9 Things That STA Travel Give Away for Free

We all love a freebie, and as well as the discounts, offers, price beat guarantee and sales, there are plenty of free products and services on offer here at STA Travel, you just need to know where to look…

Well, I’ll tell you what, to save you the bother, I’ve done the searching for you and come up with 9 things that you can get free from us here at STA Travel.

9 Things You Can Get For Freeeeee

Free Nights

With tonnes of free nights available on a huge selection of our favourite hotels and hostels, you can save those valuable travel funds by racking up a whole host of free nights all over the world, including major cities such as Bangkok, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and loads more.

We have free nights available in hotels and hostels all over the world.

SIM Cards

You may not be interested in the recent Eastenders goings on when you’re travelling, but you’ll definitely want to check in with your loved ones every now and again, just to make sure everything’s OK back at home (and to keep your mum happy that she’s hearing from you every now and again as well).

A Global SIM will make it free to receive calls in over 70 countries and give you great rates on data. You can order your free SIM card on our website now.

Commission Free Currency

Wherever you’re going in the world, and however you’re planning on managing your money, you’re going to need at least a handful of the local currency for your arrival. Good job you can get it commission free then! Plus, you can order it online and get it delivered direct to your door, meaning you can concentrate on the more exciting trip preparations.

Our Travel Experts

Ok, so you can’t take them home and keep them in the cupboard (that would be a little creepy) but our travel agents are fountains of travel knowledge. Highly trained and massively well travelled, they’re here to help you because they love talking travel, and they’re always more than happy to talk you through your trip and help you plan the route.

So come in to anyone of our 47 stores and have a chat and take advantage of some free expert advice and free tips on all the best things to do and see on your travels.

Take advantage of the free travel advice given by our travel experts.

£30 off your Trip!

Book an appointment in one of our stores and not only will you be able to take advantage of all the travel inspiration mentioned above, courtesy of our amazing travel experts, but you’ll also get £30 off your trip, giving you a free £30 straight back in your pocket.

Lot’s of Amazing Prizes!

We love to give away an incredible prize, in fact we’re pretty famous for it. Round the world trips, gift cards loaded with cash and opportunity, trips to the far ends of the world. Entering is free and the reward can be huge, so it’s always worth a go, well, someone has to win.

Right now, you have the chance to win a 14-day trip to India for two including flights – go, go, go!

Free Stopovers

If you’re heading to the Far East or Australasia there are heaps of opportunities for stopovers along the way, meaning tonnes of opportunities to take a break within your break, and who wouldn’t want to do that?! Especially if you could do it for free…

Well guess what – you can do it for free! Ask a travel agent about how you can stopover for free on your next flight.

Why not plan in a free stopover in Dubai?

Places on Travel Talks

When it comes to organising your big trip, we realise how important the research and planning stages are. Sometimes you just want to come, sit at the back of the room and listen as an expert tells the everyone about the huge array of opportunities available.

Places on our Travel Talks are free, and the advice and tips shared could help you create an experience you’ll remember forever. Plus, you’ll get a chance to win some awesome prizes and a free beer or two, so all in all, you’re looking at a pretty good night out for nothing at all.

We’re currently in the midst of a series of Travel Talks that specifically focus on working abroad – reserve your free place now!


We’re here, not only to make you’re travel dreams a reality, but also to help open your eyes to the wealth of incredible travel opportunities across the world, if you’re not sure exactly what your options are – or if you’re very aware but would like a little extra inspiration this very travel blog is here to wet your appetite by offering up some cracking ideas.

You can also pop in to any one of our 47 stores across the UK and pick up as many of our brochures as you like, or if you prefer, download them straight to your computer in seconds – all for, yep you guessed it, free.

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