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Meet your multi-stop – On the Rum

Multi-stops are the backbone of many an incredible journey, and here at STA Travel we do them better than anyone else with exclusive flexible tickets, innovative routes, the freedom to travel overland and prices you can’t find anywhere else (hence the “exclusive” part).

This time we’re taking a look at one of our more unusual multi-stops, On the Rum. There’s no need to head all the way round the world when planning epic adventures, take the chance to get under the skin of one area, brush up on your samba and visit 8 countries in one go! Meet your multi-stop….

On the Rum multi-stop

On the Rum


Why stop?

This sea-side city is the epitome of European surfer chic with one foot still firmly in the glory of its past. You can jump on a wooden tram (carefully), take in the views on the beautiful hills or grab a drink on one of the many rooftop bars.

What to eat?

Custard tart is traditional but if you’re looking for something a little less Bake Off (gasp) then be sure to try the local seafood delicacies – every restaurant has it’s own special dish and they’re usually just that!

If I see one thing?

Take a ride on the number 28 tram, it travels through some of the most scenic parts of the city and you can save your feet for the inevitable cafe crawl later. Fine, bar crawl. You’re clearly cooler than us.

Rio – Overland to – Santiago

Why stop?

This is one of the most famous overland routes and with this flight route taking you into Rio and out of Santiago the rest is totally up to you! If you’re not sure where to start check out some of these classic routes.

What to eat?

In Brazil be sure to try the coxinhas, street food at its deep fried creamy best. If you head into Argentina then steak is a must and when you rock up to Chile be sure to try a completo, the hot dog of the gods.

If I see one thing?

Assuming you’re taking in the sights of Rio and Santiago, in between you can’t miss Iguassu Falls. It’s a roaring, thundering, inspiring and downright amazing series of waterfalls and well worth a couple of days of anyone’s time.

Iguazu falls

Then you can be as smug as this parrot.


Why stop?

Colombia is becoming a hot-spot for travellers looking for a new part of South America to explore. Bogota itself is a brilliant cultural hub but if you can, head north to the beaches of Cartagena and the coffee region of Manizales.

What to eat?

Glut yourself on as much tropical fruit as you can! You wont know what most of it is but that doesn’t stop it being delicious.

If I see one thing?

Travel up to Santa Marta and then trek through remote jungle past indigenous villages, sleeping on hammocks under the stars, to the ancient ‘lost city’ of Perdida.


Bright, beautiful Cartagena

Lima – overland to – Quito

Why stop?

Another classic overland route and there’s just so much to explore. Go south first if you fancy conquering the mighty Machu Picchu (if you’re over your lost city trek by then!) and then north to the beaches of Huanchaco. In Ecuador don’t miss Baños for hiking, rafting and a (hot) chill out in the thermal springs from which the town takes its name.

What to eat?

We’re going to cheat on this one and say drink because the pisco sour just shouldn’t be missed!

If I see one thing?

A couple of nights with a local community in an Amazonian homestay in Ecuador will be an experience you’ll never forget.


Why stop?

Caribbean sunshine, classic cars, beautiful architecture, rum and very few Americans…what’s not to love about Cuba? (Sorry guys, we’re only kidding!)

What to eat?

Cuban food is pretty much the definition of a beautiful mess with influences from Spain, Africa and the Caribbean and even some input from China! If you’ve got a sweet tooth try pasteles which are made from fruit and so healthy right? Be sure to grab some Cuban bread too, it’s made from lard so somewhat less healthy. Probably.

If I see one thing?

Get away from the coastal resorts and go south to the pristine beaches and clear waters of Maria la Gorda

Maria la Gorda cuba

Oh god just get us there now,

Mexico City

Why stop?

It’s great value for money with a brilliant street food scene and the perfect jump off point to explore the rest of the Mexico and beyond. For (yet more) beach the towns of Ixtapa and Acapulco (go loco!) are a must and for a bit of history the pyramids of Teotihuacan are just 30 miles away.

What to eat?

Pambazos (bread rolls cooked in chilli sauce and then filled with anything you fancy) are totally delicious and chicharrones (pork rinds cooked in lard) perfectly demonstrate why Mexico has one of the highest obesity rates in the world!

If I see one thing?

The Palacio Nacional de Mexico is a great place to get under the skin of the city and discover some of its incredible history, both ancient and modern.

Mexico City

On the Rum float your boat or got you thinking of your perfect multi-stop adventure? Check out some of our favourite routes or drop in and discuss your big trip with us.
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  1. Kai Pidgeon

    Would love to do this! However I won’t be able to get enough consecutive days off work to do it all though

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