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Ask the Experts: Where Can I go with £1,500?

Here we go again! Some of our finest Travel Experts to about to step up and answer your most pressing travel questions. This week Amy and Claire are here to answer a question from Phil in Newcastle.

I’ve got 3-4 weeks free in the summer and around £1,500 to blow, what would you do? Phil, Newcastle

That’s a great question for our Travel Experts to sink their teeth into – there are just so many options!

If you’ve got something travel related on your mind, drop us an email and we’ll throw your question over to the Experts to answer right here on the blog.

But first, let’s see what Claire and Amy have up their sleeves for Phil…

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

It would have to be Bali since the weather would be great then and your money would take you pretty far!

Bali is so easy to get around as it’s so small, so why not visit a few different areas to find one you like? The first thing you’ll think about is the beaches Bali offers so check out Sanur, Legian and Kuta but make sure you leave time to delve deeper into Bali.

The Gili Islands in Bali is a little taste of heaven.

For some culture and history head to the Ulun Danu Temple complex or the temples at Besakih complex and for a bit of nature make sure you head in land where you exchange gorgeous beaches for rice fields and mountains.

A trip to Lombok and the Gili Islands is a must too. The Gili Islands only has about 400 inhabitants and no cars so it will just be you, white-sand beaches and pristine waters, there really isn’t many places left like the Gili’s anymore. Lombok is also a great place to escape the buzz of Bali, not only does it have brilliant beaches but you could get your active shoes on and climb Mount Rinjana Volcano or do your PADI course and check out what Indonesia has to offer under water!

Amy Pearson from STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane says…

£1500 is more than enough money to have a fantastic trip and with some clever planning you can make your cash go really far.

Hoi An is one of Vietnam's 'must visit' locations.

Vietnam is a fantastic country to backpack in a month, although flights might seem initially more expensive that other destinations, your money will go really far once you are there. On average a meal, night in a hostel and beer will usually come to about $10, and even less if you are eating street food, and drinking at a ‘bia hoi’ stand (a street bar selling local draught beer). I would fly into Northern Hanoi and then back to the UK from Ho Chi Minh, meaning that you are not having to travel back on yourself and wasting potential money and travelling time from Hanoi. From here take a trip to Halong bay, where you can spend two nights on a junk boat sailing through the thousands of islands.

Get stuck into the coastal road heading along the East Coast of Vietnam, nicknamed the Ho-Chi Minh trail, making stops at Hue, Hoi An and the unlikely surfing town of Mui-ne. Use local backpacker’s buses and the trains, as these are really cheap. Hoi An is a favourite city of mine, with its charming winding ancient streets and quaint shops, it’s also boasts a pretty fab beach with some amazingly cheap sea food on offer in beautiful traditional restaurants.

eating the delicious (and cheap!) street food is all part of the experience of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh city is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and is absolutely rife with history and culture. For all history buffs, this is absolutely enthralling, there are so many museums and day trips to poignant places, I would recommend taking a trip to the Mekong Delta and spending the night in the jungle. A month is a perfect amount of time to do a country this size, you will not have to rush the time spent at each destination but there is more than enough to see and do to keep you entertained for this amount of time. Not to mention it is incredibly fun, and especially in the South – they really know how to party!

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Showing 11 Comments

  1. The Middle East.
    I know the press hasn’t done a great job selling it (it paints a picture of random violence, fierce guys in odd clothes, car bombs and the like) but trust me, it’s mostly unmerited. There are places to avoid of course but nothing a bit of careful research will not insure against.
    Most places are full of charm, peaceful and cheap and the people are delightfully warm and kind.

    1809 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Very true! As you say, do your research but that can be said for anywhere you are thinking of travelling. Thanks for sharing!

      1804 days ago
    • IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thnigs like that?

      390 days ago
  2. Laura Ferrell

    I am looking at leaving in the middle of March for around 4 weeks as a single female traveller with a similar budget of £1500, is there anywhere people would recommend?

    1807 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Hi Laura, our experts have some great suggestions above but also what about Interrailing around Europe? That would be a great adventure for a solo female traveller. Take a look at this blog post on Interrail trips and see what you think…

      1804 days ago
  3. Dawn

    Looking for an adventure with my future husband for a 3 week honeymoon for £3000 total. Any suggestions most welcome, not too fussed over Australia but rest of world is open…

    1807 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Hi Dawn, our experts answered a question about this not too long ago right here on the blog. You can see their ideas here: and don’t forget you can always pop into your local store at anytime to talk things over with an expert and get some inspiration, here’s where you can find your local store:

      1804 days ago
  4. Kimberly

    Hi me and a friend are looking at travelling to Thailand for a couple weeks and then onto Australia for 6 months. How much so you think we will need to budget to take? Haven’t a clue! Any advice is a help ^_^ thanks xx

    1793 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Hi Kimberly, it’s hard to say as everyone’s experiences are different – it totally depends on what you want to do when you’re there and what kind of places you want to stay in. But as a very general rule, I’d say £800/£1,000 a month for South East Asia and maybe £1,500/£2,000 a month for Australia – if you want to stay in Aus for a while a working holiday visa could be a good idea as then you can make money as well as spend it and maybe fund some future travels!

      1784 days ago
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