Straight Outta Melbourne: Meet Clare Younis

As part of out Straight Outta Melbourne series we are finding out more about the people who will be sharing their experiences. Today it is about Clare Younis, a singer/songwriter from Port Campbell…


Clare Younis

Where are you from?

Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road

What do you do?

Singer/Songwriter. Artist. I also teach art to adults with disabilities.

What are your best skills?

Being creative. Singing. Making art.

Why are you looking forward to on this trip with the Adam & Hannes?

I can’t wait to show people my home turf. I love seeing people’s faces when they first experience ‘the beauty and the terror’ of the Great Ocean Road.

What do you think you will get out of the trip?

The opportunity to view the familiar through the lens of another artist. The joy of creative collaboration. Hopefully, some new friends.

What are your top tips for travellers visiting Melbourne?

The best places in Melbourne tend to be hidden- Do a bit of research first so that you can explore the city on your own terms. Wander through the laneways,take the time to go to suburbs like Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick and St. Kilda. Use the trams and trains and make sure your uber app is installed. Read the street press as soon as you get here to find out what weird and wonderful things are happening during your stay.
Also, wear layers and pack for all types of weather. It can be 32 degrees one day and 15 the next.

What are your top tips for travellers visiting the Great Ocean Road?

Take your time. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that the 12 Apostles are a day trip from Melbourne. You need as much time as you can scratch together. One of the most glorious things about this coastline is its potential for solitude and reflection. Stressing about getting back to the city to catch a plane distracts you from the beauty. Jostling with hundreds of other people tends to dampen the awe factor so hit the really touristy spots (12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge) as early as possible. Only swim on patrolled beaches.

The top three reasons why you love Melbourne and Victoria?

The variety- landscape, people, food, events, architecture.
The space- Coming from Europe, you’ll be asking- ‘where is everybody?’
The Creativity- Melbourne and Victoria love the arts. You can go and see good music any night of the week. Melbourne’s artists are world class- you can find all kinds of quirky mementoes.

What are your road trip playlist essential tunes?

For the Great Ocean Road? Anything by Nick Cave, some surf guitar like The Shadows or Johnnie and the Johnnie Johnnies, Martha Wainwright, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Fairport Convention.

Follow Clare’s adventure as she explores Melbourne and beyond on our Tumblr page.
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