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A sneak peek into hidden Queensland

Sure, you’ve probably heard of Fraser Island, Whitsundays, Cairns and Brisbane – the ‘iconic’ Queensland. But this state is huge… up to seven times the size of the UK in fact, so there’s plenty hidden away that travellers will often miss out on.

Carnarvon Gorge

The perfect way to spend your long weekend

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Located 593km north west of Brisbane. So much Instagram opportunity!

Sapphire Gemfields

This place couldn’t fit in more with the title of this post. You can go digging for sapphires… literally hidden gems! It’s time to embrace your inner pirate.

Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast

Hike to the top of Mount Ngungen for sunset and get an epic photo just like this one.


is in the Whitsunday region, but often gets overlooked because of its famous neighbour – the Whitsunday Islands. But just LOOK AT IT! You might want to factor in a stop off here.

Such a special place in North Queenland.

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Conway National Park

Forget the path always walked, and go on the hunt for somewhere different. This place has got waterfalls, it’s got lookouts, it’s got swimming areas – it’s got everything.

Mission Beach

You get the best views at 14,000 feet #missionbeachskydive #skydiving #australia #sorrymom

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A great place to skydive and then chill out on the beach afterwards – the perfect mix of adrenaline and relaxation! Who knew that was possible?!

If it’s island life you’re craving, then

Great Keppel Island

has you covered. White sand, seriously blue water, and snorkelling – and far less tourists!

Island life and relaxing in a hammock is all well and good (VERY well and good in fact) but what about a bit of history?

Beenleigh Historical Village

is a step back in time to how things were in 1860 – all the way down to how the people are dressed!


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Sandwiched between Cape York and New Guinea is the

Torres Strait Islands

– a group of around 274 islands and home to the indigenous Torres Strait Islanders.

Soak up the culture, and enjoy some more island living.

Ready to get your Queensland adventure underway? Then head on over to our website for more inspiration.
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