The BEST Christmas presents for travellers

Christmas presents are hard to buy at the best of times, but what do you get someone that has to cram their life into a backpack?!
Well… Here’s a few suggestions. We ho ho hope they are useful!

Travel Journal/Diary


Great memories are made when travelling, but a lot can be forgotten (mainly due to alcohol!)
A trusty diary will ensure all the crazy experiences, wild adventures and funny stories are not lost.
Although it may seem cheesy to write one, it honestly is amazing to look back and reminisce!

Bluetooth Speaker


In your hostel room before a night out, in the kitchen whilst making your dinner, on a boat, in the car when the radio dies, at the beach…
We are obviously talking about all places that a decent speaker can come in very handy! (A phone in a cup is cool, but doesn’t quite cut it!)

Wind up torch



For those dark nights you’re in a hostel or a tent… You wake up parched but its pitch black.
The trusty wind up torch will help you find your beverage AND it will never, ever run out. What a practical gift!

Travel adaptor


It’s not going to get a ‘WOW’ when they open it, BUT it is a necessity that a lot of travellers forget about buying. Their are even adapters with cool ‘slidey’ things that mean they can be used globally! Round of applause to whoever invented that bad boy!

Headphones splitter



Sharing really is caring. A headphone splitter is perfect for long journeys. Enjoy a film without having to have one headphone each and your heads glued together!


Another one that is great for a long journey, or even just to unwind before a nap on the beach. And with this gift, the recipient can download whatever book they choose… Winner!



OK, so if you’re buying this gift, you must really really love them! Because A) It can be pretty expensive and B) They are so cool you may not want to part with it.
But honestly, the travel videos you can create through a drone are insane! Well worth it. Just be careful on the landing!

Pack of cards


Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best. Cards not only entertain, but they help a traveller make friends; Everyone, no matter of age or language can join in. So let the drinking games commence! PLUS, magic tricks are great for wooing and impressing a crush!

Eye mask



We’ve all been there… In a shared dorm room, you want to sleep but the light is on. Eye mask = problem solved. Get a quirky one to show that although you do not want to see anyone, you still have a smashing sense of humour!

Colourful socks



Socks? Colourful Socks? YES! Because when travelling, soooo many socks go missing. The more unique and colourful your socks are, the less likely they are to be stolen by pesky sock thieves!

We’ll wrap it up there! (Get it?!) However, if you’re still undecided, then why notĀ give the best gift of all… The gift of adventure (AKA an STA Gift card!)