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Can a Holiday Romance Go the Distance?

Holiday romances are common when travelling, the experience can’t help but make us all a little bit more fun, flirty and open to suggestion than we normally would be.

So it’s natural that during those wonder years, months, or weeks, while having the time of our lives away from home, we are more open to falling in love. But, can holiday romances actually go the distance? Can they turn out to be something more than a bit of fun, encouraged by the laid back traveller lifestyle?

I’m a bit cynical myself, so I took my question online, to scout for some real life experiences from our Twitter followers, and got some very intriguing replies. A couple of which will warm the cockles of your heart.

Have you found long lasting love on your travels? Do you think it’s possible, or are you a bit of a non believer? Share your story with the rest of us nosey parkers in the comments box below.

Can a holiday romance really last?

Jade and Andrei

10,549 miles may seem a long way, but for me it was the most amazing year of my life. I began my journey on January 28th 2012, just me, a passport, and rather large (and over packed) backpack. Oh, and a very long plane journey to the other side of the world!

I have never been so nervous, as I waved goodbye to my parents and friends all I could think about was the 25 hour journey ahead of me and how long would I be there. A day? A month? A year?!

Thoughts were racing through my head driving me crazy, would I make friends, where would I live, and what if I ran out of money? After arriving in Australia I joined a tour group, where I met a number of people, and started my travelling adventure. During the tour I met a girl called Natalie and we decided we were going to travel together.

After visiting many different parts of Australia, and having the times of our lives, money was running low and both me and Natalie decided it was time to go back to the real world and start looking for jobs; and there was no better place to do this other than Melbourne.

I registered with a number of agencies and found work pretty quickly, I also worked for the promotions team for the hostel I lived at organising backpacking events. One Saturday night we had a ladies night event at the bar I decided to get the girls together and make it into a girls night out, that night I noticed we had a new chef in the kitchen, after a couple of drinks I decided to head to the bar where I noticed him looking out of the window, he smiled and I smiled back, giggling like a little girl!

I went back to the table and pointed him out to the girls. After his shift had finished he came over to the table and he asked what my plans were for the night, I explained we were having a girly night out but could possibly make an exception if he wanted to come along with us.

Jade and Andrei in Australia.

We had such a brilliant night and agreed we would see each other again afterwards, so a couple of days later we went on a road trip down the Great Ocean Road together, we clicked straight away and spent more and more time together over the next few weeks. Around two months later Andrei had a space free at his apartment and asked if I’d like to move in with him, it was a bit daunting at first and took a while for me to make a decision but I agreed to see how it would go, things were going brilliantly and continued to do so for the next couple of months, my parents came out to visit and again we hit the road and began travelling this time from Cairns to Singapore and then three weeks in Thailand.

When arriving back in Melbourne me and Andrei moved into a new place and things were going well, but after a few months things began to sink in and after my parents headed home to the UK I started to feel home sick and was beginning to miss my family and friends. As my visa was coming to an end, I knew this would be a hard decision if I was to go home, I had met the most amazing guy and didn’t want to throw it away, but I had made up my mind and wanted to go home for the New Year.

I sat down and talked with Andrei and explained I was missing home, he totally understood and said that he would like to come with me, he had never been to the UK so this was a new start for him too. We booked up and on the 30th December began our journey home to the UK just in time to see in the new year, and what better way could I have spent it with my boyfriend and family.

We have been back in the UK now just over a month, Andrei is settled in and we have both found new jobs. 8 months in to our relationship and I couldn’t be happier, every single one of those 10,549 miles was worth it! I would go back and do it all again tomorrow it’s only a small price to pay to find love. As they say ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.’

Jordan and Millie

I’m originally from Australia but I’ve been working in the UK for a few years now. I’d decided to head home to Sydney to spend some time with family and friends for 4 weeks, and met a girl during a particularly sunny afternoon on Bondi beach about half way through my trip after my group of friends and her group of friends got talking. She was on a round the world trip and was coming to the end of a 3 month stop in Australia.

I really hit it off with Millie straight away, she completely stood out from her friends and was so much fun; she had great banter so my friends loved her which, as any guy knows, is a massive bonus!

After a couple of great weeks hanging out around Sydney she was heading off to Fiji with her friends to continue her trip, so I decided to rearrange my plans and go with her. We had a great time in Fiji together but I had to return to England for work and she had to continue on her trip. Once she was back 2 months later we met up and basically continued straight on from where we left off, we both lived in London and soon fell completely head over heels.

Not a true representation of Fiji - believe it or not...

So much so, that a year after we first met we decided to give up our jobs and head off on a mammoth trip around the world. We spent 3 and a half years on the trip of a lifetime together through North and Central America, North Africa, China, Japan, South East Asia and Indonesia before returning to the UK, it was the most incredible time and so great to be able to do it with her.

