The Best, and Most Scoffable Sweet Treats from Around the World

It’s time to talk about one of my favourite things, food. More specifically, one of my favourite types of food – calorific, delicious, sickly sweet stuff.

One of the best things about travelling is getting to sample different food from around the world, things you may never have tried, or even heard of before, but also things that you may eat quite often here in the UK with either a different or more authentic spin.

With sweets and cakes being one such example. You can go to any shop round the corner from your house and buy something tasty and a little bit sickly, but there are so many more delicious varieties and concoctions out there waiting to be savoured.

To give you a bit of an introduction to some of the yummiest, here is a count down of our choice of the best, and most scoffable sweet treats from around the world.


Here are the best, and most delicious, treats from around the world

Babka from Poland

Babka is a spongy, brioche type cake from Poland that is moulded into an usual pleated, cylinder shape and mixed with raisins and other fruit.

It is traditionally made on Easter Sunday in Eastern Europe to celebrate the rising of Christ.

Pavlova from… no comment

Its origin is fiercely claimed by both New Zealand and Australia, but what is undisputed is how incredible it tastes. You’ve probably eaten pavlova here in the UK, if your mum is anything like mine, then it’s a Christmas favourite, and they’re in no short supply in supermarkets either.

If you’re not familiar, then pavlova is a cake made from meringue packed with fruit and cream at the top and, fact fans, it’s named after famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavolva in honour of her visit to either Australia or New Zealand (the jury is out on which one!)


Sacher Torte from Austria

This dense chocolate cake from Australia with an apricot jam filling has been named the most famous chocolate cake in the world on a number of occasions.

It’s a thick, rich and incredibly smooth chocolate explosion in your mouth.

Barfi from India

Barfi is a rather bland looking, but full of flavour, sweet from India. It’s made from condensed milk and sugar, that’s left until it solidifies into a block and is then cut into chunks.

Don’t be put off by the slightly unfortunately name, barfi is delicious and is often given extra flavour by adding fruit, nuts or spices, in fact, its texture and taste is often compared to that of cheesecake.


Ding Dong from America

Gooey, chocolaty and full of calories – exactly how I like my cakes – making a Ding Dong my American sweet treat of choice.

It’s got a creamy white filling and is covered all over with chocolate icing – a naughty but very nice treat! If you can stop at just one, you’re a better person than me!

Baklava from… lots of places!

Baklava is a hugely popular sweet, that kind of looks like a mini lasagne, and is popular across the Middle East, North Africa, Central and Southeast Asia.

It’s made of sweet pastry on the outsides and is full of nuts, sugar and honey in between the layers. It’s not exactly to everyone’s taste, but it’s such a well known and hugely popular treat amongst locals, that you just have to try some if you come across it on your travels.


Wagashi from Japan

Wagashi is a famous Japanese treat that is designed to look a little like a sweet sushi or dim sum and is traditionally served with tea.

It’s not spongy like a cake, it has more of a marzipan type texture and is made from plant ingredients, sugar and an extra ingredient such as Mochi (rice cake), Adzuki bean or fruit. The strange texture allows the treats to be moulded into different colours and designs, making them the prettiest on our list.

Lamingtons from Australia

An Aussie chocolate cake. The chocolate sponge is covered in chocolate icing and is then rolled in coconut and – for that little bit extra – the cake is usually cut in half and cream and jam is added to each side, like the world’s best, most chocolaty sandwich.


Bienenstich from Germany

A sweet German cake made from yeast dough and caramelised almonds split in half and then filled with vanilla custard, cream or butter icing.

The name Bienenstich refers to how the creator was apparently stung by a bee as he created the cake.

Oliebollen from The Netherlands

My personal favourite on the list, its name might literally translate to oil balls (yummy, not!) but don’t let that put you off, these are the sweetest, tastiest, most morish balls of fried dough you will ever taste.

The dough is made from flour, eggs, yeast, milk, baking powder and sometimes sultanas or raisins. Roll up to a mobile oliebollen van in Amsterdam and ask for icing sugar on the outside for an extra dash of sweetness.

So, there you have it, our choice of the best sweet treats from around the world. Anything criminally missing, maybe you’ve sampled something on your travels that you’re just dying to shout about? If so, tell us about it in the comments box below…