Christmas is officially over, the decorations have (hopefully!) come down and all those presents you bought are now going for less than half price in the sale. If you’re choosing option a) hiding under the duvet pretending 2016 isn’t happening yet, over option b) calculating the easiest resolutions to stick to, here are a few from us to get you started:

#1: Get some perspective

From a mountain top, sand dune, surfboard, zipline… Still ticked off that you bought your nephew a hoverboard for Christmas which self-destructed within minutes meaning that you totally wasted £300? (FYI, you might want to skip ahead to point 5, just saying). It’s easy to get stressed about the little things, but travelling – discovering new people, cultures and lifestyles – can give you a totally different take on the world and a whole new sense of purpose. So what are you waiting for? Oh and obviously feel free to ask for our help, especially if you’re keen to…

#2: Take the path less travelled

*shameless self-promotion alert* Take inspiration from our top destination predictions for the year ahead and get well and truly wanderlusting. If you aspire to be the person who gets there before the “My friend went to [fill in the blank] and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” T-shirts get there, then this is the list for you. With that in mind…

#3: Put yourself out there

You never know who you don’t know until you know them… or in the words of Tim Cahill, which are ever so slightly better than ours: “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” You’ll be surprised how much letting your hair down and stepping outside of your comfort zone can bring you out of your shell. After all, nothing spells lifelong friendship better than being able to reminisce with someone who was there about THAT unfortunate incident with the monkey on the chicken bus.

#4: Get better at planning ahead

Do we need to tell you how travel broadens the mind? Doubtful, we’re fairly sure you know that already. But there’s even more reason to book your travels up sooner rather than later as, according to that excellent source “research has shown that…”, looking forward to your holiday releases endorphins that give you a natural boost. And who are we to argue with Science? Not only that, but the earlier you book the more likely you are to make bigger savings, which brings us to …

#5: Start saving those pennies!

Put. The Frappelattecino. Down. Cut out the unnecessary spending – yes, sorry but we’re looking at you holding up that Primark “bargain” – and keep your eyes on the prize. All those odd savings add up and can make all the difference between wearing your bikini on a beach in Britain or Bali.

Swap the blues for the Blue Sale! We’ve made it even easier to book your trip; you can now drop us a call until 10pm on weekdays in January.