Ask the Experts: Where’s best for my next ‘Off the beaten track’ adventure?

Let’s get rid of the Monday blues with some top-notch advice; it’s Ask the Experts time! This week’s question is from Alex in Brighton, who wants to know where to go for his next ‘off the beaten track’ adventure…

Hi Experts, I’ve just come back from an amazing trip to Myanmar and already thinking about my next adventure…I like places that are a little ‘off the beaten track’ and not too ‘touristy’. Can you suggest anywhere you think I should consider going next?

Great question, Alex! This is something that gets asked a lot in store, so I’m sure they’ll be loads of you out there who are eager to see what our Experts have to say. Lucy from STA Travel Leeds is stepping up to offer some pearls of wisdom…

Can you guess where it is yet?

Lucy from STA Travel Leeds says…

There are so many places to choose from! I would say one place that is very high on my list is Ethiopia. There are so many beautiful temples and churches from the dawn of time, and Ethiopia is a country so rich in culture and history, you will never be bored.

Head north to experience the capital, Addis Ababa, the incredible Blue Nile Falls and the beautiful Lake Tana. You will find lots of temples, churches and monasteries up here which are well worth a visit, along with Fasiladas castle, bath and gardens.

Ethiopia's Blue Nile Falles

You should definitely spend a few days hiking up the Simian mountains for amazing panoramic views. You’ll really get a feel of ‘living with locals’ whilst you’re trekking.

Southern Ethiopia offers a totally different experience, with archaeological sites and lots of national parks. Take a trip to the Borena region and Yabelo National Park – you can even stop for a bit of bird watching on Lake Ziway.

Experience true Ethiopian culture

On our Ethiopia Discovery trip there are lots of opportunities to visit local villages and really immerse yourself in the culture and customs of this fantastic country. I would say this is a ‘must – do’ as you won’t be able to get experiences like this travelling independently.

I would head over to Ethiopia quickly as I am sure this beautiful country won’t be such a secret for much longer!

Another week, another great tip from our Travel Experts, thanks Lucy! Send us your questions for our Travel Experts now, and we’ll get it answered in a future Ask the Experts blog!