Our Tips for Getting the Best from your Multiflex Pass and the Most Common Multiflex Questions Answered!

When it comes to putting together your flight itinerary, whether you’re plotting a round the world extravaganza, a road trip across the USA, or a volunteering mission to Africa, it’s not always easy to choose your travel dates, and that’s understandable, if not totally expected.

Why should you know how long you’re going to want to stay? You haven’t got there yet! You haven’t explored, you haven’t met the people who will make up your new, travelling family, so deciding how long you’ll want to stay in a place you, as yet, know nothing about is hard. We understand that.

Travelling is all about being free and flexible; doing what you want, when you want, and that’s why we created the Multiflex Pass.

It’s exclusive to us here at STA Travel, and is the perfect addition to your flight itinerary if you think there may be even the slightest chance you’ll want to change the dates of your onward flights when travelling. It has the potential to save you hundreds of valuable pounds on date change fee charges and it’s easy to use – if you get familiar with it before hand.

A Multiflex Pass is a great way to keep your travel plans as flexible as possible.

Multiflex Myth Busting

Here are a few of the most frequently asked, Multiflex Pass related, questions posed to our Customer Service and Social Media teams.

If you have a Multiflex Pass, or are considering one for your trip, take a look and soak up this advice for a hassle free Multiflex experience.

Why is my Flight Change not Free?

A Multiflex Pass doesn’t guarantee you a free flight change, it takes away the agent and airline fees (something charged by all agents and airlines) for making a date change to your ticket.

When changing and confirming a like-for-like, flight change, all costs are covered under the Multiflex Pass. However, if there is a difference in fare or taxes on your new flight, or, if a like for like ticket class isn’t available, then you may need to pay any difference for the change of price band on your new ticket.

Our Global Travel Help team will always seek the most cost effective change for you and ensure you always have two options to choose from when emailing you with new date options.

But I can see Economy Seats are Available so Why am I Being Charged?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as being able to go online, check to see there’s space on the STA Travel website, or the airline directly, in the economy class, and then swapping you onto it.

Here’s why… Economy is split into different price bands, the cheapest economy seats are sold first (and ultimately sell out first), then the next, more expensive price band, then the next, and so on, until the economy section of a plane is full.

When you buy your flight ticket, you will have bought it within one of these price bands, so when you try to change your flight date later on, it may be that the price band you originally booked is sold out, meaning you need to buy seats in the next one.

Your Multiflex Pass only covers changes to available seats within the same economy price band of the ticket you booked – which is why it’s not possible to do a straight swap – if your booked class is sold out on the flight you want to change to, then you would have to cover the difference in fare to the next price band available (which may not necessarily be the next price band up, but possibly a few price bands and, that’s only if your ticket permits that change) or, the Global Travel Help team will look to book you onto the next available flight where there is a space in the same price band as you originally booked (if your ticket doesn’t permit you to change price bands).

I Want to Change my Route, can I do That?

No. A Multflex Pass is a date change pass only. That means it doesn’t support the cost to reroute your ticket. Neither does it cover the cost of changing airline or any other variable, other than the day you fly.

If you want to change your route, our Global Travel Help team can help, but there will be a charge for a new flight.

I’ve Had Second Thoughts About my Timings, Can I Change my Flight Dates with my Multiflex Pass Before I Leave the UK?

I’m afraid not. A Multiflex Pass can only be used on flights that don’t depart from the UK, or where your originating country of departure is outside of the UK.

Who could blame you for wanting more time on a beach like this?!

Our Tips for Getting the Best from your Multiflex Pass

Give as much notice as you can
The more notice you give our Global Travel Help team that you’d like to rearrange your flight, the better chance you have of getting a spot within your original economy price band on the new flight – meaning, you guessed it – no charge!

The closer you get to the time you want to fly, the more likely it is that there will be additional fees.

Be flexible
If you have only 1 date you can fly then you could be stuck with a hefty change fee depending on the availability of the flight – and I’m afraid that’s completely out of our hands.

The more flexible you can be with your travel dates the more room for manoeuvre our team have to get you the best possible outcome.

Consider the Seasons
There are certain ‘high seasons’ for flying, this means times when flights will be more expensive due to high demand for them. ‘High seasons’ tend to be mainly around December, especially Christmas time, and July/August. If you’re trying to change flights within the high season it’s likely availability will be very limited – meaning there is a very good chance you’ll be changing into the highest of the economy price bands and will be faced with an elevated cost to do so.

The key here is to try not to change flights within the high season as much as possible when using your Mulitflex pass, or to give lots of notice to avoid high charges to cover the cost of your new ticket.

Read the Terms and Conditions
Make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of using your Multiflex Pass against the rules of the ticket you have purchased, before you travel. This will help you to use your pass better and understand its benefits and limitations.

You can find the link to T’s&C’s on your travel itinerary, on the card that you get when you buy the pass, or on our website.

Talk to your Travel Expert
When buying the Multiflex Pass our Travel Experts will explain how you use it and will direct you towards the terms and conditions. Talk to them before you buy so you fully understand what you can and can’t do and decide with them if it’s right for you having considered your travel plans.

A Multiflex Pass really is an excellent addition to your flight ticket, thousands of travellers use it happily and successfully every year. If you’d like to discuss whether a Multiflex Pass is right for your trip – contact us now to and talk it through with one of our Travel Experts.