Unfortunately, once we were back in the UK things didn’t work out, I wanted to get a place of our own and start thinking about our future together, but all that time on the road had obviously made her decide she wasn’t suited to a ‘normal’ existence in the UK anymore, She broke it off just a month after we returned home and is now in India somewhere with a guy that we both met in Australia!

Louise and Stevie

Stevie who is from Edinburgh and I met (I’m from Somerset in England) on the big green bus, otherwise known as the Kiwi Experience, in New Zealand. He’s travelling the world and I’d been away for 6 weeks holiday with a uni friend.

We spent 5 awesome weeks together on the same bus travelling the Funky Chicken route in August 2012. During our time Stevie and I become really good friends, taking part in every activity possible from bungee jumps and skydives to trekking the Franz Josef Glacier, it was awesome, we had such a blast.

By the 3rd week, this crazy experience had allowed for a whole life time of amazing experiences to be crammed into such a small window of time, and it lead to us spending more and more time with each other and to begin dating.

It is odd how 3 weeks in a situation like this can amount to such a strong relationship so fast, never did I expect to fall in love in a month!

Louise and Stevie at Franz Josef Glacier.

After the 5 weeks had to come to an end, we said our tearful goodbyes in Queenstown and I carried on my travels up to Christchurch then flew to Auckland to spend time with my family, leaving him behind to carry on his last few days in New Zealand before heading off to Australia. Soon, I left Auckland and flew to Bali for a sneaky 12 days in the sun with my friend. The first few days Stevie and I were separated were tough we emailed lots and said it wasn’t the end.

Then 2 days into my time in Bali, while I was out for dinner with my friend, (desperately trying to get on the dodgy WiFi to email him back but failing) I looked around to see my friend coming back to the table with two boys behind her. I focused on the boys for a second and saw it was Stevie and his friend Andy!

They had spent just 1 day in Aus before jumping on a 12 hour flight to Bali to surprise me. I was gobsmacked. They had arranged it with my friend and I honestly didn’t have a clue. We spent 10 beautiful days together island hopping, swimming, sunbathing, eating, watching sunsets and snorkelling with turtles. It was the best time ever and sealed our relationship, saying goodbye again wasn’t half as tough as I knew he was the one and we would make it work. I mean a boy that flies to Bali for 12 hours just to see you he has got to be worth it right?!

6 months on and Stevie and I are still together and either talk on the phone or Skype all the time, and in 16 days on the 25th Feb I’m flying over to Melbourne to be with him. I’ve quit my job and have a year’s working holiday visa so I’m going to spend some time with him and then do some travelling at the same time – I can’t wait!

Well, as Meatloaf once said ’2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad’! Thank you all for sharing your stories, just in time for Valentine’s Day. If we’ve got you all in the mood for some more love talk, make sure you check out a recent blog post called How to Flirt in French guaranteed to increase your pulling potential by 1000% (*disclaimer – this guarantee is actually not a guarantee at all more of a guesstimate).

What is your heart telling you about holiday romances? Can they last? Have you got a story that you believe proves it one way or another? Share your own experience below and then, while you’re at it, why not sign up to the blog to make sure you don’t miss out on any posts like this one in the future.
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Showing 12 Comments

  1. Becky Robinson

    After reading the stories about holiday romance I’d like to share my story with you. John and I met in 2006 in Thailand at the end of both our travels whilst volunteering for a Tsunami charity. We met each other the first day that I arrived and got together a few days later on John’s birthday. We had an amazing 3 weeks together volunteering, socialising and partying with everyone that was there. We clicked straight away and had a lot of fun together during this time. When it came time for John to leave we were both very tearful, which was quite unexpected. We agreed that we would see each other again, John is from Ireland and I am from the UK, but I didn’t really believe that we would. I left Thailand 10 days after John and returned to the UK. We kept in touch by email and then over the the telephone. Just 4 weeks after being home I had booked flights to Ireland to stay with John for a week. When it came to seeing John again in Ireland I was really nervous but we just hit it off straight away and pretty much picked up where we had left off. We continued talking on the phone and John asked me if I would move to Ireland. So just over 4 months after we first met I moved to Ireland to be with John and to give our relationship a chance. I have been living in Ireland now for 6 years and we were recently married 4 months ago. So can a holiday romance work? Well I think so as I am proof that it has for us.

    1805 days ago
  2. Alix

    I met Guilhem whilst on holiday in Turkey, he was working in the resort I stayed at and was a real laugh. I knew it was just a short holiday romance as I met him towards the end of my week’s visit. However, once home I couldn’t stop thinking about him and about how much fun we’d had. I decided to call him and stay in touch.

    2 weeks later I was back in Turkey to see him, again assuming it would be the last time we saw each other. He insisted in the taxi on my way home that he wanted to see me again. So again a few weeks later I flew to France where he’s from for a short weekend before he was off travelling in Asia for 6 months. It felt like it was going to be ages, but I bit the bullet one last time and went to meet him in Vietnam for a few weeks a few months after he’d left. This definitely sealed the relationship and now it was his turn to fly over to ME!

