Ask the Experts: How Can I Spend 3 Free Days In Italy?

It’s F F F F Friiiiiiday! And that can only mean one thing… Ask the Experts time!

Every week, our biggest travel brains tackle questions thrown their way by readers of this very blog. If you’re keen to get answers to a travel question that’s been pickling your brain, all you need to do is email it to us and sit back while our Experts come up with the goods. This weeks question comes from Emma in Essex…

My boyfriend and I are heading to Italy for a week at the end of May for a wedding in Orta San Giulio and need some ideas on how to fill our time before the wedding. We’re flying into Milan and spending 2 nights there, and then have 3 days before we need to get to Orta San Giulio. Any ideas on where to go, and how to get around? Emma, Essex

Ciao Experts! What advice can you rustle up for Emma?

Lake Como is home to the rich and famous and completely beautiful.

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

I’d jump on a train and visit Lake Como. The trains in Italy are cheap, quick and really comfy; you can get from Milan to Lake Como in about 40 minutes. Lake Como is also one of Italy’s most romantic places so where better to get in the mood for the wedding.

Como is at the head of the lake and gives you stunning views of the lake and all the beautiful surrounding villages. All the villages and towns on the lake are easily accessible by taking a ferry ride across the lake. When I went I liked to pretend I was one of the many celebrities who own holiday homes on Lake Como and pretend the boat was my very own private yacht taking me to my stunning lakeside villa!

I would definitely recommend heading to Bellagio known as the “Pearl of the Lake” and sample some of Italy’s famous Gelato whilst you stroll around the cobbled streets taking in the history and beauty of this area.

Get your Gelato on - YUM.

When it is time to go you will probably go back via Milan to get to Orta San Giulio by train, but even then it is only around 4 hours and you will travel through some of Europe’s most gorgeous landscape.

Amy Pearson from STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane says…

Three days is more than long enough to do some extra exploring of Italy. I would recommend travelling by coach to ‘the floating city’ of Venice, which takes just 3 hours from Milan. This beautiful world heritage site is truly captivating, with its historic, unique architecture you can’t fail to be overwhelmed by the romance and ambience this city offers.

Have a coffee and feed the birds in St Marks Square then be all spiritual and pay a visit to the Basilica. Venice is famous for being artistically bohemian, and this is really reflected in the shops and restaurants in the winding streets through the city. Also make sure you have a journey on a gondola, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We also have some really good budget camping options in Venice, so you can enjoy the city without the Venetian price tag.

The Gondolas of Venice are one of the most famous sights in Italy.

Alternatively if you do not want to divert from your route too much, Lake Como is only two hours away from Milan and closer to your final destination than Venice. Rent a villa, spend the day at a spa or simply hiking through the countryside taking in the impressive views.

A boat tour on the lake stopping at all the surrounding villages is an absolute must. Each quaint little village offers cobbles, winding streets and some of the best pasta and pizza restaurants you will taste in the whole of Italy. Who knows you might wind up having a beer and a slice or pizza with George Clooney, a regular at Lake Como that would definitely be a good story to tell at the wedding!

Experts, great advice as always. Remember, you can email us with your travel questions day and night – the Experts are here every week.