What job can I get with an Australian Working Holiday Visa?

When it comes to working holidays in Australia one of the most common questions we’re asked here at STA Travel is: “What kind of job can I get?” And (because life is like that) it’s also one of the most difficult to answer!

To lift the lid on this poser we’ve asked 5 STA Travel bods to f us in on their lives Down Under to show off the good, the bad and the downright wacky jobs available in Oz…as well as some tips on how to get them. Buckle up, this ride ain’t always a smooth one!


Well it beets Bognor

What job can I get with an Australian Working Holiday Visa?


I did my working holiday visa a couple of years ago and I got a job on the Sailing Yachts around the Whitsundays. I was a host and a deck hand of the yachts so I cooked, cleaned and helped sail the yachts around the stunning islands. It was an amazing job and I got to scuba dive on my lunch break and ended up with an amazing suntan from spending everyday outside. I’d never worked on yachts before either so it just goes to show it’s all about right place at the right time!

whitsundays sailing

Krystle (and a leg) sailing the Whitsundays

Lucy Dellow – Milk Man

So fresh off travelling the East Coast I was in much need of some cash to keep my Aussie Dream alive. Then I came across a job to make over $1000 a week for being a milkman –easy right? Unfortunately being a milkman in Australia involved going door to door trying to get unsuspecting Aussies to sign up to my all Australian organic milk scheme (quite a hard sell from an English backpacker). OK, I lasted 2 weeks, made 2 sales and got the door slammed in my face more times than I can count! But along the way, I meet some amazing friends that I lived in Sydney when I got my more permanent job in a juice shop. Plus got to keep the milkman t-shirt.

lucy in australia

Sarah Gray- office temp work

It’s not all about mucking out pigs and serving drinks – I worked in an office! I’d used a recruitment agency in the UK who had a global branch so when I told them I was moving to OZ I looked them up and…bingo. I worked for an insurance company in Melbourne and surprisingly lots of other other backpackers did too so it was great for meeting people. With a working holiday visa you can only work for one employer for a maximum of 6 months but you CAN work for the same recruitment agency, so when that rolled around they just found me a new position.

Sarah on the Great Ocean Road

9-5 may sound boring but I had my evenings and weekends free to see Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, the Great Ocean Road and more! I’m from Wiltshire so obviously, I also visited a lot of rooftop cider bars. I spent most of the (pretty good) money but my tax refund went on travelling the West of Oz.

Darren Colledge – Sports coach

I was already in Oz and searching for jobs in hostels when I came across a job as a sports coach. Working outside and playing sport, win, win I’d say. I phoned the guy who was English and he explained what it would entail, basically working in the suburbs of Sydney with kids aged between 4-12. He invited me to come along for a day (paid, brilliant) and see how I got on and all went well and I got the gig! On the whole the kids enjoyed it and we played all types of games and sports. The hours were 8-4 and I was on about $18 an hour, that sounds pretty good but back in 2005, the pound was a lot stronger so it was only about £7 whereas now that would be about £12. The money I earned didn’t help my travelling as (***classic travelling lesson here****) I blew most of it drinking in Sydney!

Helen Wheat – Gaming Girl

I worked in a hotel in Sydney when I was 18 years old – and as you can see from the photo the uniform was horrific!

Gaming girls

I worked with my best friend Kristy and our job title was “Gaming Girls” – I promise not as bad as it sounds! New South Wales in Australia is second to Las Vegas for gambling and if you go into any bar or hotel you will find a pokey machine. It was mine and Kristy’s jobs to make sure everyone using the machines had drinks and food and we would also give out their winnings. There were a few odd characters and working there until 4am every night was pretty tough – but it was very fun for my first job in Australia!

Has this snapshot of the good, the bad and the not quite so beautiful jobs out there got you wanting to start your own Australian adventure? Check out our cheap flights to Australia and get this show on the road!