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How much money will I need to travel in Asia for 3 months?

So you have three months. And you’ve chosen Asia. Let’s give 6 weeks to the Southeast (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam). Three weeks to China. And three weeks to India and Sri Lanka.

So how much will this set you back?

How long do you want to spend in Halong Bay?

Remember, this is just a guide and prices are an average estimate (correct at the time of writing) to give an idea on how much you and your bank account need to cooperate with each other. We’ve channelled The Economist, and added in a Big Mac and Can of Coke Index to give you a better idea of how much your pound is worth in each destination.

Southeast Asia

Let’s start with the backpacker fave. Whether you’re a first timer, or a seasoned traveller, Southeast Asia is region that never disappoints in terms of experience; it’s synonymous with being value for money and it has a tonne of must dos and must sees to tick off that bucket list.

average cost of Accommodation in Southeast Asia

Dorm rooms here average £6 per night (but you can get as low as £3.30), so if we’re here for 42 nights, you’re looking at £252.

Cost of Food in southeast asia

Meal on the go: Grab some Pad Thai for or a bowl of pho for about £1
Sit down meal: Three courses will cost roughly £11 for two people.
McDonalds meal: £3.15
Bottle of 500ml water: Roughly 22p
Can of coke: Roughly 34p
Local beer: £1.35

Three low cost meals a day, more or less 6 bottles of water, a couple cans of coke and at least one beer, would set those on a budget back could set aside £6.50 per day for food. This equates to roughly £273 over 6 weeks.

For those that want to push the boat out and have at least one sit down meal (and a few more beers), you can expect to part with £15 per day. For six weeks this totals £630.

a few Activities in southeast asia

Angkor Wat's got to be done right?

If I were to pick, my top 5 experiences in Southeast Asia would include:

▪ Singapore Night Safari fr £31
▪ Explore Angkor Wat, Cambodia fr £52
▪ Tuol Sleng Genocide museum, Cambodia fr £28
▪ Learn to dive on Koh Tao, Thailand fr £199
▪ Cruise Halong Bay, Vietnam fr £193

This totals £503. If you can free up a few more notes and can add on a few more excursions then budget at least an extra £200.


So you want to see the Great Wall, fit in some Hong Kong, saunter around Shanghai? This part of Asia is a tiny bit pricier so you’ll have to make some wise choices when it comes to choosing accommodation and where to eat.

Make some new terracotta friends in China

average cost of Accommodation in china

Dorm rooms here average £7 per night, so we’re looking at £147 for three weeks. Single rooms in hostels average £11 per night.

cost of Food in china

Meal on the go: Grab a portion of noodles for roughly £1.50
Sit down meal: Three courses will cost around £13 for two people.
McDonalds meal: £3.18
Bottle of 500 ml water: Roughly 33p
Can of coke: Roughly 32p
Local beer: £1

So if we’re looking at three meals a day, 6 bottles of water, a couple cans of coke and at least one beer, then those on a budget could get by with £8.00 per day for food. This equates to roughly £168 over 3 weeks.

Stretch the pocket further and have at least one sit down meal per day (and a few more beers), and you can expect to part with £17 per day. For six weeks this totals £357.

a few Activities in china

My top 3 experiences in China would include:

▪ Great Wall Experience fr £87
▪ Beijing by bike fr £52
▪ Visit the Terracotta Warriors fr £11

This totals £152 for three must-do activities in China. If you’re flush with cash, then add on an extra £150.


India and Sri Lanka host some of the world’s best (and cheapest!) food, most amazing sights, and captivating experiences that can be had on this planet. Some say it’s a little overwhelming, but this just makes you want to go even more right?

average cost of Accommodation in india

Rooms vary quite a bit from city to city in this part of Asia, so it’s harder to pinpoint an average. As a general rule, the cheaper accommodation should never set you back more than £6 per night, totalling a minimum of £126 for three weeks.

cost of food in india

Meal on the go: Grab a curry for less than a £1
Sit down meal: Three courses will set you back £6 for two people.
McDonalds meal: £2.18
Bottle of water: Roughly 15p
Can of coke: Roughly 24p
Local beer: Less than £1

So if we’re looking at three meals a day, 6 bottles of water, a couple of cans of coke and at least one beer, then those on a budget could get by with £5.50 per day for food. This equates to roughly £105 over 3 weeks.

