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14 Reasons to Visit Fiji Before You Die (Of Jealousy)

In 2011, I set off on an epic round the world trip that would take me through Egypt, Nepal, India, South East Asia, New Zealand, the USA and, most excitingly for me, Fiji.

Having worked at STA Travel for 2 and a half years before I decided to take a 6 month sabbatical, I was very aware of my options when it came to my own round the world trip and I had been inspired to include a 10 day stop in Fiji from the very beginning of the planning stage.

Constantly writing about the beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons, and laid back vibe made me desperate to experience it for myself – I wanted to be as far away from London as I could – both geographically and metaphorically. So, Fiji was catapulted straight to the top of my sabbatical ‘hit list’ and I built the rest of my trip around my time there.

I’m a bit of a ‘doer’ at heart, so I was a little worried that 10 days might be too much if all I was going to be doing was sitting around on the beach all day (however stunning that beach may be). But I needn’t have worried, after 10 days, when the time came to head off to LA, I wasn’t ready to go! I wanted to stay longer and continue with the things I hadn’t had time to do yet!

Fiji’s a pretty incredible place, and while I have this blog at my disposal, I’m going to spend 5 minutes telling you why I loved Fiji – and why I think you have to have to go. So don’t be jealous – just be on your way…

Not a bad way to soothe my hangover on Fiji party island Beachcomber

Here are 14 Reasons Why We All Need A Touch of Fiji in Our Lives


They’re Fiji’s main act, what we all day dream about when picturing ourselves there, and let me assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Wake up in the morning and step straight in to paradise. You can’t help but get the idea Mother Nature decided to create a little treat for herself when Fiji was born.

Coconut trees, white sand, twinkly, warm water, hammocks, sun, cocktails and an array of colourful fish popping by to say ‘hi’ right next to the shore – it’s got it all.

In fact, I’m so in love with the beaches of Fiji, not too long ago I counted down my favourites right here on the blog. Check out High Five… Fijian Islands to see which came out on top.

Walking out of the room to this every morning was terrible, yep, I hated it *ahem*

A Warm Welcome

Imagine a small fanfare of smiling faces every time you walked through your front door and arrived home. Pretty great hey? Then imagine home (for they next few days or weeks at least) was a tiny island in the middle of the South Pacific, and great just became blooming amazing.

As you hop between islands in Fiji a welcome party awaits as you at every one. As I approached Mantray Island with the others on my boat, we were also awarded with a big cheer, a cocktail and a lei placed round our necks to really complete the friendly greeting. Honey I’m home!

The Fiji Experience, erm, Experience

There’s so much more to Fiji than just stunning beaches and great diving opportunities, (although granted this is the jewel in their sparkly crown) and a few days aboard the Fiji Experience will help you to fully appreciate that.

When I was making arrangements for my trip, I can’t tell you the number of times I heard ‘don’t stay on Nadi, jump straight on a boat to the islands’ oh, how glad am I that I didn’t listen.

My times spent aboard the Fiji Experience with Eme and 'Big Willie' and the others were some of the best of my entire trip

Yes the island are amazing, but to really feel what Fiji is all about – you need to experience Nadi. There are so many experiences that so often get missed out by travellers simply because they can’t wait to get to the islands (they aren’t going anywhere I promise!) But hey, if you really can’t wait, then explore Nadi on the way back – you’ll be very glad you did.

Jungle Treks

This is another reason why a trip to Nadi is a must. During our Fiji Experience adventure we stopped, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, jumped out of the van and began trekking straight through the heart of the Fijian jungle.

It was mucky and hard work, but woah, it was fun. Prepare to cruise down winding rivers aboard a rickety, man made canoes, discover hidden waterfalls, and pluck ripe papayas straight from the tree.

A Colourful History

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple in Nadi is a perfect example of how the colourful personalities of the Fijian people transcends to every inch of Fijian life.

It’s the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere and the most colourful!
A definite ‘must see’ to really get under the skin of what the makes this great nation tick.

The Sri Siva Temple in Nadi, the biggest and most colourful temple in the Southern Hemisphere.

Extreme Snorkelling and Diving

Enjoy mingling with some of the most colourful and weird looking fish to be found anywhere in the underwater world. The snorkelling and diving just off the shores of Fiji is on a par with other famous diving spots of the world like Thailand, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Red Sea.

There are very few places where you are spoiled with so many different things to explore, so close to the shores. A group of people I met while travelling on Fiji Experience had just come back from a shark dive where they were able to dive heart stoppingly close to bull sharks and hammerhead sharks among others. Mantaray Island in the Yasawas also provides a unique opportunity; to swim with some gentle giants… Manta rays! (Go figure).

Yasawa flyer – the only way to travel

Kiss goodbye to cramped local buses – once you hit Fiji it’s easy street from here on out.

Hopping between the islands of the South Pacific aboard the Yasawa flyer was a welcome relief having come from South East Asia; it felt like 5* travel on a backpacker budget and the view was pretty spectacular too!


