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Inspiring, immersive, intoxicating India.

Today’s blog comes from Tom Barber over at Bamba Experience, he’s a pro on all things Asia and he’s here to tell us a little bit about India…

India is a vibrant mix of a thousand cultures packed together shoulder to shoulder, all intensely humming to the tune of a different beat. It is a place that on immediate arrival assaults all the senses and bombards the brain. It is quite simply impossible not to be swept up in the beauty, the chaos and the adventure. Limitlessly kind and abhorrently cruel, scenes of the most majestic beauty vie for your gaze amongst pictures of squalid heartache. The impossibly tranquil and calm sit aside the horn-tooting buzz of the hectic. India is travel. India is exploration and India is one of a kind.

North to South, East to West, India is vast and packed with endless treasures for you to encounter. Beach bums can head South to the Psy-stomping infused beats and beaches of Goa or the serene backwaters of Kerala, whilst hardened hikers and Yoga gurus can head for the hills and experience the Dali Lama’s snow-capped backyard in the North-West.
The aptly named Rajasthan (land of the kings) offers desert expanses and unforgettable camel safaris, that get explorers up close and personal with the night sky, back-dropped by the infinite Milky Way. Bond fans can recreate scenes form ‘Octopussy’ in the lake city of Udaipur, whist temple buffs will be spoiled for choice in Delhi. For the non-squeamish, have rodents skitter across your bare feet at Bikaner’s famous Rat Temple, in scenes straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.
No trip to India is complete without venturing to the Taj Mahal with a hazy morning sunrise and a breakfast chapatti. Even the most seasoned traveller will find themselves gaping in awe for hours. Likewise, a trip to the nightly ‘puja’ ceremony at Varanasi’s Burning Ghats will render visitors speechless. Watch as delicate lotus flowers crowned with candles float peacefully across the mighty Ganges waters, listen to the transcendental chant of the pious Hindu crowds as incense wafts past your nostrils and lose yourself in the energy of India’s holiest site.
Back waters Kerala
Straying just a little from the beaten track rewards, explorers with inexhaustible discoveries. Untouched Tea-plantations and forests, Tiger viewing from sweltering jungles, Erotic themed temples, tribal communities, and secluded beaches. Not to mention a plethora of vibrant festivals and events, a feast of culinary delights and an abundance of friendly, smiling locals.
For some one visit can be enough, but for most India always beckons you back for more. One thing however is for absolute certain, until you experience India’s beauty for yourself, mere words simply cannot do it the justice it deserves…

If all that has got you excited to experience incredible India, then head on over to the STA website and peruse our INDIA adventure tours

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