For those who have a bit more cash, and fancy at least one sit down meal per day (and a few more beers), expect to part with £7 per day. For three weeks this totals £147.

a few Activities in India

My 3 must do experiences in India include:

▪ Taj Mahal tour fr £40
▪ Cooking lesson fr £25
▪ Visit Sri Lanka’s Dambatenne Tea Factory fr £3

These three excursions in India add up to £68. If you’re willing to Push the Boat Out, and add on a few more excursions then I’d say budget at least an extra £80.

Getting around; Southeast Asia, China and India

Getting around Asia is pretty easy, with plenty of flight, bus and train options. Flying is surprisingly good value, and if you book in advance you can grab a bargain; I just searched for a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and it cost just £11!

A short taxi ride could cost you a £1, whereas a ten mile airport drop could set you back £3. A train ticket from Bangkok to Singapore will set you back £40, and a hop-on hop-off Vietnam bus pass, is roughly £30. China and Japan are a little more costly; a daily rail pass in Japan would average £17, but in India, you’re looking at paying 50p for a three hour journey. Bargain!

Taking a Tuk Tuk ride's a given while in Asia

It’s hard to gauge how much you’re going to spend on travel without knowing your exact itinerary. Remember, you won’t be in one place for too long if you’re going to fit this beautiful and intricate and land into three months, and even though it’s inexpensive, getting around will take up a sizable wodge of your budget.

I’d say on average you should factor in around £10 per day for transport, which will equate to £900 over three months.

So there you have it. Confused? If I add up the minimal costs of the above, you could probably get by on £2700. There’s also the really important matter of visas; lots of Asian countries require these for entry, and unless you’re willing to miss out a few countries, this isn’t something you can cut the cost on. Whack on another £150 for visas, at least.

Lets round this up to £3000, and I’d say you’ve got a realistic and sensible budget for your Asian adventure.

Too much? Too little? Let us know much you’d budget, or how much you did budget, for your three month trip below.
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Showing 141 Comments

  1. Bryan

    How much would it be for 6 weeks in Asia .?

    1695 days ago
    • david

      Probably about 1/2 the price of 3 months (12 weeks!) at a guess!

      1695 days ago
    • Andy

      Bryan – Probably around £1,500.

      I always budget £1,000 a month when I go travelling but after flights and accommodation. Good guide though.

      1695 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Hi Bryan, hopefully the guide above should provide a good, basic, guide to help you work out how much you’ll approximately need, depending on where you’re going. A quick bit of maths and you should have your answer :)

      1694 days ago
  2. Adele

    Good article, but adding the cost of a McDonald’s meal in there? Who would go all the way to SE Asia to have that.

    1695 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Hi Adele, We’re not suggesting you go to Asia and eat McDonalds, the cost of a McDonalds is in there for easy comparison between the costs of living, so you can easily see the kind of price differences.

      1694 days ago
  3. Annie

    Cheers for this great overview. Makes it look more realistic! :)

    1695 days ago
  4. sherri

    We need more articles like this please! Fantastic stuff STA :)

    1695 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Thanks Sherri, keep an eye on the blog for more like this still to come…

      1694 days ago
  5. Rich

    Does this include your flight costs to Asia and insurance etc?

    1695 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      Hi Rich, No. This is just a guide for the cost of living once you have your trip booked…

      1694 days ago
  6. Student

    I spent three months in India last summer and we budgeted 400 pounds a month (not including getting there, visas or insurance). We lived pretty comfortably; food, accommodation, drinks, cigarettes, tourist stuff, shopping, and trains and internal flights. Basically, it’s comfortable living on just over around a tenner a day – bliss.

