5 Essential Travel Apps for the Modern Traveller

STA Travel’s Digital Marketing Manager Josh TaylorDadds shares his top travel apps.

Passports, tickets, different currencies, language barriers, time differences —there’s a lot to contend with when you travel, and that’s before you’ve even worked out where to stay and explore once you hit the ground. Thankfully for the more organisationally challenged amongst us, technology is stepping in! Download these apps to your smartphone and spend less time fumbling around for maps and booking confirmations and more time, well, exploring.

So which apps do you need to download before you hit the airport?



Tripit is an awesome little app which scans your email inbox for any email confirmations for flights, hotels or tours, and then stores all the information you need for each stage of the trip in the app. Think of it like your personal travel organiser. As well as automatically using any confirmations from your inbox , you can also manually enter any events or trips that you don’t have in your email. A great way to make sure you have anything you might need on your trip, all in one place at your fingertips. (Available on iPhone and Android)

Pin Drop

Built for people who like going for a wander, Pin Drop allows you to explore peoples’ suggestions of places to visit around town as well as drop GPS pins yourself on the hotspots and recommendations you’ve discovered whist exploring. So you can find that amazing Thai street food stall again, and spread the word to other travellers too. (Available on iPhone)


Everyone needs a currency calculator while they’re roaming the globe, and there are certainly enough off them out there to choose from. But XE is my pick. It’s free, easy to use, includes every currency in the world, and comes in 11 languages (not that you’ll need all 11 of them, but y’know). The app also saves the latest exchange rates so you won’t have to pay for data just to check how much dinner costs. (Available on iPhone and Android)


Technology may constantly be giving us ways to make travelling easier, but it’s no good to anyone if the data charges cost the same as your trip. Step forward, Onavo. It’s a genius app which reduces how much data your phone uses whilst doing the essentials like checking email or updating Facebook. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi squatting in a Tokyo McDonald’s and sayonara to ridiculous phone bills – just don’t ask me how it works. (Available on Android and iPhone)

Google goggles

No one likes to feel like a total tourist – guidebook out, trying to ‘get in the map’, Joey-from-Friends-style. Well, thankfully, Google Goggles means that when you stumble across a point of interest or something you want to find out more about, the guidebook can stay firmly in your backpack. Just switch the app on, hold your camera at the landmark and peruse away through Wikipedia articles and Google entries. Instant tour-guide quality knowledge, minus following that woman holding an umbrella. (Available on Android and iPhone)

So now you know how to make your travels a whole lot easier, the next step is deciding where to go! If these handy tools have you hankering after your next trip, check out our hot travel deals now and get booking. Oh, and don’t forget the most important app you need to download before you go away – ours!