5 reasons why we love (and hate) the sleeper train.

Here is our final blog instalment from our Thailand Adventure competition winner Mia and wow what an adventure it has been! Here are her thoughts on the infamous sleeper train…

1 Hour Chang Maiiiiii!

Train Chiang Mai

1. “Orange Juiiiceeeeee!”

The relationship between the train attendants and the passengers is a bit love, hate. Cries of “orange juuuuuicee” every five minutes would be enough to drive you crazy if it wasn’t so funny! They wake you up at an ungodly hour of the morning, well I mean 6am, with cries of “1 hour Chaing Maiii” – loud enough to make you jump 10 feet in the air – before the orange juice rounds start again! But it’s worth it because it means you’re in the next amazing city and all you had to do was go to sleep.

2. More bang for your baht

Why spend money on transport and a hotel room when you can have two in one! The sleeper train saves you money and is super convenient at the same time. The train stations are usually right in the centre of cities, so there’s no hassle trying to get out unlike those crazy airports.

3. You can actually get a decent night’s sleep

Train Bed
It’s actually like a proper bed, you get a mattress, pillow and blanket. And bonus, they’re comfier than a plane. I say this, but make sure you take an eye mask as they don’t turn the lights off! Sleeping pills help too…

4. It’s a wee bit bumpy

If you love a roller coaster, then you’ll love a sleeper train. One night we were bouncing around so much one of the girls in our group’s alarm went off, causing widespread paranoia of a fire. I don’t understand how they stay on the tracks, but they always do, every cloud hey…

5.Group bonding

Train Beds
There’s nothing better for group bonding than being stuck on a 13-hour train ride together. It’s a great time to get to know each other since there is nothing else to do, play some card games (alcohol is unfortunately prohibited on the trains), see who can do the best “orange juice” impression and have a laugh!

The sleeper train has to be done in Thailand, it’s a bit different and pretty hilarious, so go for it! Click here to check out Mia’s recommendations on where to eat and drink in Thailand.