    1695 days ago
  7. Sarah

    Wow, finally a realistic budget explained in an article, it’s surprising how hard this is to find! Lonely Planet always overestimates and I found it so much cheaper in Asia than it said it would be. I agree with all the numbers in this article, and it proves that travel can be so cheap when you get there and so worthwhile.

    1695 days ago
    • Mike

      Lonely Planet overestimates?! I wish they did! Most of South America is up to 4 times their estimates! Ha!

      1692 days ago
  8. Maddie

    This is so useful- is there one for Australasia? Or do you have any plans to do one? I’m going out next year (with any luck) and could do with having a better budgeting idea!

    1695 days ago
    • Lisa Crowther

      We haven’t done one for Australisia – yet. But keep an eye on the blog… if you subscribe using the orange button near the top, far right, you’ll get an email whenever an article is published so you can be sure you don’t miss a story that’s relevant for you!

      1694 days ago
  9. Sarah

    My husband and I spent 4 months in SEA (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore). We always had a private room and paid between £4.50-£15 per night, but this was usually around £10 for a room.

    You can always travel on local busses and trains for really cheap. Again if you avoid McD’s an eat were the locals eat then food is really cheap; meals were normally no more then £5 for both of us, and cheaper if it was breakfast (which sometimes is included with accommodation). We had the occasional beer but would normally but bottles of water and have a cold fizzy (sprite or coke) with dinner to give us some sugar.

    For excursions we did the the cultural stuff (Ha Long Bay, temples, volcanoes) and avoided the over touristy stuff where possible (e.g. the tiger experience, full moon party etc), just shop around for a good deal, and avoid packages unless you have done your research to know its a good deal.

    Our budget was £1000 per month for both of us (including excursions), flights from country to country were between £50-£100 each (not including flights from home… which we paid about £450 each from UK to Bangkok), insurance we got with STA and was about £400 each for a year (but obviously less if you are going for 6 weeks).

    1695 days ago
    • Zoe

      Hi Sarah,
      I found your comment really useful – my boyfriend and I are planning to travel SEA in October for around 3 months. I really want to see Thailand and Malaysia, but am quite flexible about the other destinations. Would you recommend any countries more than others? And would you fly to Thailand? Any advice you could give would be much appreciated, thank you!

      1686 days ago
    • sarah

      Hi thanks for you insight. Could you share what your total spend was?
      initial flight £450
      £1000/mth= £4,000
      Insurance £400
      **sub total £4,850
      Flights £50-100- How many did you take?
      Any visas, jabs?
      Any other costs?
      Total spend?
      Also, how many days did you spend in each country between flights?

      1616 days ago
    • Bekka

      This is so helpful! We’re going to all of these places in a few months so you’ve really helped us out there. cheers!

      1035 days ago
  10. Joanne Suter

    I’m currently in the Philippines, having spent the last month-month and a half travelling China including Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu, Xian and Shenzhen. The prices above for China are about right for drinks, but way off for food.
    I’m travelling with my boyfriend and a friend we met along the way in Russia and we had a sit down meal every night, bar 1 or 2, and it never cost more than a tenner between us. Choose the restaurants that are busy but probably quite small – they’re usually proper, traditional Chinese food and we did not have a single meal which wasn’t amazing. Honestly, everywhere is super cheap. Also go for the hotpots where you can – not only are they incredible but it costs about 50p-£1 for each dish you add and the portions we’re huge everywhere we went.
    As for the ‘must do tours’, the Terracotta Warrior price is about right – FYI do a bit of background research into them first, as when you get there ALL of the info about them, signs etc are in English – you really don’t need to spend the extra money on booking with a tour. It’s also very easy to find by bus, just ask your hostel for details and the majority of the time they’ll have no problem in telling you how to get there independently.
    Now, the Great Wall – £89????!!!!!!! How they came to this conclusion I have NO idea – we did a beautiful part of the wall, Mutianyu, for about £26 each – this is including transport both ways and the entrance fee!!! PLUS the toboggan ride at the end! It is SO easy to find your way to the wall without a tour – turn up at any bus station and there will be people who offer to take you there and back for peanuts. Do some research online/Lonely Planet guides etc and just pick your spot, then you can work out bus routes etc independently (and save yourselves 60 quid according to this article!!!) Even the tours from hostels were around £45.
    A tip though – in Beijing, the hostels are reluctant to tell you how to find the wall independently if they run their own tours. In fact, one hostel even lied to us and said that the part of the wall we wanted to visit was closed! Bad practice – but do your own research and you should be fine!
    China is amazing, the food is incredible and it really can be done on a small budget.

