16 Delicious Things You HAVE To Eat When in Chicago!

Chicago is much more than veggie-laden ‘dawgs’ and deep dish pizza (although you will see a nod to some of our top spots for the aforementioned bites!) Home to so many diverse neighbourhoods, it comes as no surprise that this city houses some delicious delights you need to try on your trip (just accept you will put on weight!)

1.Italian Beef at Portillo’s (be sure to get it dipped!) and a chocolate cake shake

Italian Beef at Portillo's

Image : chicago.seriouseats.com

2.Chili cheese curds at Antique Taco

Chili cheese curds at Antique Taco

Image: chicago.seriouseats.com

3.A specialty doughnut at Glazed and Infused (PB&J? Pineapple and Chili?)

Sepciality doughnut at Glazed and Infused

Image: decorandthedog.net

4. Vanilla Bean Glazed Cinnamon Crunch at Do-rite Donuts

Vanilla bean glazed cinnamon crunch

Image: blog.forbestravelguide.com

5. Nutella and Banana Pocket at Stan’s Donuts

Image: www.flickr.com

6. Deep Fried Chicken and Waffles at Harold’s Chicken Shack

Deep fried chicken and waffles

Image: www.seriouseats.com

7. Shoyo Ramen and 90’s hip hop at Furious Spoon

Shoyo Ramen

Image: therealchicago.com

8. Oprah’s favourite ‘Chicago Mix’ of Caramel and Cheese popcorn combo at Garrett’s

Oprah's caramel and cheese popcorn

Image: www.covermagazine.hk

9. Deep Dish Pizza at Lou Malnati’s

Deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's

Image: www.seriouseats.com

10. Deep dish pizza at Peqoud’s

Deep dish pizza at Pequods

Image: www.trover.com

11. Thin Crust Pizza, Shot of Jamesons and a PBR at Boiler Room

Thin crust pizza at Boiler room Chicago

Image: www.diningchicago.com

12. Pastor Taco’s and Guacamole from Big Star (don’t forget about a Margarita!)

Tacos and Guac from Big Star Chicago

Image: www.timeout.com/chicago

13. The Original Rainbow Cone from Rainbow Cone!

Rainbow cone chicago

Image: www.ourmaninchicago.net

14. Kimchi Fries Topped with Pork Belly, Cheddar and Sour Cream

Kimchi Fries pork belly Chicago

Image: www.charisinabite.com

15. Butter Chicken at Viceroy of India

Butter chicken at Viceroy of India

Image: www.thrillist.com

16. Fall Off The Bone Fried Ribs from Porkchop

Fried ribs from pork chop

Image: www.chicagofoodiegirl.com

Feeling hungry? We certainly are! Sink your teeth into Chicago today.