60 Day Adventure Week 5: Crabs, Kayaks and Camping

I arrived at the amazing Mojo Spot X Surf Camp in Arrawarra, north of Coffs Harbour, on the mid-North Coast of NSW. There, we were greeted by tepees, dorms, beach front huts with unreal views – plus a whole bunch of friendly Aussies of course! As this would now be my second surf lesson (what a pro!), I was allowed to skip the beginners talk and get straight in! Yeeeeeeew!

No I’m not mad, I’ve learned that ‘Yeeeeeeew’ is surfer term for ‘epic’, ‘how you doing’, ‘that was amazing’, ‘hell yeah’, ‘that is, was and will be awesome’. I plan to use the expression continuously from now on!

This time I was hitting waves left, right and centre, it was such an amazing feeling. I learnt to judge each wave to wait for that perfect one that could swell up at any second. Two hours swiftly floated by and before I knew it, it was time to head in. I really can see how surfers sit out there for hours on end just waiting for that perfect wave, I could easily have spent another two more without even thinking about it.

All refuelled from our epic morning mainly shouting “yeeeeew!” at each other, we headed out to start our kayak journey to the remote camp on the Red Rock Creek. A casual paddle upstream, we jumped out to see the Soldier Crabs. There must have been hundreds, even thousands of them, a bit spider-like but fascinating and definitely not scary.

After some more paddling, swimming and stingray-spotting (they’re the same colour as the creek bed – so very hard to see), we jumped out and followed the sandy beaten track to the remote campsite. Surrounded by long green grass, the sound of the crashing ocean in the background, our tall tepees lay adjacent to the cosy fire pit. We had the choice of either sleeping in the tepee or trying  a ‘swag’, which is essentially a sleeping bag type tent which lets you openly gaze up at the incredible starry sky while you drift off to sleep. Needless to say, that night, I saw roughly seven shooting stars in the space of about two minutes!

When the beautiful early morning sun warmed my face through the swag, I knew it was time to get up and head off on the next leg of the trip. We said our goodbyes to the beautiful people of Mojo Spot X Surf Camp, Arrawarra and, a few hour’s  drive north, we reached Yamba. time to pick up our lunch from the shops before the Loka tour guide took us to the glorious natural swimming holes called Angourie Blue Pools, situated by the ocean.

New South Wales really does natural beauty well!

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