    1695 days ago
  11. Crikey, I was expecting the final cost to be a lot more. This has made a trip around Asia seem a lot more realistic for me. Thanks for the breakdown!

    1694 days ago
  12. Sally

    Great write up! Anyone have any tips for solo female travellers? Is it safe around S.E. Asia?

    1693 days ago
    • harriet

      Hi Sally,

      I always travel alone and have been round thailand, vietnam, cambodia, india, and africa as a solo female. In my experience you are rarely alone and there are always interesting people to meet and hang out with. S.E Asia is very friendly you just have to be a bit more aware e.g. dont go out alone at night, stay in a hostel that has other people in and use your instincts. You’ll have an amazing time!!!!

      1658 days ago
  13. Dan

    I spent a month in Thailand Laos and Cambodia and I reckon if you’re slightly more careful and don’t have much to spend then you could budget around £650 for a month in those countries. (I spent less time in the big Thai cities which costs more) I still did a load of amazing things and saw everything I wanted to see as well! Overnight trains and buses to get around instead of flights will save money for example and be careful with things like boarder charges we paid extra to get them in advance when we didn’t need to!

    1692 days ago
  14. David

    This article is very misleading to potential backpackers,because it ignores two things the current exchange rates and the level of inflation in these countries.When you know this and are able to compare accurately between the different countries then there will be a huge difference,depending on where you travel.
    The cost of travel in Laos,Vietnam and Cambodia is still cheap,but Thailand is no longer a cheap destination.You will only get currently 44 Baht to a pound compare to over 70 Baht to a pound 5 years ago.That makes travel there hugely more expensive than before.But the ‘backpacking industry’ are failing to tell young people this,they continue to potray it as a cheap destination.when they mention the price of beer,they are giving the price in cheap street stalls,not the price in bars and pubs,which is now in Bangkok often more expensive than in the Uk.

    1692 days ago
    • HI David, you’re right. This article is intended to give a very broad overview of the diversity in the cost of travel in Asia. It isn’t a comprehensive review of every individual country or region.

      1689 days ago
    • C

      Probably because the ‘backpacking industry’ do most of their operations in SE Asia in thailand! I dunno about bangkok being more expensive than the UK for beer though… 2 years ago when i was there (yes i understand its gone up) but it was still around a dollar fifty for a chang in standard bars (although im working off scotland prices which are higher than english ones – around 2.50-3.50 a beer)

      1658 days ago
  15. Anita

    I’m going to South America very soon! Mike, you said it’s more expensive than LP estimates?! EEk!

    Hope I’ve got enough for my intended route Ecuador/Peru/Bolivia/Argentina(Patagonia)

    1691 days ago
  16. simone

    Hi there, i have a budget of around 2,200 pounds, and im wanting to travel around SE Asia. Realistically, how long could i go for on this budget? Also, i will be paying for my flight too within this budget.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!!

    1691 days ago
    • c

      i’d say you could do three months if your nice and tight with your belt (barter your ass off, eat only local food etc.) but easily done if your smart with your cash!!

      See my post below, did 3 months with flights for 2000-2500. BUT if you wanna be more comfortable I think you could do it for just over 2 months with no bother… but you’ll be rushed to get around the big 4 if thats your plan!!

      1658 days ago
    • sarah

      Have you got any key cities, places you want to go?
      How many places do you want to go to/see
      How many days have you got?

      Just seen your post was 75 days ago, Did you go?

