Ask the Experts: Where Can I Take my Children on a 5 Week Adventure?

It’s that time of week again, where our travel experts tackle another question from one of you, our travel hungry blog readers. This weeks question comes from mum of 2 Sharyn who’s dying to take her sons on an adventure they won’t forget.

I want to take my 3 year old twin boys on the adventure of a lifetime, they love animals, swimming and anything which involves getting dirty! I have always wanted to do a round the world trip but can only take 5 weeks off work, and I’ll be travelling alone with the boys. I have a budget of £8,000 what would you recommend? Sharyn.

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Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

When you say animals and plenty of activities the first place I think of is Africa and I think South Africa could be just the place for you and your boys.

In 5 weeks you could hire a car and travel along the coast from Cape Town to Johannesburg stopping along the Garden Route and Wild Coast. There are so many great places to stop but I’m sure your boys would love watching the Ostrich racing in Oudtshoorn or what about taking them on the “Woodcutters Journey” in Storms River where you’ll drive through the giant yellowwood and stinkwood trees in an open vehicle whilst keeping an eye out for all sorts of wildlife.

As you get into the Kwazulu Natal area why not visit a traditional Zulu village where you can leave your car behind and get to the villages by horse or ox-wagon and you will be treated to traditional food and dancing. The whole coast is full of forests and beaches for your sons to explore so where ever you stop along the way there will be plenty of places for them to get messy!

Game drives on safari can get a bit boring for younger children as there is a lot of driving about and often the animals can be quite far away or run off quickly so why not treat them to an experience of a lifetime and go on a safari on elephants. There are quite a few private reserves that offer the opportunity to ride about on these amazing animals whilst also keeping your eye out for other African wildlife.

With all of that to keep your boys entertained we also need to think about you! One of the best trips in South Africa is taking in the wine regions such as Paarl and Stellenbosch. A lot of vineyards have children’s play areas so you can enjoy a glass of wine and the stunning views whilst having a bit of a rest!

Amy Pearson from STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane says…

For a really interesting adventure I would recommend starting your trip in Asia, where you can get a stopover in Bangkok for around 10 days.

Firstly take in the major sights of the city and then head up North to Chang Mai. Here you can do a full week volunteering for an elephant conservation project, this is a really rewarding project that I’m sure your children will thoroughly love, it also gives them an opportunity to learn about the animals and gain real hands on experience dealing with them.

Next stop is Australia. I’d definitely recommend flying into Melbourne and taking a day trip to Philip Island. This is home to 23 thousand penguins that descend on the island at dusk, you can organise an excursion to sit on a boardwalk and watch them arrive. You can even get involved with the rangers and help build the wooden box homes that are buried into the ground for the Penguins to live in, in order to protect them and this delicate Eco system.

Next stop, head straight up to Airlie Beach and sail around the Whitsunday Islands, stopping off at the Whitehaven Marine National Park. Spend your next days snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. The pontoon at Knuckle Reef even has a slide and a submerged boat, perfect for children!

Finish your last two weeks in New Zealand, by hiring a camper van and exploring the country, here they can do white water rafting, whale watching and even visit the set of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie.

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