Can You Spot Our Store in the New Cloud Atlas Movie?

There’s no such thing as an ‘average day’ if you’re a Travel Expert at STA Travel, but even by our own standards, having the working day interrupted by the filming of a Hollywood movie is pretty unusual.

Our team at STA Travel Glasgow George Street saw the outside of their store transformed for a part in Cloud Atlas, a big budget movie starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving, based on the book of the same name. Pretty exciting stuff!

Yesterday saw the release of the movie in cinemas and we’re dying to know – did you spot us?!

STA Travel Glasgow Welcomes A Touch of Hollywood

Paul Ayre, one member of our cracking team of Travel Experts at STA Glasgow George Street, shares his memories of the day Hollywood paid a visit.

“I was asked to turn up at 7 am on the Sunday morning they were filming to allow the film team to turned our store into a 1970s, San Francisco Travel Agent. There were loads of big 1970’s American cars driving around and the phone boxes and street signs were changed, it was as if we’d just entered a time warp!

When the filming was taking place there were two extras that were directed to look in the window of the store and then come in (I asked for a role, but unfortunately I didn’t have the 70’s clobber!)

There were a few celebs at filming, I chatted to Hugo Weaving (of Matrix and Lord of the Rings fame), but unfortunately when I tried to approach Halle Berry to sign a copy of the Cloud Atlas book, I was told in no uncertain terms from her “people” to step back. Was worth a shot though!

The scene of the film that we feature in involves Halle Berry’s character leaving the hotel opposite our store and crossing the road. The reason they chose this location is that the road to the right of our store is really steep so has that San Francisco look about it.

All in all it was a great day, it was really interesting to see it all happening and and exciting to see some Hollywood celebs in Glasgow!”

Celeb spots don’t get much better than that! Have any celebrities ever dropped into your work place? Share your stories below. I saw Roy from Corrie once on the escalators at a shopping centre in Bristol during my lunch break, but that probably doesn’t count…