Turn your stopover into a start-over

A necessary evil to fly for the best price, stopovers are often best forgotten. Unless you enjoy sleeping on the cold, hard floor of an airport waiting lounge of course. But why not treat it as an opportunity? With a little know-how, the humble stopover can become the start of something amazing.

Stopping over on the way to Australia offers a world of opportunities – from beautiful tropical islands, to buzzing cities, to jungle treks, there’s something for everyone. So break out of the airport and experience life beyond the runway – it’s easier and cheaper than you think.

Awesome detours en route to Oz

Relax in Dubai

Nowhere does it quite like Dubai. Flying into the place is an experience in itself – futuristic high rises pierce the cobalt blue sky over a buzzing metropolis, and of course, there’s that huge palm tree-shaped development (Atlantis The Palm) sprawling out into the ocean.

That huge palm tree-shaped development aka Atlantis The Palm in Dubai

Dubai is a great place to go shopping for any last-minute essentials like designer handbags (OK, window shopping) and hotel beaches and parks are meticulously groomed. Nightlife is buzzing here and the hotel bars will give you a taste for the latest cocktail recipes. We have some amazing hotel deals for a splash of luxury on the way to the Outback, so why not indulge before you don your backpack?

Experience Indonesia

Break up the long haul flight and get in touch with your spiritual side with a stopover in world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia. Made up of 17,504 islands, including top holiday destinations like Bali, Lombok and Java, Indonesia is a tropical paradise of nature and culture, exploration and relaxation.

Surf's up in Bali

You don’t need to be there long to discover that Indonesia is full of contrasts; from active volcanoes and plunging waterfalls to lively markets and the tropical Gili islands, no two islands the same. To get a real taste of Indonesia head to Bali and its lesser-known neighbour Lombok. These two great islands are packed full of beach escapes, volcanic treks, crystal clear waters and busy but friendly market towns. Take one of our Indonesian tours or head to the heart of Indonesia – the vibrant city of Jakarta.

Whether you want to kick back and relax in a beach-side resort or take a tour of the islands’ rugged natural landscape – we have your Indonesia stopover covered.

Explore Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore

If you have two weeks to spare, you can fly into Thailand and out of Singapore, packing in some of Southeast Asia’s highlights while you refuel. From the gorgeous beaches in Thailand to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, our Bangkok to Singapore on a Shoestring tour has it all.

Take in the treasures of Asia on your way to Australia

Make your trip go off with a bang in Bangkok. Absorb the bustling atmosphere, try the street food, and meet the locals before partying well into the night. For your beach fix, the island of Koi Samui is the definition of paradise. Then head down to Malaysia to explore the historic city of Kuala Lumpur. This tour finishes up in sexy Singapore, where you can prepare for the real thing a night safari bush walk experience.

Take in Tokyo

The remote control toilets of Narita airport in Tokyo will be enough to send you leaping to the arrivals lounge. This crazy, beautiful, unfaltering city is worth every second of your attention. From the rattling Pachinko arcades to the cute Harajuku girls to the Shibuya nightlife, Tokyo needs a least a couple of days to do it justice. The food is incredible too – sushi is how it should be, cheap and plentiful, with locals quietly stacking up their tiny empty plates throughout the evening. And the noodles are slurpingly satisfying.

Marvel at Mt Fuji en route to Oz

For all its modernist mayhem, Japan is also a very spiritual place. The ancient Shinto shrines are perfect places to unwind – and get a blessing for the next leg of your journey. Nip onto the super-fast Bullet train to glimpse the mighty Mount Fuji and explore Kyoto, famous for its Geisha girls, before the beautiful shrines, relics and gardens in Nara.

Feeling inspired to build a stopover into your long haul trip? If none of these above take your fancy, how about island-hopping in Fiji, hanging out in Hong Kong or kicking back in LA? Whatever you feel like, one of our Travel Experts can make it happen. Find a store or email us to find out more about stopovers