10 must try cafés and bars in Thailand!

Check out this Top 10 hit-list of cafes and bars in Thailand from our Thailand Adventure competition winner Mia. Trust us she knows where all the tasty hotspots are hidden!

1. Bangrak Café – Bangkok

Bangrak Cafe


If you want some great Thai food in the comfort of air conditioning, then look no further. This great little café serves authentic Thai dishes that are absolutely delicious. I highly recommend the Sum Tom Thai – a spicy salad made of papaya and dried prawns!

2. Jham Jun – Bangkok


For a chilled night in Bangkok that isn’t too expensive, this rooftop bar is the place to be. With live music, AstroTurf on the floor and pillows to sit on this place is perfect to settle in for the night with a few Chang beers. When you find a place like this which is full of locals then you know it’s a winner!

3. Sky Bar – Bangkok

Fan of the Hangover 2? You’ll recognise this place. Be prepared to pay killer prices, (we’re talking £15 a cocktail!) but if you want to splash out, the views are not to be missed. If you do plan on going, the place has a strict dress code, so no flip-flops or trainers and long trousers for guys!

4. Vertigo and Moon Bar – Bangkok

Vertigo and Moon Bar  Bangkok


Similar to the Sky Bar, this place will put a strain on the budget but it is more than worth it. If you get a clear day, watching the sunset from this rooftop bar will be up there with your most memorable experiences from your time in Bangkok.

5. Tazzino – Bangkok

Tazzino Bangkok
This café is the place to go when your craving for a flat white just can’t be held back anymore. The staff in here are super friendly and the coffee is to die for. If you aren’t a coffee lover, then the fresh smoothies and frappes are equally as good.

6. A Lot of Thai – Chiang Mai

A lot of Thai - Chiang Mai

Although this is a cooking school, rather than a café or bar, you still get to eat what you make and I can assure you it will be some of the best food you have in Thailand. The one thing that stands out about this course, is the lady who runs it, Yui. Her immense passion for food rubs off on you the moment you enter. Her recipes are used by Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, so you really are learning from the best. Be prepared for a lot of spice and flavours that you will never forget!

7. Baan Homemade Bakery – Chiang Mai

After a 13-hour sleeper train this was exactly what I needed. An amazing bakery full of fresh croissants and pastries. They make big baguette sandwiches to order, great to take with you when you have to jump back on the overnight train after your stay.

8. Yarowat Road – Bangkok

Yarowat Road
At the heart of China Town, this place is a foodie’s heaven. Each street vendor offers up a fresh sight and smell. Go for the stall where you can see the most locals as that’s sure to be the best!

9. Chiang Mai street food

Chiang Mai street food
Here you have to try the famous “Mango Sticky Rice” you’ll find it utterly delish if you have a sweet tooth like me. Grilled sticky pork is also up there along with egg yolks soaked in syrup, bear with me here, I would never have tried them if it wasn’t for our guide’s recommendation, but they have the texture of cake and taste like mini syrup sponges!

10. Ark Bar – Koh Samui

Ark Bar Koh Samui
This is where the party is at on Koh Samui! Situated on the beach, this place would not be complete without a bucket (or two) in hand. Only do remember the name of your hotel when you’re stumbling back from this place. A guy in my group racked up a heavy moped taxi bill trying to find his way back!

Oh so that’s where to head when you’re feeling hank marvin’ in Thailand! Check out more from Mia here on her Northern Hill Tribe Trek or soak up some sun on the best Thai beaches.