9 Romantic Experiences in Thailand

Today’s blog comes from Jay, our Tailor Made Asia Expert who’s travelled extensively in the region including time in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam as well as a stint living in Cambodia.

With the dreaded hotly anticipated Valentine’s day just around the corner, romance is on my mind (what can I say, I’m soft like that). Combine that with our friends at Bridge the World giving away a Tailor Made trip for 2 to Thailand with the winner (hopefully) announced on February 14th and there’s no wonder the title of this blog sprang to mind.

Massive disclaimer – the activities here would be great with or without a significant other. After all, who wants to share their lovingly prepared Tom Kha Gai with anyone, beloved or otherwise?

9 Romantic Experiences in Thailand

Up and up early

Getting up in the dark is something that should only really be considered for 2 reasons: A. you’ve got to catch a flight to somewhere fabulous and the excitement makes it worth it or B. To see a sunrise. The morning hot air balloon ride just outside the city of Chiang Mai, looking over the jungles and temples of Northern Thailand, is such a beautiful sight that it’s more than worth sleeping off that early start with a day by the pool. Hard life.

A birds eye view

Take a short climb up the footpath from the beach on Koh Phi Phi and take a seat on the rocks over looking the limestone mountains. It gives you a great opportunity to see the entire island at once and look at that spot on the beach where you’ve been lying all day. Grab you and your partner in crime a cold drink and watch one of the best free shows in the world.

A scrub behind the ears

Take a day trip (or stay a week if you can) to one of the many Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand and lend a hand taking care of these fascinating animals. Help prepare meals, wash and learn how to care for the animals. Personally I don’t think there is anything more romantic than washing your big eared, grey skinned and slightly hairy friend…together.

Reaching new heights

Either for the opening or closing number of your trip, a drink on a rooftop bar in Bangkok is the way to do it. There are 20+ of these in the metropolis that cover a large price range but all offer spectacular views of the city. Weather it’s a three course dinner you’re after or just a cold beer, this is a great way to see the vibrant city from a completely new perspective.

Up the creek

Take a 2 night, 3 day private luxury cruise. You leave Bangkok on your own beautifully restored rice barge and head north. On your journey you will get the chance to visit some of most impressive temples in Asia as well as relax and watch the luscious greenery of the Thai countryside pass you by. With your every need being catered for on board you need not lift a finger.


To the west of Bangkok close to the Burmese border lies the River Kwai.
Along this river lie some of the most luxurious camping experiences anywhere in the world. The tents which are bigger than most hotel rooms come with electricity and running water in your en-suite bathroom. At the same time the peace and tranquillity of your rural escape is just outside your door, well more outside your flap.

Living the dream.

Koh Sok National Park have nailed luxury living in the midst of nature. Here you can stay in a deluxe floating villa tucked against the bottom of the limestone cliffs looking out across the lake. The national park is home to the largest area of virgin rainforest in Thailand. I think you’d struggle not to feel just a little little romantic.

James bond island. (Cue Roger Moore voice over)

A trip to Koh Phing Kan is to experience the kind of luxury stay that the international man of mystery himself would have been happy with. This island offers all things coastal from water-sports to massages on the beach. The ultimate Bond experience is a helicopter ride over the bay…you could even let him wear that tuxedo he had made in Bangkok.

Cooking class

Hopefully the delicious food you’ve had so far on your trip will ignite your partner’s deep down desire to become a culinary giant that you have been waiting so long for! A private cooking class is a fantastic way to discover even more fantastic cuisine but also master the skills you both need to be able to recreate your favourite holiday dishes back at home.

A few experiences here you wouldn’t have thought of yourself? Having a Tailor Made Asia expert plan your trip means you won’t miss out on the little (or big) things you wouldn’t have known about.