I stood at the top of this giant sand dune absolutely petrified about throwing myself off on top of my little body board; but thank god for peer pressure!

The rest of my travel mates weren’t going to let me get away with not having a go, and thank god I did, because although I may have ended up with a mouth (and pants) full of sand, as I careered to the bottom I can now say it was one of the most fun things I’ve done. Ever.

If only they could come up with of an easier way to get you to the top! Phew.

Don't look down....just jump!


There are tonnes of opportunities to volunteer in Fiji and help to improve the lives of the people and wildlife that call this exquisite place home.

Two great ones are Fiji Marine Research & Conservation and working with local children in the Children and Schools Programme. The prefect opportunity to make a difference and get a taste of life as part of the ‘real’ Fiji.

Take a dip in the natural mud pool and hot springs

Fiji is all about what’s natural, and one particularly messy way to embrace that is by taking a dip in the natural mud pools and hot springs.

Don your cossie and jump straight into one of the warm mud pools (and take part in the obligatory mud fight) before hopping straight out and into a warm pool of spring water to rinse off.

Kava Ceremonys

A staple of Fijian life that packs a bit of a kick! Kava is a traditional drink made from a natural herbal ground root. It may look (and taste) like puddle water, but you shouldn’t – and probably couldn’t – come to Fiji with out trying it.

It’s a much loved and respected local custom, most commonly used to welcome visitors, so chances are on your travels between islands you’re going to be experiencing a traditional Kava ceremony, drink as much as you dare but be warned, too much can produce a strange numbing sensation in your mouth – pretty weird (but harmless)

Attend a traditional Kava ceremony to get a taste of Fijian culture.

Friendly people

I can safely say I have never been anywhere where the people wear a bigger smile (yep, that even includes Thailand). Life here is a constant giggle, but then, if you live in Fiji, there’s very little to be miserable about, right?!

Eme and ‘Big Willie’, the two Fiji Experience guides that showed me the sights of Nadi turned out to be my favourite people that I met while travelling, and absolutely made my trip to Fiji – and the best bit? There are thousands more just like them on every island stop.

Hammocks on Every Beach

It’s the ultimate way to afternoon nap; swinging between coconut trees on the edge of crystal clear waters as a warm breeze rocks you to sleep.

On Beachcomber Island they have hammocks lined along the shore just outside the beach huts, so if you do need to sleep off a hangover, there’s no better place to do it.

A Sunrise to Beat All Others

Be one of the first in the world to see the dawn of the new day, from the best seat in the house!

A sunrise walk to the top of one of Fiji’s great peaks, such as the summit of Waya Lailai island in the Yasawas, may sound like a lot of effort at silly o’clock in the morning, but the peaceful atmosphere from the top provides a pretty special moment, not to mention an unbeatable view.

Why not add a stop in Fiji to your round the world trip? There’s no better time to visit! Check out our round the world and multi-stop fares now, and explore the huge array of ways we can get you there. Also, make sure you explore our selection of Fiji island packages to guarantee you don’t miss one inch of paradise.
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  1. Kay

    Looks amazing – I’ve definitely added Fiji to my ever expanding list of places I’d love to travel to…I better get saving! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1797 days ago
  2. roshni

    I am a Fijian girl myself. Born and bred in Suva. I love my homeland and at the age of 17 I than got married and have settled in London since 1984.
    I often miss my Homeland. I have visited Fiji once back in 1996 and haven’t been to Fiji since than.
    I would love to go again with my family to show my roots.

    1538 days ago
  3. Debbie

    She is not lying. I got here two days ago and it is amazing. Beautiful beaches, warm people and amazing sunset

    1425 days ago
  4. Jessica

    I wanted to find out where you did the sandboarding?


    1335 days ago
  5. Amanda

    Hi Lisa, may I know the name of the resort with the picture of the stairs leading down to the beach?

    1300 days ago
    • Tom

      Did you find out the name of the resort with the stairs leading to the beach? I need to go there!!

      1273 days ago
  6. paige

    hi! thanks for the post. we are planning a 2 month trip. if you could go anywhere during that time where would you go? we are leaving feb 1 and want to go somewhere amazing! pretty big budget :)

    1266 days ago
    • Anna Corbett

      Hi Paige,

      Anywhere in the world? Wow very very hard but Central America is an incredible place to visit right now (it’s getting more popular every day so good to go soon). Indonesia is also a fantastic destination with an amazing variety of locations to explore.

      That’s just us though – the most important thing is of course that it’s your trip – where do you want to go?


      1266 days ago
  7. Lara


    1245 days ago
  8. Nothing speaks serenity more than a kava ceremony with the Chief of the village at mango Bay Resort in Viti Levu. A narcotic bliss. New blog post on my Feejee Experience here

    1217 days ago
  9. chris

    Hi looking to go to fiji from belfast or london for 10days for a honeymoon could someone put me in the right direction for cheap flights and accommodation alk included please thanks in advance

    1091 days ago
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