What on Earth is The Rickshaw Run?

It’s the least sensible thing you can do in two weeks. It’s a mad ride across a sub-continent with nothing but three mates and three wheels. It’s a chance to get dressed up and pimp out a glorified lawn mower. It’s an excuse to raise some money for charity. It’s a ridiculous adventure like no other. It’s all this and so much more…

So what is it?

Really? OK, simply put, you and up to 2 mates form a team, sign up, design your rickshaw decoration, raise some money for charity, fly to India, have a party, test drive your rickshaw, drive it up to 3500km across the country, get lost a lot, have another party, fly home. Easy.

Where do we go?

There are no set routes on the Rickshaw Runthere’s a start line, a finish line and the rest is up to you. These “Un-routes” are below. Shillong to Chochin runs 02-20 Aug 15, Cochin to Jaisalmer is 29 Dec 15 – 14 Jan 16, and Jaisalmer to Shillong is 31 Mar – 16 April 16.

Will we get lost?


Will we break down?


Do I have to paint the rickshaw myself?

Nope. You and your team design how you’d like your ‘shaw to look, upload it onto the website and it will be lovingly transferred onto your mean machine before you even rock up. Simples.

OK I’m interested. How much?

The cost of the Run is £1,595 per team (£531 per person for a team of three if you’re not so good at maths). For that you get:

  • One pimped out Rickshaw
  • 2 days of test driving and mechanical Q&A
  • Launch and finish line parties
  • A team blog so you’re friends and family can track your progress with open mouths
  • Emergency & Medical travel insurance

It does not cover

  • Flights
  • Food/accommodation/beer money
  • Spares and repairs
  • Visas
  • Team charity donation (Cool Earth have loads of resources to help you fundraise on the back of your epic adventure. Shouldn’t be too hard. Everyone loves rainforests.)

OK, this is starting to sound do-able! Now what?

Find 2 mental mates and get planning! You can give us a bell or book an appointment and we can help talk you through the booking, matching up flights to and from India, insurance, visas and anything else! (OK not anything. We can’t cook you a curry.)

Can we have one more picture of some idiots on a rickshaw?

Go on then.

Want a place on the run for free? Until the 6th August we’ve got an amazing competition to win a team place plus flights for December’s Rickshaw Run! Download the “Pimp Thy Shaw” template, print it out and decorate it then tweet a photo of it to @STATravel_UK using the hashtag #PimpThyShaw and stating your team name to enter. If that seems like a lot of work you’re probably not cut out to drive a rickshaw across India. Just Saying