Are You Extraordinary? Jack Wills and STA Travel Want You!

‘Standing out from the crowd’, ‘doing something different’ and ‘pushing yourself to go further’, just a few of the mantras that STA Travel was built on, and has since promoted for over 35 years.

Now, we’ve teamed up with Jack Wills to promote these virtues and celebrate the talents of amazing young people in the UK, as part of their Young Brits competition and reward their impressive, proactive achievements with some, quite frankly, blooming brilliant prizes.

To find out more, head over to the Jack Wills website, or if you want some insider tips on what kind of thing the judges will be looking for, check out the video below.

What now?! Here’s how to apply…

Our CEO John Constable (aka, the STA Travel big boss man) has been invited to join the judging panel of experts that will be choosing 8 people between them, to win a host of amazing prizes, including £5000 cash, a photo shoot, a mentoring opportunity, and an epic round the world adventure – provided by us.

John will be stepping up to judge the ‘endurance’ category, alongside acclaimed travel writer Paul Clammer, so we took the opportunity to grab him for a quick grilling, including a sneaky question to suss out exactly what he’ll be looking for in a winner himself.

John, Why are you supporting the Young Brits Programme?

Because I believe that it’s crucial for new talent from all walks of life to have a stage, and the Young Brits programme provides that stage. If we celebrate innovation, it will flourish.

What are you looking for from applicants to your specific category?

I’ll be looking for someone with a bold vision, who has taken an educated risk to deliver something truly spectacular. If they’ve led a team and their achievement has benefited others, then even better!

Why should someone apply to the Young Brits Competition?

Because it’s an excellent chance to propel yourself to the top of the pack, build your CV and access unique mentoring sessions where you can showcase your potential even further.

If you've done something extraordinary, enter the Young Brits competition and you could win a trip round the world!

Are you proud of your success, or efforts, to accomplish something remarkable? Or, maybe you know someone extraordinary who you think deserves to be rewarded for their achievements. Either way, you’ll want to know the requirements and how to apply right? Right! So here you go:

• You’ll need to be aged between 16-25
• You’ll need to be British
• Your accomplishment will need to fit into one of these four categories – Creativity, Enterprise, Innovation or Endurance

And that’s pretty much it. The good news is that the competition is wide open and everything else is up for consideration.

This is an incredible opportunity to recognise and reward some of the UK’s most inspiring and hardworking talented young people and we’re proud to be a part of it. If you’re planning on applying. make sure you do it by 15th May and good luck!

To find out more, including how to apply for Jack Wills’ Young Brits competition for 2014. Head over the their website now.