Top 10 Travel Movies to inspire your next adventure!

Great films have the power to motivate and influence your life (deep stuff right?). We have selected the Top 9 travel films based on your tweets to show you the importance of travel and hopefully inspire you to start your own adventure!

1. The Beach (2000)


The movie: This classic backpacker film directed by Danny Boyle is starring none other than the young, reckless Leonardo DiCaprio. Follow his wild adventure through the tropical shores of Thailand in search for the mysteriously perfect beach… but there’s trouble in paradise.

Your movie: Why not explore Maya Bay (The Beach) for yourself? Swim, snorkel and watch the sunset over paradise island. Maybe you’ll meet your own Leo?

2. Tracks (2013)


The movie: This film follows the true story of a young woman who ditches her mundane life in the city to embark on a solo, 2,000-mile trek across the Australian desert. With nothing but her loyal dog and four wild camels she completes an arduous journey of self-discovery across the unforgiving outback. This film proves that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Your movie: How about discovering Australia by bus rather than camel? Hop-on hop-off at your own pace through deserts, beaches and rain forests.  Grab your mates and see where the road takes you.

3. Lost in Translation (2003)


The movie: Prepare to be immersed into the bustling Tokyo lifestyle. Starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, both lost in Tokyo for their own reasons. But once they meet, everything changes. So sit back, watch and enjoy how being lost never felt so good. The sights, sounds and buzzing nights will make Tokyo your next city to get lost in.

Your movie: Lose yourself in Japan’s ancient temples, snowcapped mountains, cherry blossom gardens and bustling cities. You’ll fall in love with Japan.

4. Into the Wild (2007)


The movie: The true story of an American college graduate who trades in his privileged life for the wild. The young wanderer sets out to find the balance between man and nature. Proving to be one hell of a risk-taker, prepare to take that leap of faith.

Your movie: Take your own risks in Alaska. Explore the jaw-dropping, rugged land abundant with wildlife. Find the balance between you and nature.

5.Little Miss Sunshine (2006)


The movie: In this film a squad of travellers including two parents, their daughter, their depressed emo son, a cursing drug-addicted grandpa and a suicidal homosexual (Steve Carrel) travel across the United States to get their young daughter to the finals of a beauty pageant. A recipe for disaster! A memorable comedy that will remind you of nostalgic road trips with your mates.

Your movie: Make your own road trip through the US.  Hit Route 66, cruise down the Californian coast and park up on Miami beach. The open road is waiting for you.

6. Euro trip (2004)


The movie: This hilarious comedy highlights the ridiculously incidents you might expect while travelling with friends across Europe. Eurotrip is a comedy, filled with the spirit of adventure and admiration for Europe’s diverse culture. There’s no doubt this movie will have you jumping on a train with mates in no time!

Your movie: Why don’t you Interrail through Europe this summer? Soak up the sun in the south of France, swim in warm Mediterranean waters and party fiesta style in Spain all night long.

7.Midnight in Paris (2011)


The movie: Owen Wilson stars as a writer on holiday in Paris with his fiancée. At night he wanders the beautiful city, stumbles upon a time warp and gets taken back to the 1920’s Jazz Age. Will he ever want to live in the present? Midnight in Paris will have you dreaming about the gorgeous city for weeks.

Your movie: Europe is on your doorstep, grab your passport and pack your bags for a short city break. You don’t need weeks, a weekend is long enough to fall in love with Paris.

8. Before Sunrise (1995)


The movie: Ever stumbled upon a fellow traveller and regretted not asking them where they were going? This film depicts that iconic romantic question. With Vienna as the backdrop, watch how the bond between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy grows in one day.  Will it be strong enough to keep them together?

Your movie: You never know who you might meet, put yourself out there and get to know the world. Travelling in a group might not lead to romance but you’re guaranteed to make a few mates along the way.

9. Eat Pray Love (2010)


The movie: This inspirational film depicts how a struggling divorcee, goes on a round the world journey to find her true self. Travelling to Italy, Bali and India takes Liz on truly unique journey which changes her life forever. You might feel differently about a few things after watching this.

Your movie: Going round the world isn’t as difficult as you think. If you get the chance to go, just do it. Life’s too short for maybes.

10.Kids in Love (2016)

Kids In Love


The movie: This is a British coming if age movie depicting the story of Jack floating through his Gap Year with no direction, that is until he meets the beautiful and free-spirited Evelyn. Where are you going on your Gap Year? Make the most of your time now, while you’re still young.

Your movie: Don’t just drift through your Gap Year with flimsy travel plans and painful internships. Do something extraordinary, go see the world.

So grab the popcorn and settle in for a movie night.  It might inspire you to make some last minute plans for tomorrow.  Who knows where you might end up.