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150 reasons to visit Canada: part 1

To mark Canada’s 150th birthday, we’ve put together a three part series exploring 150 reasons why you should pack those bags and get to Canada.

1. It’s home to Niagara Falls – enough said.

2. There’s a crazy doll house in Leslieville, Toronto. 3. It’s the second largest country in the world, so there’s lots to explore. Hike Canada 4. They have the world’s largest dinosaur – an 86ft model of a T-Rex in Alberta, because why not? 5. They also have Dinosaur Provincial Park – starting to think Canada may really like dinosaurs – this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Alberta. You can legit dig for dinosaur bones here. 6. You can visit the largest photography event in the world in May: the Scotiabank Contact Photography Fest.


7. Bartari Videogame Restaurant & Bar in Saskatoon. Need we say more?

8. Toronto Christmas market is one of the top ten holiday markets in the world.

Christmas in the city . . . . #TorontoChristmasMarket #Toronto #ChristmasTimeInTheCity #TheSix

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9. Parlee Beach, because it’s not just about mountains you know. 10. We just can’t get enough of these scenes, this one is Kluane Lake.

#kluanenationalpark #montagne #paysage #kluanelake #yukon

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11. Inside out LGBT film festival in Toronto and Ottowa is the largest in Canada.

12. Banff National Park is like something off a post card.

Alberta has no shortage of insanely beautiful views.

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13. Escapade Music Fest in Ottawa hosts some of the biggest names in EDM and is usually held on Canada Day. Double celebration! 14. You can walk the world’s highest outdoor walk on a building at the CN Tower. 15. Justin Bieber – love him or hate him, Canada gave him to us. 16. You can see the Aurora Borealis from many places in Canada: Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Quebec to name a few.

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17. Georgian Bay was voted the #1 Hidden Travel Gem in Canada by Canadians

18. Canada also widely celebrates art and creativity, like at the Luminato Festival – June 14-25 2017. “Endlessly Inventive for the Wildly Curious”

#tbt photographing @soderbergmills anaglyphic installation at #Luminato

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19. You can go and visit ‘Hollywood North’ in Vancover, which is second behind LA for film production. 20. You can attend part of the World’s Greatest Restaurant Festival, Taste of Toronto.

Let the feasting begin!#fishmanlobsterclubhouse

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21. Haida Gwaii is home to the Haida people, and therefore a great place to soak up the rich culture.

22. Attend Ottawa’s PoutineFest; it’s a Canadian favourite – fries and cheese curds topped with gravy. We can get on board with that.

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23. The Yukon is the smallest of the territories, sparsely populated and therefore great for those who want to get off the beaten track. 24. Moose, mooses, meese? Anyway, they have them.


25. There’s a haunted Aspen Grove north of Saskatoon, where the trees bend and twist around each other instead of standing upright.

26. If you love skiing you can go to North Americas #1 ski resort, Whistler’s Blackcomb.

27. Twilight was filmed in Vancouver and the lower mainland in BC. Like it or not, you’ve got to admit the surroundings in the film were amazing. 28. Imagine camping here.


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29. You can hover above the world-famous Whistler Valley in a glass bottom gondola.

30. EDM lovers can head to The Digital dreams Festival in Toronto.

31. Head-smashed-in-buffalo-jump is a World Heritage Site with probably the coolest name we’ve ever heard.

32. You’re never short of beautiful mountain ranges to hike.
Hike Canada
33. Just For Laughs is the largest international comedy festival in the world and is held in Montreal.

34. You can go off-roading on some of the best trails in British Columbia.

Climbing vrock #vrock #offroadingbc #sunriselake #harrisonlake #outdoorsbc #fordbronco

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35. You can reserve a shuffleboard/bocce lane at Toronto’s Track & Field Bar… how very hipster. 36. They have an International Hair Freezing Contest in Yukon every February. So weird, yet so great.


37. Maple bacon doughnuts – yep, you heard us. Only in Canada.

Runnin thru the Six with my doughs #MapleBacon #MapleBaconDonut #SanRemoBakery

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38. You can visit the first and only known site established by Vikings in North America if you visit the Lanse Auxmeadows – another UNESCO World Heritage Site. 39. You can attend Toronto Fringe Festival, which is great to catch in late June/early July for unknown and well-known artists alike. 40. The National Arts Centre in Ottawa is celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by putting on a whole range of performing arts pieces, from dance to theatre. 41. You could take an epic roadtrip – just look at that scenery.


42. The Canadian Government declared Santa as a Canadian citizen – so you can write letters to him and actually get replies. You’re never too old.

43. It’s home to grizzlies and black bears. Cuuuuuuute. The Canadians would probably disagree with us.

44. They’re so friendly they’re ready to welcome alien life-forms, as they built a UFO landing pad 50 years ago.

45. There are 561 lakes with a surface area larger than 100km.
Lakes Canada
46. Parts of Titanic were filmed in Halifax.

47. If you like street performers then you won’t want to miss the Toronto International Buskerfest.

48. Little Limestone Lake is one of the coolest freshwater lakes on earth, and is in Manitoba. 49. You can immerse yourself in the history and experiences of the aboriginal cultures.


50. They have Ketchup chips (or crisps) – interesting, and we applaud them for their innovation.

If this weird and wonderful list has got you packing your bags, then check out our flights and tour deals to Canada. We’ll see you at the Hair Freezing Contest! Want to read the second part of this series? Click here.
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