Exploring Chicago’s architectural wonders for free

During the Great Fire of 1971, over 18,000 buildings were set on fire in Chicago – sparking an architectural revolution in the bellies of young, ambitious designers. Spawning the very first skyscraper’s amidst the city’s new blank landscape, downtown Chicago is now known for innovation and creativity in architecture – and we would highly recommend taking a day to discover the this living architectural museum by foot. You won’t be disappointed! C’mon, just take a look at some of these marvels…

1. Sears/Willis Tower

Chicago’s tallest skyscraper, views are better from the Signature Tower though!

Image: CBS New York

2. The Board of Trade

Recognized by the large clock at the front of the building and a highlight of many famous films.

Image: Chicago Genie

3. Robie House

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style masterpiece with 174 stain glassed windows.

Image: A Building a Day

4. Marina City

Amazing apartments with everything you need onsite – stores, restaurants and a marina!

Image: Architecture

5. Tribune Tower

Take a close look when passing by – the building has been made with ‘brick’s from famous landmarks around the world.

Image: Chicago Architecture

Quite the sights, right? And that’s only our highlights, we’re sure you’ll discover many more on your travels. Be sure to send us your snaps if you do by tagging @statravel