      1616 days ago
  17. Jodie

    We have just come back from south east asia, we didnt do it on the cheap and we didnt go over board with expensive hotels so we did it midrange and spent approx 3000 each this included various flights, buses and trains within asia, 3 meals per day and activities
    Iike a mahout course in Laos and the temples of Angkor. Of course you could spend more if you stay in expensive places and you could spend less if you ate street food everyday

    1689 days ago

      How long time did u spend there?

      1588 days ago
  18. Jenny

    Hi everyone, really interesting to read all of your budgets etc. We would like to travel SEA and south America in one trip, has anyone got anyone any experience of this? Also we have Fiji in mind..

    1689 days ago
  19. Yasmin

    I’m going se aisa for 6 months, how much money should I take? (cheap as possible)

    1672 days ago
  20. Vicky

    Great article.

    I’d love to see a similar one for South America, has this been done?

    1659 days ago
  21. Zara

    Myself and my boyfriend have just travelled around India for 1 month and we budgeted and spent 2,000 in that month including visas! We stayed in 2 or 3 star accomodations and had our own rooms and took internal flights and trains wheerever possible. We paid on average £15 – £20 a night for basic but clean accomodation. Activities and temples soon add up at 200 or 300 Rupees per person and you would maybe visit 2 or 3 at a time and then pay the same amount for a tuk tuk driver a day to take you around when you do sightseeing. Meals were cheaper but remember you won’t really be brave enough to eat street food especially in India so forget about £1 a meal. We also didn’t see a coke for less than 50p during our whole time there. Advice to anyone – save save save and budget for things to cost more than you expect as we thought we would save money in India but boy were we wrong :) .

    1659 days ago
    • sarah

      Thanks for your advice.
      How much were your flights?
      & therefore what was the average daily budget (for accommodation, food, trips) & travel wise, how many places did you go? and how many flights did you get.
      Would be really good to get a list of all the places you went & which where the cheapest & most expensive.
      Thanks in advance

      1616 days ago
  22. Erno

    I did a two and a half month SE Asia trip in 2010-2011 for £3000-and spent 3 weeks in Japan out of it. Eat 2 times a day, forget tuk-tuks, don’t get drunk every day and ignore useless souvenirs are help a lot.

    1659 days ago
  23. Danny

    Good to read all the different experiences and this is a really good over view of what you will expect to spend from my experience I spent 3 months in Thailand after only expecting to stay for 3 weeks and spent 2 grand travelling from Bangkok to Singapore in 2006. Asia is amazing Cambodia Vietnam and China I found a lot cheaper and a tip for tours I would give is to get talkin to local people who always double as tourist guides that are very cheap but often better than organised tours after your cash

    1658 days ago
  24. I travelled China and S.E.Asia on £2.5k in 3 months except flights to/from and the visas. i ate very well and got a heck of a lot of sightseeing and activities packed in… See for info if you want tips of what to do (start from Sept12)

    1658 days ago
    • sarah

      I can’t see on your site how much the total trip cost, including flights & visas.
      Have you got a list of all the places you went & the total cost?
      Which were the most & least expensive places you went & what average daily budget would I need.

      1616 days ago
  25. C

    Just a heads up if this seems pricey….

    I did SE Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos) for just over 3 months 2 years ago. We ate well every day, stayed in decent hostels and did A LOT of activities and INCLUDING flights, visa’s etc. spent around £2000-2500.

    came down to good haggling and a bit of savy.

    Eat local food, drink local beer, stay in smaller hostels and share rooms (we got a room for 30cent a night each because we piled 5 of us into a double) and shop around for transport would be the main one :) buses can start at $10 and you can shop around to get it dropped below 5 alot of the time!

    Thats my experience, but again, we were all very stingy with the little things – by no means did this stop us from doing everything thougH!

    I hear thailand prices have gone up a lot though… but in my opinion it was the worst country out of the 4, especially in the south with is over run with tourists = more expensive

    1658 days ago
  26. Nic

    Is this budget intended for 2 people or for one?

