5 Reasons to Book a Tour with STA!

Booking your first tour can be a scary thought. Where do you go? What do you do? Our Travel Experts are here to help you through every step of the way. Here is why you should book a tour with us:

1. Tight on time:

Our tours are perfect for those of you who want to see and do as much as possible. Doing a tour with us completely takes the stress out of figuring out where the hell you are going! For example the IndoChina Discovery covers the whole of South East Asia in 30 days. Impressive. So if you’re thinking of doing a Round the World trip and want to cover a certain area as much as possible, tours are the way to go!

2. Solo Traveller:

The majority of people who book onto tours are braving it alone. So if this is your first trip away and you’re feeling nervous join onto tour and you’ll instantly meet a group of like minded travellers. You won’t have to bother with that awkward “mind if I join you?” chat in the communal kitchen. We’ve got a range of tour groups sizes, from our small group tours averaging about 12 people to our bigger trips averaging about 25 people (we even have tours up to 50!) So don’t worry you’ll have mates straight away, plenty of people to hang out and explore with. I mean, no one likes to be that desperate tag along.

3. Off the Beaten Track:

The fantastic thing about STA tours is we are renowned for going off the beaten track! We can find those hidden gems that you often miss when travelling independently. It’s so easy to follow the tourist trail and end up in the same Irish bars that everyone else does! Loads of our tours include home-stays… Have you ever slept on the shore of Lake Titicaca and had lunch with the Taquileños? Ever woken up in the misty mountains of Shaolin and had a noodle breakfast with the Kung Fu monks? Then a tour is the one for you!

Try a tour on for size, get out there and start the adventure! You won’t regret it. Find a store near you and come see us. That’s the hard bit done!

4. Tight for Money:

Backpacker budget? Our tours are amazing value for money. Just think that’s all your transport, accommodation and most meals paid for before you’ve even got there! Plus, you get the added bonus of a tour guide showing you the best places to eat and coolest temples to visit. If you broke down most of our tours per day you’d be spending about £57 and for all of the above that’s a pretty sweet deal. Plus, we’ve got loads of money-saving Budget Tours. Half the price, double the value. So your adventure doesn’t have to be an expensive one. They may be cheap but they are still jam packed with loads of activities, authentic accommodation and tasty meals! You’ll get your money’s worth.

5. Tailored to you:

There’s a tour out there for everyone. Whether you’re a bit of a party animal and see yourself dancing the night away on the Copacabana. Or an adrenaline junkie, desperate to jump the highest bungee. Not so much of a crazy thrill seeker? We’ve got some classic, comfort tours taking things at a leisurely pace, no chicken buses or smelly hostel dormitories. What ever tickles your fancy we’ve got the tour for you. What’s more all of our tours include plenty of free time and optional activities. Just because you’re not travelling independently, doesn’t mean you can’t do your own thing. You travel the way you want.

Try a tour on for size, get out there and start the adventure! You won’t regret it. Find a store near you and come see us. That’s the hard bit done!