    He came to visit me in Surrey, England where I’m from, then followed me out to Nicaragua, and again in South America on a year long trip I was doing. 2 and a half years on from when we first met in Turkey, we are living together in a flat in East London, and planning on continuing our travels around the world, and tagging along whenever possible.

    1805 days ago

    wonderful non comment…I like…..

    1804 days ago
  4. Vicki

    The story of how me and my boyfriend met is one of my friend’s favourite stories, because it really shouldn’t have worked! I was on my first girls’ holiday with my friend, and he was on a stag do in the same hotel – in Magaluf! Hardly the place for romance to blossom…
    We spent the last few days of my holiday by each other’s sides before I had to fly back to the south of England. He was from Glasgow, so I didn’t really think it would work, but he was a really nice guy… we visited each other on alternate months depending on work, and on my third trip up to Scotland I realised I loved him, and he felt the same! We were still 500 miles apart though.
    I moved to Yorkshire (halfway between us!) for a job, and he moved in with me a couple of months later. We are very happy and have been together for two years now! Holiday romances can definitely work <3

    1803 days ago
    • Eleanor.

      Hi Vicki, I’m currently writing an article on holiday romances – Would you be willing to tell me your story as an example? Thanks. X

      1043 days ago
  5. Ashleigh

    Me and my fiance met in Crete in 2005 when we were 15. We only spent a week together but soon fell in love. I wanted it to work but didn’t know whether it would as we were too young to drive and the train journeys were long. He lives in Staffordshire and I live in Birmingham but we did make it work and here we are 7 and a half years later and engaged to be married :) after he took me on holiday to where we met and got down on one knee. My parents and friends love him too and always say we are the proof that holiday romances and love in general can work! :)

    1803 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Thanks so much for sharing your stories everyone, they definitely bought a smile to my face! :)

      1803 days ago
    • Ellie

      I’m writing an article on holiday romances – Anyone willing to share their story please get in touch asap.


      1043 days ago
  6. Laura Jones

    My boyfriend has been travelling for years from America to Europe, Australia and Asia. He met me in my home town whilst he was working on a farm in England in July 2012 and we fell for each other instantly.
    We decided to give a relationship a go knowing that come the end of September he would travel to Asia for a few weeks before returning home to New Zealand approx 14,000 miles away, altogether being apart just over 5 months as he would not return to England until February the next year. He contemplated not going at all and staying until his visa ran out the next summer.. but I pushed him to go as I didn’t want him to miss this amazing opportunity. We stayed in contact whatsApp, Skype and it was very hard but our feelings for each other only grew, distance made us stronger I suppose, made us more determined to make it work.
    But then he came back early for Christmas and stayed with me until he started his job in February. We pretty much live together now and we have got to know each other even more and can confidently say he is my soul mate and I’m sure the feelings mutual.
    I never thought in a million years I’d fall for a kiwi, but I am so happy I did! He is joining me on my travels that we begin together in July and we will end up in New Zealand by September where I will live with him and let destiny takes it course. Anyways I hope this gives anyone hope that if you meet someone and you know it’s a once in a life time love…go for it and live in the moment.

    1798 days ago
  7. Angus

    Hey guys, been going through these same situation. About a year ago, me and two friends travelled from toronto “canada” to varadero “cuba”. It was a spontaneous vacation for all of us, being sick of the cold winter. We finally arrived!! The seccond night we had decied to goto the disco, we had danced a little.. I was getting thirsty so i deceided to get a drink at the bar. As i glance over at the bar, i notice a beautiful girl, i bite the bullet and grabbed that empty spot beside her and ordered my drink. A little conversation striked between us.. She was from “Quebec city”. After that drink, we eneded up dancing and all the other. We hit it off great!! The next night my friend and i walked down to thebsame area in the resort where they had a disco the previous night… Boom there she was again!! Ever since that nught we had met up everyday to soend soaking in the sun! Of course time came and it was time to say goodbye :-( . I felt like there was something between us, i have never had these feelings in my life…. Was ironic, because our flights were just 30 mins apart. We spent the last half hour togeatger. When it was time.. There was some tears involved… I got back to toronto, and couldnt get my mind of this girl. We had been communicating through the next few months.. Things died down… But incan tell you she never got out of my head… Out of nowhere i get a message from her saying she is going to the “dominican repuic”… I said well lifes to short.. Im gonna gonto the dominican and see how it goes… I got ahold of some friends and booked a vacation to dominican… Once again, had the time of my life again!! It has only been about three weeks since i have arrived back home… Valentimes day is upon us.. And all i wanted was to spend this day with her… What do you know, she has booked a flight to come visit me for a few days!! She will be here for valentimes day this year!!.. Im not sure where this will go, but im a strong beliver in God, And feels he has a plan for everyone, so i oray that this will work out for bith of us!! I am a different person when she is around. Wish me luck!! Cheers folks :-)
    P.s im booking a train to see her in the end of march <3

    1079 days ago
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    387 days ago
  9. monica

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