    1657 days ago
  27. Eleni

    Me and my boyfriend are traveling Southeast Asia for 2 months in september how much would you say we need to budget for everything for those 2 months? All together Food, accommodation, activities, transport etc etc.

    1623 days ago
  28. please do one of these posts for South America!!

    1618 days ago
  29. Ralph

    How much is a kilo of Mashed potato if India ?

    1600 days ago
  30. Salim

    Me and my wife are going for 4 weeks to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. We want to do midrange, like eating local food and stay at private rooms in ok hotels. How much would we spend??

    1588 days ago
  31. Pingback: How Much Does it Cost to Travel in South America for 3 Months? | STA Travel

  32. robert

    i looking at travelling too asia december this year with a budget of 6000 pound could this get me by for a few months as im planning on trying too get a teaching job out there too if possible . also im looking for someone too travel with as ill be a solo traveller . im planning on taiwan hong kong japan korea and china philippines . any info would be great thank you

    1571 days ago
  33. kayleigh

    Hi ive found the information and peoples experiences on this site very usefull, Im a 21 year old with a 27 year old boyfriend who wants to go travelling in 8 months time and now i feel im making a huge decision as to what i should do, i think i can save around £5k (for everything!) but im worried i wont have enough money to go along with him, i expect we would be doing SEA for around 3 months and then looking to end up in OZ and get a working visa to work over there for around 9 months. I just wanted some advice on how couples manage doing something like this and if im being realistic about money? if anyone has any similar experiences id love to hear your story thanks!

    1559 days ago
    • Jessica

      Hi Kayleigh, I know you left this comment a while ago but I’m pretty much in the same boat now as you were when you posted! Just wondering if you had any tips on saving? Anything at all would help, I hope it all worked out for you :)

      1458 days ago
  34. Ashleigh

    Hi there, love this it’s so helpful! Thanks so much!
    Me (23) and my boyfriend (25) are to go travelling next year for about 6weeks. Want to go to India and Thailand. I live in inverness. How much would flights cost from India to Thailand over there? I would love to add another destination on but looking unrealistic – me and my boyfriend are on a real right budget… £2000 each (including flight from scotland to India) Do we stand a chance? Hoping to go january/febuary 2014. Would love some help…. Looks like accommodation and food is really cheap and not a problem. But I have know idea about flights. And where the best cities (or to add another country would cost. I’m so desperate to go I would live without luxuries and rough It – with in reason. Any help and I’d appreciate it so so much. :) xxxx

    1511 days ago
    • Hey Ashleigh, it’s worth talk to one of our Travel Experts about your trip. They’ll be able to find flights and help plan an itinerary to suit your budget. You can give them a call on 0333 321 0099, or pop into one of our stores (I think Aberdeen or Dundee would be your closest!):

      1486 days ago
  35. bud

    very helpful info, but is there is a site wer ppl meet up or talk if travling own their own or group to meet up.
    cause I have been Cambodia and Thailand and I wanna go again for 3 months. probley own my own or a mate so need more advise what to do how to get around etc

    1468 days ago
  36. Aida

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve found the information provided by so many of you to be so so helpful and would very much like some guidance. Me and my bf are wanting to visit SEA in mid May-August. Our minimum budget is 2.5k and max 4k (better to be safe).

    I only have two important questions…

    1. Have most of you bought a Flight trip to take you
    from each destination eg.Thaliand to China etc or have you bought the flights right there and then

    ( I found this site -> and )

    2. Once you get there, do you immediately find a hostel first or just start sightseeing immediately?

    Those are my two main concerns and any advice would be beyond grateful.

    I hope everyone has had a fantastic experience xxx

    1444 days ago
    • Hey Aida, our Travel Experts can definitely help you plan a trip to Southeast Asia! We can hook you up with flights (check our our own Round the World flights page: , and help you plan any overland trips you’d like to do. It’s best to plan at least your first few nights’ accommodation in advance – good to be able to dump your bags and freshen up before starting the sightseeing. Give us a call on 08009884248 or drop us an email here and we’ll get the planning started!

