure yet, it still keeps alive the culture. It’s a fascinating place and a great destination to stop over on an Emirates flight ticket!

Yasmin: I last travelled to New Zealand as I have family over there.

Steph: I have recently got back from a trip travelling around Italy, it has a different vibe in each area, which was great.

Vicky: I got back from Laos in November.

Anna: Malaysia, Singapore and Bali in two weeks! It was a brilliant whistle stop trip and just proved to me how much you can really see in a short time if you plan well.

Anna has recently come back from a trip to beautiful Bali

Have any of you got any interesting talents/party tricks?

Laura: Anna and I can both touch our noses with our tongues, not quite sure if that’s a party trick or talent!

What one tip would you give someone booking a Gap/RTW trip?

Laura: Get decent travel insurance you never know what’s going to happen whilst you’re away!

Steph: Book your first few nights’ accommodation. There’s nothing worse than getting off the plane and trying to look for somewhere to sleep.

Vicky: Make sure you have enough time to really experience each destination.

Yasmin: Pre book as much as you can so you all the money you save is pure spending money to enjoy yourself.

Anna: Get off the beaten track. Don’t follow the crowd!

Tell us a secret about a member of the team?

Anna: Laura’s travelling knowledge is fantastic – but her common sense is….interesting. She once asked why the south wasn’t more flooded because surely water runs downhill!

What destination is top of your travel wish list?

Laura: I have so many! I am taking sabbatical at the end of Jan so I’m going to a few places that were on my list but after those I would probably say South America.

Steph: New Zealand, I know so much about the country but have never been so it’s top of my list.

Vicky: I’d love to go to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is at the top of Vicky's travel hit list

Yasmin: Malaysia, I was born there but haven’t been back since so want to go back.

Anna: I’d love to see some of Central America – Beaches, rainforests, history and turtles – what more do you want!

How many years collectively have you worked in the travel industry?

7 years

Laura: 2.5
Anna: 7 months
Yasmin: 7 months
Steph: 1 month
Vicky: 4 years

Thank you ladies of the Reading store! Is there something you’d like to ask our travel experts as part of our Spotlight On…. series? Add your (travel related or non travel related) question in the comments box below and we’ll add it in to our next interview..