The Super Bowl Sunday Guide to San Francisco

This Sunday is one of the USA’s biggest day of the year – Super Bowl 50! For those who have never heard of this before the Super Bowl is the final game of the National Football League (NFL) season (think final day of Premier League where there is no clear winner).

Whether you are heading to the game or not with it’s Sun-kissed beaches, redwood forests, long open roads and iconic cities – California is America’s Golden State. Here are some San Francisco Bay Area experiences not to be missed!

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Golden Gate Bridge

Let’s face it, trying to pull together a list of ‘sights not to miss’ for a city as iconic and diverse as San Francisco is nearly impossible. That being said, the famous Golden Gate Bridge really shouldn’t be missed, especially if it’s your first time in the Golden State. This feat of architecture dominates the San Francisco skyline and makes for some incredible views of city skyscrapers and the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. Consider either renting a car to drive across the bridge to take in the sights from Vista Point or getting in serious cardio by renting a bike and pedaling across this California landmark. If you’re there late enough in the day, be sure to also say hi to Karl the Fog. No, seriously, he even has his own Twitter account.

Golden Gate Park

Speaking of bicycling, Golden Gate Park is not to be missed, especially if you’re on a bike and trying to see as much as possible in a short span. Dominating over 1,000 acres of public grounds, this park is the site for many a San Francisco festival or an everyday lunch break. If you’ve got the stamina to get from one end of the park to other, you’ll also run into sites like the the de Young Museum and California Academy of Science, where you could spend an entire day trying to see everything. As you reach the beach end of the park, relax and let your feet sink into the sand as you enjoy the ocean views.

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The Mission

Just as much as snacking and tailgating are integral to any Super Bowl party, so is discovering great food in San Francisco. It’s safe to say you’ll find many a palette-pleasing dish around the Bay, but the Mission is where to head if you’re in search of some of the best hole in the wall establishments in one of the most eclectic and artsy neighborhoods. From traditional Salvadoran pupusas to refreshingly modern cocktails, a foodie love affair is sure to occur. You can thank us later.

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Union Square

If you’re there on the weekend, you’ll likely be facing some serious crowds, but Union Square is a must for any newbie to San Francisco. This bustling public square is bordered by a variety of sores, so If you’re looking to get your shopping on before the big game (forget to pack that lucky team jersey? We get it.) you’ll find everything you need and more. Once you’re ready to head to another part of the city, hop abroad one of the iconic cable cars (the Powell-Market Turntable is a popular choice for many) and enjoy the fresh air on your face as you avoid having to trek up one of the many hills this city is known for.

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Chances are you won’t be going there for the Super Bowl but this is an area you cannot miss. Check out our cheap flights to the USA and it won’t be long until you will be booking your adventure.