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5 New Zealand Travel Myths Busted

New Zealand has been on the backpacker map since backpacking became a thing. Who knows why, probably something to do with landscapes out of a storybook, buzzing cities, ridiculously nice people and more adrenaline activities than you can shake a massive stick at.

However, just because lots of backpackers make the journey, doesn’t mean there aren’t still myths floating around about travelling in New Zealand. We don’t mean that old worry about whether you’ll meet Orlando Bloom hiding behind a tree on your forest trek (you won’t, we checked), but some slightly more sensible questions you may have about an antipodean adventure.

5 New Zealand Travel Myths Busted


There’s easily enough to do in New Zealand to last months, even years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see loads of amazing highlights with a couple of weeks. It’s easy to travel between attractions, the transport links are good, and when the views are this amazing, road trips are an event in themselves!


Rumour is that finding work is harder in New Zealand than in other places and applying is more competitive. The reality is that the Working Holiday Visa is as easy to get as the Australian one (plus it’s cheaper), and there are loads of organisations that can help you find work when you arrive.


Maybe NZ’s reputation as the “Wales of the Southern Hemisphere” is to blame for this myth, but it’s not justified. New Zealand’s autumn months (March to May) are lush and, while temperatures are a little cooler, the weather can be brilliant and it is possible to swim in many places until April.

Granted it’s not always warm in winter, but there are plenty of on and off piste activities on both the North and South Island to keep you occupied until spring.

We can't promise you'll look this cool though.

Talking of spring, it lasts from September to November with buds, blossoms, and other new growth bursting forth throughout the country and new born lambs frolicking in the fields just before dusk. If you’re into white water rafting, this is the time when melting spring snow makes river water levels excitingly high.


You may think that with all that bungy jumping, white water rafting and parachuting, you need a lot of money to explore New Zealand. No it’s not as cheap as Southeast Asia, but compared to Australia your money will stretch a lot further than you think.

You can bag a hostel night for around £15, bungy jump from £80 and take on a tandem skydive from just £160. As for getting around, you’ll get amazing deals on Kiwi Experience (the legendary hop on hop off network) or, if you’d rather go your own way, you can rent a camper from just £16 a day! Totally do-able.


Again, we’re not going to lie. It is far. BUT this is fine for two reasons:
1. With all that land to fly over, you can fit in some amazing stop overs. Bangkok anyone? Dubai? Singapore? Colombo?
2. Honestly? Who cares how far away it is. LOOK AT IT!

Tempted? Take the plunge and check out our cheap flights to New Zealand. You might even be able to secure your flight today with a £49 deposit!
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