      1417 days ago
  37. Paul

    Tuol Sleng Genocide museum in Cambodia is stated above as costing about £28. I can categorically state that it will not cost more that £15 MAX, and that includes the tuk tuk ride there from you hotel. I don’t know where they get their figures from. Actually, looking again above, I think all of the ‘experience’ prices are over stated. Most of them can be cut in half, at least. And make sure you book these excursions there, locally. It’ll be so much cheaper.

    One point I will make as well, is that lots of the above prices are for ‘dorms’ and shared rooms etc, which is totally fine, but I can guarantee that after a few weeks in a scorching hot country, the last thing you want to do is be sharing a room with 2 sweaty Indians and 4 drunken Russian vodka louts. You WILL need your own space eventually, it’s just a matter of time, so I would recommend increasing your accommodation budget by about 50% so you can afford yourself a little ‘luxury’ from time to time, for your sanity!

    All in all. A £1000 per month budget (not including any flights) and you will have the time of your life, and not have to worry about scrimping too much.

    Happy Days!

    1429 days ago
  38. Jesse

    Hey me and my wife are looking to travel to indonesia for 1.5 to 2 months we just came back from Thailand and loved it how much money should we bring for midrange travels and where should we go thanks

    1411 days ago
  39. Thomas

    Thank you for this guide, it has given me a really good idea of how much my trip might cost. I’m just hoping that the prices of everything have not changed!

    1361 days ago
  40. Sophie

    I’m thinking of travelling Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam and potentially Malaysia for roughly 2 months. Does anyone have any top recommendations where to go for each of these? Or even, where not to!?
    Also, if anyone can point me in the right direction for what to do about visas when crossing so many borders, that would be great, as I’m honestly clueless. Thanks guys :)

    1341 days ago
  41. Rachel


    I leave for Thailand on 5th April, initially I am doing a Thaintro tour for the first 8days. I have paid for flights and the tour already and plan to travel around Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and possibly Malaysia if I have time.

    Three questions.

    1. How much should I budget per month taking into account that I want to do as much as I can?

    2. Does anyone have any tips/recommendations.

    3. What are the best repellents (I mark very badly when bitten) ?

    All replies very welcome.

    1338 days ago
  42. Jermaine

    Me & my girlfriend are off to SEA (4wks) japan(1wk), china(1wk) & India(4wks) we both like good food & I want more then to look @ temples everyday.
    I would like to take a cooking class & be in amongst local tradition.
    ( I saw you could swim with elephants!!! How cool!!!) I just don’t see the point in going all that way to miss out. It’s just the two of us & I want it to be amazing even if I spend that extra.
    I know it’s hard but just a very rough ballpark figure? How much should I take for us both?
    Plus we’re very hands on, what other great things are there to get involved in???? Any thing & everything.

    1290 days ago
    • Bethany

      Hi, this site seems to have great info but its all for young travelers. Im 44yo and want to take my son (21yo) to SEA for 8 wks or so. Im not looking for 5 star accommodation but i want safe and clean. Im trying to figure out if my flight from the states and back is not included in my budget what am i looking at for 2 people not a couple, obviously, for accomadation, food, drinks, excursions and going out at night as well as travel while there Including any visas necessary?
      Also should i make all travel and accomadations ahead of time or just my initial hotel on arrival for first few days then wing all accomadations and travel??
      Lastly, does anyone know where to get an accurate and good list of places to stay in all different cities and rural areas we would be traveling to so we would at least know what is available in each area we choose? I have never been there and this will be a first big trip for both myself and my son outside north America or the Caribbean. Please help , i can use all the advice i can get!

      993 days ago
  43. how much is it for 1 ticket?

    1196 days ago
  44. Sophie

    I went travelling in India for 6 weeks 3/4 years ago and spent £800 in this time. It is cheap but to make your money last don’t forget to still barter for accommodation and taxi rides as there is always room for movement!.

