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#FeatureFriday 7 Reasons travelling makes you happy!

There are actually a million and one reasons why travelling the world would make you happy. But we’ve selected a few of our favourites, to remind you there’s always a reason to #starttheadventure…

1) You meet loads of inspiring people who will become your mates for life

Image: andrew.northover

2) You see things you never imagined would exist

Image: nicolawing

3) You learn what really matters

Image: kelenabykayla

4) You realise that you are capable of much more than you initially thought

Image: samanthalreid

5) You do things that are not an option back at home

Image: siddmasters

6) You taste things you will have never experienced before

Image: girleatworld

7) You realise how frickin’ awesome the world is

Image: suticaseandi

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