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High Five… Great Britain!

We may not always have the best weather (ok, almost always we don’t) and we may spend a large part of our day, dreaming about escaping to exotic shores and adventures over the other side of the world, but sometimes I think we don’t realise how lucky we actually are here in Britain.

With some of the most grand and well preserved history in the world, beautiful landscapes able to rival any other you’ll find on the European continent and cosmopolitan cities, full of examples of the very cultural phenomenon’s that help our tiny island lead the way in terms of inspirational arts, music, dance, food, theatre, and architecture.

During this weeks High Five I’m taking a while to stop, reflect, and consider all the amazing places to visit and the fantastic experiences we have right here under our very noses – places that you can often get to during a free weekend.

The Roman Baths, Bath.

Five Experiences you must Embrace in Good Old Great Britain

Wander Through Town…

Britain is full of towns and cities that exude the very best of ‘Britishness’ including the winding country roads, cobbled streets and ye olde fashioned buildings we are famous for all over the world.

Bath, Somerset is one of the best examples of this – a city made up of the most beautiful, sandy coloured, Georgian architecture, it’s also home to sprawling parks and the Roman Baths – the pools of natural spring water we’re officially opened in 1870, it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place to spend a sunny day.

Just 20 miles down the road is Bristol which is without a doubt the most hip city in Great Britain (yes, yes I am Bristolian but it’s true!) Home to drum and bass, cloudy cider and Banksy, this is a city with a seriously cool legacy.

Then there’s Edinburgh. With its famous castle gracefully casting its protectful eye over the Scottish capital from the top of Castle Rock, Edinburgh is one of Great Britain’s most trendy, culture filled, and vibrant cities. Try and visit during the comedy festival for an extra buzz.

Visit Great Britain's capital of cool - Bristol.

…And Country

Great Britain is home to some of the most gorgeous countryside to be found anywhere in the world, it’s what we’re famous for so make sure you get out of the city and explore.

Head to the Cotswolds for an authentic taste of quaint, English county life. Stay in a cottage with a roaring fire and ivy crawling up the side of the brick walls, the perfect romantic weekend away – just don’t forget you’re wellies!

Then there’s the secluded beauty of the Lake District National Park in the North West of England. Sprawling lakes and huge mountains make it the perfect place to be as active or as inactive as you like – if hiking is your thing you’ll find Scafell Pike the highest mountain in England and if it’s not – well, then just enjoy the view – it’d be hard to find better anywhere in Britain.

The Cotswolds represent the very best of British countryside.

Absorb some Culture and History

For a small isle, we definitely pack a cultural punch. It’s what makes this our great nation tick – millions of people passionate about the essence of both old and modern Britain. Head to London and visit the Tate Modern, Buckingham Palace and take in a show at the Royal Albert Hall to be a proper tourist. Then head east to Brick Lane and Shoreditch for a cooler experience with some super hip locals.

Then there’s what is probably Britain’s most famous historical landmark – Stonehenge. This amazingly ancient, prehistoric monument dates back to 2600BC and is thought to be an ancient burial ground, so it’s no surprise that it’s a famous pilgrimage site for spirituals from all over the world. Go for sunrise for the ultimate peaceful atmosphere.

Visit Stonehenge one of the oldest creations in the world - right here on our doorstep.

Indulge in Some Serious Food Glorious Food

We may not be the original home of the Onion Baji, Pad Thai or Sagg Aloo but we have some pretty yummy food for the taking here too. And a lot of the time, we don’t just eat it for the taste – it’s the entire experience.

A few of the best include eating fish and chips as you walk along the promenade of Brighton beach, or taking afternoon tea at the Ritz (go on spoil yourself!) or sampling a famous pie and mash concoction at an east end café in London.
Maybe even scoffing a kebab from the Turkish place in the city centre after a night out. Ok, maybe not.

Cream Tea - Yum!

Visit the Coast

The coastline of Britain is hugely diverse; you can expect a dramatically different experience wherever you go. For example, the famous white cliffs of Dover, stand tall and proud along the country’s South East coast while just a mere 200 or so miles along the road you come to Weymouth, with it’s beautiful sandy beach and traditional ice cream stands and sticks of rock.

My own personal favourite place for some serious beach time has to be Newquay, Cornwall. A huge stretch of sandy meets some of the best ocean to be found anywhere in Great Britain. It’s a big surfers town and you’ll find no better place to spend time surfing and body boarding.

There’s no way I could mention the incredible coast lines of Britain and leave out Scotland. Constantly chosen as the many a tourist’s favourite country in the UK Scotland’s coastline is famous not only for its beauty, but also for what you can find in its chilly waters too – head to the Orkney, Shetland Islands and the Isle of Skye to see colonies of seals with their pups and Minke Whales. Try our Skye High trip.

If you’re keen to explore our beautiful Isle a little more closely, good news! We have a whole heap of adventures that will help you explore the best nooks and crannies of Great Britain.
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  1. Andrew Green

    Quit a good article but I do wonder why, since you’re so keen on Bristol and drum and bass, why you don’t know how to spell ‘bass’ in this context.

    1658 days ago
  2. Andrew Green

    … also, since (presumably) you see yourself as a writer, you need to learn what an apostrophe is for.
    The possessive, in English, is normally expressed by the use of an apostrophe, thus ‘London’s attractions’ or My friend’s drink’.
    The other use of an apostrophe is, eg, “don’t” and “hadn’t”. These are contractions, used to save space or time.
    So, when you write: ” full of examples of the very cultural phenomenon’s”, you are making two fundamental errors – the plural of phenomenon is phenomena, not phenomenons and you are incorrectly using an apostrophe for a plural.
    I expect there are many more examples of poor spelling and grammar in this piece, but I can’t be bothered to look, tbh!

    1658 days ago
  3. Andrew Green

    … typo on my 1st comment – should be “Quite a good article …”

    1658 days ago
    • kaylie fregia

      thats mean to say bc some people do this for a living and there really smart so don’t say rude things

      1295 days ago
  4. Jennifer

    Three words Andrew Green. Get a life.

    1658 days ago
  5. Stephen Rose

    Hang on a second… I totally agree with some of these comments. I am fed up with writers having no idea how to actually write. The grammer and spelling is awful from STA. Also, for a ‘travel writer’ (in the very loose sense of the word), can I just check that you seriously think that Scotland is a county? If you can’t be bothered to get someone to spend 10 minutes proof reading these articles, then I suggest you find someone you can pay to proof read them!

    1658 days ago
    • Stephen Rose

      See… grammer = grammar

      1658 days ago
  6. Jennifer

    I spent my holiday last week in the Lake District, and I am always harping on that the UK is underrated by the travel industry, so I was keen to read an article encouraging people to spend time exploring our great island. But I agree with the comments above – this piece is so flimsy and just comes across as lazy. Come on STA, you can do better than this.

    1658 days ago
  7. Sion

    I don’t usually comment on these articles but this was pretty awful.

    Just to clarify Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so after going to 10 different locations in England (then visiting Edinburgh and any coastline in Scotland. Great attention to detail here) you can’t really say you’ve traveled Britain.

    1655 days ago
  8. Awesome pictures! I have never been the places which you added in your post. In “High Five…Great Britain” you have added all information what i required. Thanks for shraing.

    1653 days ago
  9. Awesome pictures! I have never been the places which you added in your post. In “High Five…Great Britain” you have added all information what i required.

    1653 days ago
  10. kaylie

    this is really cool :) have a nice day every body

    1295 days ago
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