    1167 days ago
  45. Bee

    This is a great thread with lots of great comments discussion and advice. However I do have to comment that some of the amounts on here seem extremely low? £2000 for 3 months travelling including flights in my opinion is possible, however it doesn’t seem like the best scenario as you would just be surviving with no real extra spend for fun activities, trying new things or doing anything different. Yes you could stay in a dirt cheap dorm and eat and drink very cheap food for very little £’s but it just doesn’t seem like you would be getting the most of of your trip.

    In my opinion money can be eaten up very, very quickly when travelling, additional and unexpected costs always arise! Medical, sun tan lotion, bug spray etc etc. I would rather wait a bit longer to save up just that extra bit of cash that will ensure you don’t have to miss out on any great/exciting trips, after all for a lot of people including myself this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity (not everyone but it will be for a lot of people)

    1158 days ago
  46. jaimie

    Any tips for females travelling solo in these areas or an informative website etc.?

    1135 days ago
    • Leo

      Hi People, I’m Leo from Thailand. I live in Bangkok so I could tell you a bit about living cost in Thailand. However Bangkok and other big cities of Thailand could a bit more expensive than the rest so the cost i’m giving you are based in Bangkok city with low – midrange budget.
      Start with food – sit down meal cost between $1 – $ 2.5 per meal per person.
      Soft drinks/ water – 40 – 60cents
      Taxi meter is really cheap here starting at $1 (From Bangkok Airport to CBD can cost between $10 to $15 max, but there is airport link directly to CBD area but sorry I have no idea how much are they.)
      for 5 stars Hotel cost anywhere between $100 plus and above per night.
      Hostel about $10 per night (private room with aircon ), fan room could be a bit cheaper.
      Shared Accommodation – sorry I have no idea but go to Khaosan Road.
      1st Class Trains ticket Bangkok – ChaingMai – Phuket etc about $50 Max.
      Boat/Ferry about $5 – $10
      Scuba diving open water cost about $300
      I can’t think of anything else now but if you have anymore question feel free to leave a comment here I’m happy to answer any question you may have. :)

      1123 days ago
  47. Leo

    So Monthly expenses you probably need approxmately $855 – $1,200
    Foods $295
    Accommodation $310
    Transportation $250
    Nights out drinks party $200

    1123 days ago
  48. Puujee

    so useful information thanks all :) , i m planning to go south asia (thailand, laos, cambodia and maybe vietnam) and china (bejing) to go around 3 months or more if possible. i have a question that is it possible to find a job (any kind of like teaching english or ) in laos, cambodia or thailand ?


    1121 days ago
  49. Puujee

    ooh sorry, i forgot to say i m nonnative speaker (english)

    1121 days ago
  50. Steve

    Hi every body when i was in the far east many years ago i used to carry cash .is it easy to get local money using cash machines in cities in camboia vietmane burma. thaks for your help. Steve.

    1109 days ago
  51. Jess

    Hi guys I plan on travelling next year with a budget of £5000 does anybody know how long this sort of money will give me in SEA I plan on having quite a strict budget but giving myself allowance to splash on experiences and the occasional nice accommodation.. Retreat in India etc

    1095 days ago
  52. Adam

    Hi Jess,

    What month are you going? I’m planning on going travelling next year with a similar budget excluding rtw ticket, fingers crossed it can last for 11 months yikes :s

    1094 days ago
  53. oliver

    Me and my gf are traveling india, china, burma, thailand, Indonesia. when should i get visas for each other these countries? before we go or while where there. thanks

    358 days ago
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    Else, go ahead and take half, you’ll find yourself worrying about where you can eat, looking at menu’s and wishing you could just sit and eat, rather than pass by and look for cheap food.
    Don’t go on a journey of a lifetime to worry about money, you’ll have plenty of time to worry about money once you’re home,and back to reality.

    341 days ago
  97. Fletch

    *Typos corrected – sorry, typing from a phone*

    After you have booked your flights and visas, I reckon £70 per person per day is a good budget.
    So £140 per couple, per day.
    That’s £4200 per month.
    so £12,600 for a good 3 month trip.

    Might sound crazy, but if you want to actually enjoy yourself 90% of time and worry about money 10% then that’s how you do it.
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