25 tweets all backpackers can relate to

When you become an absolute pro at packing

Always ending up with mysterious insect bites

When you’re just not very good at pre planning

The dread you feel when you see this

When you feel like you could compete in a weight lifting championship after carrying your backpack around

When you’re in Asia, a place with great food, but you just can’t get over the ham and cheese toasties at 7/11

The worst dorm mates around

In joint first place with this one

When you legit consider selling your organs

When you can actually add another profession to your resume

When you just start giving up

When the constant diet of pasta and alcohol just isn’t doing it for your waist line

One of the hardest tasks known to man

When you try so hard to be classy, but it’s just not possible

When you come up with ingenious ways to sort out all your problems

When people just get too comfortable in your dorm room

“Hey, how long have you been here?” “Where did you come from?” “How long have you been travelling for?”

When you have to resort to your own kind of fashion design

When the fan in your room is just doing a really good job of circulating hot air

Deciding between hypothermia or wiping out your bank account

When you become a bit of an ‘alcoholic’

When you go to a beach and continue to find sand for days

When you’re so broke you need to think of ways to ward people off your food

When this feels like the equivalent of winning the lottery

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