From gorillas to the Great Wall of China – Here’s 6 great value 2 week adventures

Unfortunately, as much as I’m sure we’d all love our lives to be one long travel adventure, for many, it’s all about cramming as much adventure and exploration into one two week holiday (stooopid work!).
If you can only stretch to a 2 week trip, then be sure to make the most of it, cram in as much as you can and see and do as much as possible. The best way to do this is on an adventure tour. A clued up local guide will take you to the very best local restaurants, show you the way to those ‘must see’s’ and make sure you get a very real taste of the area of the world you’re visiting.
So, if you’ve got the travel bug and a limited amount of time, you’ll be interested in our top tours for value for money. When you compare the cost of these trips to how much you actually see and do – it would be hard to disagree that they are 100% worth it. Here’s how to cram as much as possible into 2(ish) weeks…

1. Kenya and Gorilla Adventure

Ever wondered what it would be like to get close to a Gorilla, one of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring species on the planet? Yep, me too, and here is a rare, once–in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal to them in their natural habitat.

But more than just gorilla trekking (just?!), this trip will also take you rafting down the Nile, on game drives through National Parks, cruising on the Kazinga Channel and to the banks of Lake Nakuru.

14 days, fr £1399 – Learn more!


Kenya and Gorilla Adventure.


2. Amazon to the Andes

This is Peru – in one 12 day extravaganza. You’ll get a taster of the very best bit of the country and will pack in some of the best adventures Peru has to offer.

Trek the Inca Trail, explore Cuzco, take in the ruins of the Sacred Valley and join a women’s weaving project, sample the cuisine of Lima, and mingle with the wildlife in the Amazon rainforest. Phew!

12 days, fr £1399 – Learn more!

Amazon to the Andes.

3. Myanmar Adventure

Myanmar is one of those places that often gets lost in Southeast Asian travel plans, but this is a place of incredible beauty and cultural treats.

It’s authentic and atmospheric – a backpackers dream. You can really lose yourself in the feeling of calm that takes you over during a visit here and 2 weeks is the perfect amount of time to get a mind altering taster.

Wander the streets of Myanmar’s biggest city Yangon, explore the temples of Mandalay, float down the Irrawaddy River, relax at Inle Lake and take in the fascinating monuments of ancient Bagan.

14 days, from £1549 – Learn more!

Classic Burma Adventure.

4. Highlights of Morocco

This taste of Northern Africa will help you to sample every aspect of Morocco from the hustle and bustle of thriving Kasbah’s, to the extreme elements of the Sahara desert, to the dramatic landscape of the western coastlines. The perfect way to embrace what this North African county is all about.

Enjoy a camel ride in the Sahara desert, stay overnight at a Berber camp, mingle with the locals in Fes and Marrakech medinas, walk through local farmlands to Todra Gorge, you’re your cooking skills at a tagine cooking class and laze on Essaouira beach.

12 days, from £1749 – Learn more!

Highlights of Morocco.

5. Highlights of China

China is one of the most intense places you will ever travel, it’s huge, it’s crazy and there’s so much to take in. That said, it’s also one of the most intensely fascinating, and will prove to be a thrilling experience you will never forget.

Let’s be honest, in a country the size of China, 2 weeks is only going to scratch the surface of what it has to offer, but it’s absolutely more than enough time for you to fall for it – hook line and sinker.

Be amazed by the bright lights of Shanghai, Cycle through Yangshuo, cruise the Yangtze River, Visit the ancient Xian Terracotta warriors, be astounded by the scale of the Great Wall and bask in the beauty of Beijing’s Forbidden palace. Oh, and then there’s the food, you’ll be dreaming of it for years to come – trust me.

14 days, fr £1449 – Learn more!

Highlights of China.

6. LA to the Bay

The USA supersizes everything – and that includes adventure! California is the best place in America to experience the many different faces of the US. While the big cities may take the crown when it comes to attracting the tourists – and are of course total unmissables – there is so much more to discover, and this trip will help you do just that.

Hike the Grand Canyon, road trip down the iconic Route 66, hit the slots in Vegas, Make the most of picturesque Lake Bass and the Joshua Trees, get back to nature and take in the jaw dropping beauty of Yosemite National Park, try and surf on Santa Monica beach, L.A. and fall in love with San Francisco – everyone does.

11 days, fr £1499 – Learn more!

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