Is This the Best Job in the World? What Life is Like as a Park Ranger In Queensland

Remember Australia’s Best Jobs in the World competition from last year? Of course you do, everyone does. 6 amazing job opportunities in 6 beautiful and diverse corners of Australia. Brit Rich Keam won the job as Taste Master in Western Aus, we’ve already bought you his story. Today, we catch up with 29 year old Elisa Detrez from France who bagged the job as Park Ranger in Queensland. Lucky her. (Understatement of the year).

Prior to winning one of the Best Jobs in the World, I was living in Paris and working as an online marketer for Club Mediterranee. Then, one day in March 2013, I decided to try and change my life and applied for the Best Jobs in the World competition. After securing one of the Best Jobs in June 2013, I started my incredible journey as a Park Ranger in August 2013 in Queensland.

Jungle Surfing. Image by Maxime Coquard.

What made you want to apply for one of the Best Jobs in the World?

I saw this amazing job opportunity on Facebook and I didn’t think it twice before applying. It was the dream – my dream – to quit everything and leave for Australia, a country I had been loving since I was a kid. Most of all, it was for fun as I never expected to win such a competition! Somehow, I made it to the final stage in June in Australia. Once Down Under, a series of challenges and interviews awaited me. I gave everything I had to win my dream job and I can honestly say that I will never ever forget the day I heard my name announced at the winners’ announcement.

What happened when you found out you had the job?

I had one month to say goodbye to my family and packed my stuff for this once in a lifetime experience! I was overexcited, more happy than ever, and also very proud, (although not as much as my family were!)

I loved Queensland at first sight: its warm weather, the hospitality of the locals and the feeling that everything would be possible here. I was now a Tourism Ambassador in Queensland and it feels great!

Mon Repos Turtles. Image by Maxime Coquard.

What have been your favourite experiences in Queensland so far?

I’ve done so much! Below are a few examples of my favourite experiences so far, in Queensland as Park Ranger:

• Jungle surfing in The Daintree, the oldest tropical rainforest in the world at over 200 million years old!, and inspired James Cameron for his movie Avatar.

• Going on a 4WD road trip to the very top of Australia Cape York, stunning wild landscapes, beautiful virgin waterfalls, turquoise beaches and red earth: a colourful mix!

• Diving the Great Barrier Reef, finding Nemo and friends and learning about the coral with the other rangers.

Areal view of idyllic Whitehaven beach. Image by Maxime Coquard.

• Witnessing the nesting and hatching of the turtles with the rangers at Mon Repos Conservation Park. This experience is a unique natural encounter I won’t soon forget.

• Cattle mustering in the Outback at Cobbold Gorge (Robin Hood Cattle Station).Up in the air in a tiny helicopter without doors, chasing the cows and doing 360 between trees, it was mental!

• Flying over the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsundays aboard a seaplane and seeing the Heart Reef from the air. Realising that Whitehaven Beach is even more stunning from above, incredible!

• Participating in a bird survey with the rangers on Michaelmas Cay, a sand cay of the Great Barrier Reef: simply a postcard!

What is life like for you now and what do you think the future will hold for you after your placement comes to an end?

Life is just awesome! I wake up every morning excited about the day ahead. There is no two days the same and it seems that one month flies as if it’s one day!

Queensland is an awesome State with great places to visit. I especially loved exploring Moreton Island (just off Brisbane) with a 4WD. I can’t believe this island is not more famous – It has it all!

Bathing in Twin Falls. Image by Maxime Coquard.

I’ve also fallen in love with the red country near Rockhampton where I spent a few days at a Myella Farm Stay. I lived the Aussie Outback Lifestyle: riding horses in the red fields surrounded by the gum and bottle trees, milking the cows, going for a sunset ride on a motorbike and bottle feeding baby kangaroos.

This Best Jobs in the World experience made me realise there are many opportunities out there for those who dare and follow their dream and passion! I’ve discovered a true interest in being a travel reporter and I can easily imagine myself as a travel journalist one day.

After this kind of experience, I don’t think it will be possible to go back to my previous life…

Why would you recommend people come to Australia and take a working holiday

Australia is an amazing country, full of surprises. I think the Working Holiday Visa is the best way to visit Australia: it’s a chance to escape from the routine for one year, learn from another culture about a new way of thinking, to live a totally different lifestyle, make new friends and feel adventurous!

You can follow Elisa’s adventure in Queensland working in one of the Best Jobs in the World on her Facebook page, on her website, or by following her on Twitter at @Elisaparkranger.

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